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Top 7 Home Remedies To Get Rid of Dry Eyes

Dry Eyes Home Remedies

Dry eyes are a persistent condition of the eye where inadequate tear production causes dryness. While there is no permanent cure to this, it may be kept control so that it doesn’t cause further distress. This typically happens in elderly persons, but people of all ages are equally susceptible to it. If you’re wondering whether you may be suffering from it too, here is how you can know.

Dry eye symptoms:

  • Burning sensation in the eye. A stinging feeling accompanied by a feeling of as though there is a grain of sand or a strand of hair stuck in your eye.
  • Inconsistent phases of excessive tearing followed by very dry periods.
  • Stringy secretion from the eye.
  • Pain and redness in the eye.
  • Blurred vision.
  • Heavy eyelids and/or eye fatigue.
  • Inability to cry even when in pain or stressed.
  • Contact lenses causing irritation even when worn properly.

Dry Eyes

So now the question is how to get rid of dry eyes? The causes for dry eyes can be varied. They may sometimes be a temporary reaction to something or be indicative of something more severe. Here are some dry eyes home remedies that should help you to treat your problem of dry eyes in the comfort of your home.

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Home remedies for dry eyes Are

Always wash your eyes with cold water to treat dry eyes

It is a very good idea to wash your face and eyes with cold water as many times as you can in a day. This helps to keep the area soft and cool. This also helps to get rid of all types of germs that get accumulated on your skin. Germs are one of the main reasons you get dry eyes. They form infections that make your eyes dry up and feel rough. So it is a very good idea to clean your face with cool water many times.

Home remedies for dry eyes

Use mild artificial tear drops that will help to stimulate the wetness in the eyes

A very good treatment for dry eyes is using artificial tear drops. You will get these in any pharmaceutical store. They are like saline water and does not contain any medication. These artificial tear drops are a very good thing as they do not contain any types of steroids as well. You can use them as many times as you want. They keep the eyes moist and cool. But you can consult a doctor before using it.

eyedrops for dry eyes

Wipe the eyelids with a soft wet cloth or wet tissues

It is good to have wet cloth or tissue that can be used to wipe the eyelids. But make sure that the cloth or tissue is absolutely clean and sterile. If they are dirty, then you might end up doing adverse effects to the eyes. So always make sure that you are using a very clean piece of cloth or tissue to wipe the eyes in order to keep in cool and moisturized.

wipes for dry eyes

Do a warm compress once in a while

A warm compress can be a good thing. The heat helps the eyes to secrete the moisture required in your eyes. Many a time your eyes get dry because there aren’t enough mist secretions in them. So a warm compress can help to clean your eyes and make it moist as well.

home remedies for dry eyes

Use a mint pack to cover your closed eyes and then wash it off gently

Mint is a great cooler. By applying a mint pack on your eyes, you will ensure that the eyes are kept moist and cool. You can blend in some mint with a tiny bit water to form the pack. Make sure you keep your eyes closed when the pack in on your eyes. In case you feel that it has entered your eyes, rinse it off well. Make sure that you use fresh mint leaves as you do not want to form any type of infection from rotten ones. Try and make the pack thick so that there is very little chance of it entering your eyes.

Mint for dry eyes

Incorporate spices like turmeric and paprika in your normal diet

Turmeric and paprika are well known for their antibiotic nature. It will help to fight any type of infection in your body, including infection formed in your eyes. One of the biggest reason for eye dryness in the presence of infections. So by incorporating some turmeric and paprika in your daily meals, you will be helping your body to fight the infection and thus reduce the dryness in your eyes.

Turmeric for dry eyes

Drink chamomile tea

Chamomile tea is a very well-known product that helps to fight inflammation. Many a time inflammation in the eye area caused a lot of dryness. So by taking this tea, you can help the inflammation go down. You can get this tea in any supermarket. You just need to brew it with some water and drink the tea for best results. You can also apply the used tea leaves on your eyes in order to decrease the outer eye inflammation. Make sure that the leaves have cooled down before you use it as a mask.

Chamomile-Tea for dry eyes

Eye dryness is a fairly common problem which can be treated with simple home remedies. But sometimes the problem may require the intervention of a medical professional and this help must be sought promptly. Diagnosing oneself without any scientific or medical knowledge can have fatal side effects.

But in general, you can prevent it as well by making a habit of blinking your eyes more than you do in the present. This will help your eyes generate more tears and may provide relief. Working on something as instinctive as blinking may be a difficult thing to do, but it sure does go a long way. Another thing you can avoid helping stop your eyes from getting dry is by limiting your time in front of monitors to a minimum. Try taking as many breaks as possible in between hours. Do not sit in front of screens in darkness as that may cause more harm to your eyes than usual. These few home remedies along with the preventive tips can help you to cure eye dryness.

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    Dry eyes is a common condition that occurs when your tears aren’t able to provide adequate lubrication for your eyes. These remedies are useful for everyone who want to get rid of dry eyes. Thanks for sharing informative article.

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