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Top 10 Reasons For Hair Fall

Hair on the head is precious to everyone as it naturally enhances the personality of a person. With age, every human body goes through numerous changes which, in turn, affect strength of the hair on the head. Quite more than often, internal changes in your body can lead you to lose hair. Timely treatment of the same can help you to strengthen the roots of your hair and have better and more beautiful hair than what you initially had.

Given below is a list consisting of the ten most common reasons for hair fall among women.

Reasons For Hair Fall Are

Use Of Heated Equipment

heated equip is the reason for hair fall

Hairstyling tools like curling irons and hair straighteners can make your hair look gorgeous and attractive. However, what you forget to notice is that these tools style your hair with the help of heat that is delivered from the plates of these equipment. Frequent use of these tools will not just burn your hair but will also weaken your hair roots, which in turn will lead to hair fall in you.

Application Of Chemicals

chemicals is the reason for hair fall

Living in a world where fashion rules everything, you are likely to apply gels, moose, sprays, and colors to make your hair look attractive and striking. However, since these products consist of chemicals, while adding shine to your hair, they damage the roots of your hair. In short, instead of doing good to your hair, gels and colors can only promote hair loss in you.Effects Of Anemia

Effects Of Anemia

Herbal-Hair-Oil_336x280 (3)

Low iron consumption often causes Anemia. Heavy menstruation and lack of folic acid in the body can also lead you to become anemic. This issue leads to low production of hemoglobin which in turn results in less oxygen in the human body. When adequate oxygen does not reach the hair follicles, they are likely to become weak and break.

After Pregnancy Effects

pregnancy effects can be the reason for hair fall

During pregnancy, your hormones are likely to reach their peak and deliver adequate amount of oxygen to your hair root. This will lead you to experience a head full of hair. However, once you are done giving birth, your hormones will go back to normal, and rate of oxygen being delivered to your hair follicles will lessen, resulting in hair fall at once.

Protein Deficiency

protein deficiency can be the reason for hair fall

Your hair is made up of natural protein called keratin. Inadequate intake of protein-rich food is likely to lessen protein in your body. This will lead to your hair becoming brittle which will eventually break and fall.

Weight Loss

weight loss be the reason for hair fall

To become thin, most of you resort to immediate action plans like crash dieting. Although crash diets can help you to lose a lot of weight, they will do so by lessening the essential nutrients in your body. By choosing such diet plans, you are likely to discard some food items that promote hair growth. This will lead to your hair becoming weak, dry and dull and eventually get separated from its roots.

Consumption Of Medicines

medicines can lead to hair fall

Women consuming birth control medicines are likely to face hair fall problems if they suddenly stop taking them. Adding to this, medication provided to cancer patients are heavy and have to be balanced with a good nutritious diet. Those of you who avoid healthy eating when consuming heavy medicines, hair loss are sure to occur in you.


stress is factor for hair loss

Fast paced lifestyle is likely to suck out energy from your body. Taking stress each and every day of your life can lead to issues like headache and high blood pressure that can make you susceptible to hair loss.

Junk Food

junk food is the reason for hair loss

Since excessive intake of junk food can lower essential nutrients in your body, it is considered to be one of the major causes of hair fall. If your body lacks Vitamin C and D, your hair will not get the nutrients it requires to maintain its strength. This will lead it to become weak and eventually fall out.

Use Of Air Conditioners

Reasons For Hair Fall

Air conditioners in your office might help you to feel comfortable and fresh all day long. However, the air coming out from such artificial coolers can render your hair dull and rough, leading to breakage. A daily exposure of your hair to air coolers will lead you to suffering from hair loss.

Now that you are aware of all the hair fall reasons, you must understand that timely care and precaution can save you from hair loss. By eating a healthy diet, practicing yoga and meditation and saying no to using chemical oriented hair products, you will not only save your head from losing hair, but will also manage to retain its strength and quality.

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