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Tips To Avoid Sleep After Lunch

Tips To Avoid Sleepiness After Eating

Generally after eating everyone feels drowsy and sleepy. This is something routine and natural that no one can deny it at all. But this is not fine and acceptable when you are working in the office. This is because the food you eat during lunch plays an essential role as it acts as a catalyst and helps in setting an energy level at work.

Here Are Few Ways How To Control Sleep In Office After Eating

The following mentioned are few tips on how to keep yourself awake when feeling sleepy and tired after eating.

1. Eat Healthy And Not Heavy During Lunch

Eat Healthy And Not Heavy During Lunch

Whatever you take with you for lunch is essential and it should not be heavy as the heavy, oily and unhealthy food will only make you feel lazy. This is because the body releases melatonin, a hormone which helps in falling all at night. This hormone is released less after you have lunch, so, you feel lazy and unwilling to work further. So, it is must for you, eating light food like the bread with butter, juice etc. will do no harm.

2. Have Breakfast Properly

Have Breakfast Properly

In the morning, before going to the office, you must have proper breakfast as the morning food is the driving force to do well that too with energy. Also, if your stomach is full, you will not wait for the lunch time and even you will want to have a light lunch, as the breakfast would have satiated you enough. So, if you will eat less, you will certainly not fall asleep at work.

3. What To Eat?

What To Eat?

Now, the thing is what should be eaten at lunch time. You should eat anything except the junk food, sugars, salts, flavored food, and preservatives and so on.

Although it flatters your taste buds, but also fills you with lots of calories, and less of nutrients, which is very unhealthy for you and your body. So, it is better to take food from your home.

Mom made food is always healthy and energizes you instead of making you drowsy. You can stick to whole grain and avoid the processed food, sugar and the oil.

4. Eat Carbohydrates And High Protein Lunch

You can have the lunch rich in proteins and necessary carbohydrates. Avoid the starchy food and make sure you are having healthy food.

Some of the food types you can consume are green beans, sprouts, sea vegetables, mustard greens, mushrooms, cabbage, broccoli, onions, bamboo shoots, chestnuts, pumpkins, carrots and so on. a whole wheat bread, brown rice etc.

These things will not only help you stay filled and satisfied whole day but will also prevent you from sleeping and not concentrating on the work.

5. Eat Less And Need Not Gallop Everything At One Time

Good snacks will never deplete your energy level but will only increase. So, whatever you eat, eat less. This is because if you eat less, your body will release less of the melatonin and you will not feel lazy and unwilling to work. The experts advise to eat after every two hours instead of galloping the whole food at one time. It not only makes you obese but also will lessen the energy level in the body.

6. Exercise A Little

Exercise A Little

After having lunch, do not just stay seated. Get up and have two rounds in the office or outside the office premises. This will make you feel better and refreshing up your spirit. Sometimes sitting in the same environment for the whole day also becomes quite boring and monotonous, which also makes you fed up. So, after you have your lunch, go for a stride. It will surely not make you feel idle.

7. Listen To Your Favorite Tune

You can even listen to your favorite songs from your playlist. The songs are the energy booster for almost everyone. If it is for you too, then listen to it when feeling tired after eating or low at work. The pop music will give you a direct boost and will revitalize you.

8. Play Outside

Play Outside

You must leave your gadgets aside and move out with your colleagues and play any of the outdoor games.

So, these are some of the ways by which you can avoid any sort of laziness, whether it is from the food you eat or from the regular work you do. Follow these steps. These will surely make you feel happy. Also, when the work will be done after booting yourself, it will no doubt be good and produce worthy output.

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