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The Symptoms Of Pregnancy And It’s Trimesters

The Symptoms Of Pregnancy And It’s Trimesters
If you ever start wondering that you got a baby on board, just pay close attention to your body. Because it will help you to identify the symptoms. You may think to drop into a nearby drug store or you may schedule an appointment with the doctor. But at times, the initial stage of pregnancy can’t be detected by a home pregnancy test. Because as soon as you conceive, there may only be subtle changes in your body that may or may not be detected in a pregnancy test kit. i1


There are some common symptoms such as missed periods, sore breasts or bloating. It is certainly going to be a guessing game until you take a test and confirm it. i2

Missing Periods:

It is quite important to have a healthy start up during your pregnancy time since it ensures that you got long healthy 9 months ahead of you. The earlier you find the report, the better. The missed or a delayed period is definitely a considerable symptom to suspect pregnancy. At some instance, some women will face the experience of bleeding even during their pregnancy, but it is rarely similar to a normal period. So for a safer side to take a pregnancy test rather than waiting for a regular menstruation until the end. i3


You will have a tender breast, tingly or sore than how how it usually would be. This is due to the hormonal changes. It may usually take a week or two to experience this symptom after your conception. In addition to that, your nipples and the skin around it, the areolas, may look darker than usual and i4

Morning Sickness:

Of course, this is the most “talked about” symptom. Almost all the women who had gone through their pregnancy gone through this. It includes nausea, more sensitive towards smell and odors. It is not necessary for nausea happen only in the morning, it may happen in the afternoon or in the night as well. And again all these are happening due to hormonal changes. The list doesn’t end here. It is going long still that contains yet more symptoms such as stomach cramps, constipation, thrush, dry mouth, sleeplessness, vivid dreams and so on!! Inlife_Ad_336x280 (62)

Let us now know about the trimesters of pregnancy.

There are three stages, and is each stage is one third of your pregnancy. And in every stage you can find yourself feeling the physical and emotional changes which will make your pregnancy even more lovely and unique!

First Trimester from Week 1 to 13:

This one is the shortest one of all for you. Since you will not probably have an idea that you are pregnant in the first 3 or 4 weeks. In fact, most of the Mommys will not be able to take a test because they will be under their normal menstrual period. This is going to be an incredible thing for your baby since he or she is going to transform from one form to another that is from sperm and egg to having legs, arms, a beating heart and much more! i5 Even though this transformation is not going to be outwardly visible, there will be a lot going on inside the mother’s body.

Second Trimester from Week 14 to 27:

Most of the mothers feel easier in this stage than the first. Since they will be relieved from the morning sickness and the blahs. But you will feel and experience the next stage of changes in your body. And make sure that you are keeping yourself updated about pregnancy during these months. You can see that your abdomen will be expanding due to the growth of your baby such as it’s expanding features. And there is a greater possibility that you may even feel your baby move! And it will be a lot of fun when you share your lil’ fella’s joy with others! i6

Third Trimester from Week 28 to 42:

This is the the major part of your guessing game. On the other hand the signs of outward pregnancy becomes more obvious since the baby is still growing. You are going to be in the home stretch and you may still have some of the discomforts will continue from your second trimester. And the major one most of the mothers feel will breathing issues and going to the bathroom more often since your organs may be pressured by the baby. But you don’t have to worry, your baby will be certainly fine and you will be free from all these discomforts once you have your little angel in your arms!! i7 There is a lot of mental and emotional works for Mommy’s since they are going to bring a new person to the family. And take these time to enjoy the bond with your baby and start loving him/her! Inlife_Ad_728-x-90 (77)

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