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Simple Home Remedies for Mouth Ulcers

Simple Home Remedies For Mouth Ulcers

Mouth Ulcers can be a result of incorrect diet, excessive build up of toxins or even allergies to a certain food or product. Often as a result of these conditions, unwanted toxins build up in our system which gives arise to ulcers and other allergic irritation problems. Ulcers usually occur in your oral cavity and restrict your ability to eat properly or even speak. They are characterised by their white borders, red inflamed appearance and occur on the lips, inside wall of the cheek, on the tongue or even on the mouth floor. They can be quite irritating in our day to day activities and restrict proper use of the tongue as they can be quite painful when it comes in contact with something. Food which is spicy will be especially painful as certain foreign condiments and bodies irritate the ulcer even more. Thus causing more pain.Simple Home Remedies For Mouth Ulcers

Why we tend to get ulcers

They are usually not a serious medical problem and tend to heal by itself. The healing time may depend on your specific consumption of food products or even your lifestyle habits like smoking or use of tobacco. However if the condition persists more than a week and you experience difficulty in chewing and swallowing, it may be necessary to consult a doctor. Ulcers may tend to reoccur due to your lifestyle habits and sometimes may be a warning for mouth cancer. Although most common ulcers are usually harmless and heal by itself, medical attention should be taken if felt necessary.  Ulcers may occur due to lifestyle stress, improper dental care and hygiene, certain vitamin deficiencies like vitamin c, vitamin B12 or even essential minerals like iron, allergies to certain types of food, accidental biting of the tongue or cheek, hormonal imbalance, bowel disease or even underlying medical conditions.


Easy Home Remedies for Mouth Ulcers

Most ulcers are harmless and there are a wide range of remedies to ease the pain and ensure faster healing.  Some of the popular home remedies for mouth ulcers are usually easy to get and can be applied by the individual concerned. Some of the popular home remedies are discussed below.

Gargling- If the ulcer is causing irritation in the mouth or is paining a lot, a block of ice or even an ice cube can be rubbed over the affected area. Gargling and rinsing the mouth with cold water can also prove beneficial. This helps in easing the soreness to some extent and provides immediate relief. Mixing salt in water and rinsing the mouth with it also helps as salt is a natural antibacterial agent.

Honey- Honey helps in new cell production and also helps in regenerating damaged cells. This highly beneficial ingredient can be rubbed onto the sore area. Honey fastens the healing process.

Honey for mouth ulcers

Tulsi leaves- Tulsi leaves are known for its anti toxin properties. Chewing these leaves with water can prove beneficial and fasten the healing process.

Coconut milk- Coconut milk can be mixed with honey and applied to the affected area. This helps in easing the soreness as well as providing temporary comfort from the pain.

coconut milk for mouth ulcers

Coriander seeds- Coriander seeds are a popular mouth ulcer home remedy. Boiling the seeds in water and rinsing the mouth with it can be very good in curing ulcers.

Baking soda– Baking soda can be added to water and applied like a thick paste. It helps in neutralising acid and removing inflammation.

Licorice root– Licorice root is anti-bacterial and forms a layer over the ulcer and thus soothes pain. Rinse your mouth with licorice root water every day.

Aloe Vera– Aloe Vera is another good herb with medicinal properties. Aloe Vera gel can be applied on the affected area for faster healing.

aloevera for mouth ulcers

Tomatoes- Consuming raw tomatoes and gargling with tomatoes can be highly beneficial. Tomatoes are a natural home remedy for mouth ulcer.

Poppy seeds- Using a paste of poppy seeds and sugar can quicken the healing process and somewhat provide relief from pain.

Salad- Eating salad with lots of vegetables and onions can help get rid of the ulcer faster.

salad for mouth ulcers

Yogurt- Applying yoghurt on the affected area also helps in getting rid of ulcers.

yogurt for mouth ulcers

Carrot juice– Drinking carrot juice early in the morning will not only help to get rid of the ulcer but also cleanse your blood of any toxins.

Gargling with fenugreek leaves– Gargling with fenugreek leaves everyday will also help soothe the pain and provide relief from inflammation.


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