For a healthy child- go for probiotics pregnancy.

Probiotics During Pregnancy Can Reduce Risk Of Allergies In Babies

probiotics pregnancy

With the increasing civilizations and industrialization, nations have also become cleaner, which led to decreased exposure to microbes and thereby infections. Of course, it’s a good thing, but thinking from a biological point of view, less exposure to microbes during early years of life in a way can affect one’s immunity. Do you agree?

Significance of microbes

Ok, let me explain, generally, it so happens that, exposure to microbes and infections in early life in fact  support our immune system to acquire resistance or learn how to ‘self-regulate’ and recognize what to fight and what not to.

Also, we do not help ourselves to boost our immunity levels by eating a healthy well-balanced diet, exercising regularly, etc. In this busy and competitive world, being glued to our laptops, computers and other work, makes it difficult for us to follow all the necessary and important things required for our good health.

Medical professionals view it as a possible concern for certain allergies and asthma, which are hypersensitive reactions of the immune system. In order to come up with a solution to this, they started trails in analyzing the effect of probiotic supplements in case of such allergies.

probiotics pregnancy

What are Probiotics?

Probiotics refer to the good bacteria living in the digestive tract of the human being which form an active troop in body’s defense mechanism. So, according to the researchers, maintaining a proper balance of gut micro flora i.e., good bacteria might help with stronger and a healthy immune system.

Probiotics When Pregnant

Now, a new analysis from past studies suggests expecting and pregnant mothers to consider taking probiotics during pregnancy to lower the risk of allergies in their babies. After all, probiotics safe during pregnancy, have been proved scientifically.

The fact that the mother passes the immunity to her baby through the placenta and first milk (provides nutrition and large amounts of antibodies that defend the newborn from harmful agents), backs the study. So, a healthy diet is a must as it effects the baby growth.

Dr. Erick Forno of Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh and his team analyzed the results of 25 trials of probiotic supplements given during pregnancy or within the first year of the newborn. They found that infants who were exposed to probiotics in the womb and received supplements after birth showed a 12 percent lower risk of allergies in the following months and years than others. Also, there was no notable improvement in the frequency of onset of allergies in newborns who were given probiotics after birth.

This highlights the importance of maintaining a healthy immune system in the mother as it’s been passed on the baby, forming a stronger immune base for a healthy long life of her baby. Not only this, nutrition during pregnancy and the mother’s diet are of utmost importance.

A mother can go to end number of measures to protect her child from any harm. She has to take a good amount of nutrients during her pregnancy for a healthy and safe delivery. Hence, while in her womb itself she has to make sure that the immune system of her little-loved one is strong enough to fight. For this, it is important for her to make sure she takes probiotic supplements during her pregnancy to reduce the chances of risks of allergies in her, as well as her baby. Also, folic acid during pregnancy helps a great deal in maintaining the baby’s health.

Antibiotics also tend to disturb the harmony of gut microflora, so people under antibiotics should also take good amounts of probiotics or opt for probiotic supplements.

It has also been researched and said that probiotics may save patients who are undergoing chemotherapy. Probiotic yogurt during pregnancy is also a good option.

So, probiotics are a must for everyone, include it in your diet regularly.

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