Miscarriage Reasons | 7 Ways To Reduce Risk of Miscarriage

7 Ways To Reduce Your Risk Of Miscarriage

Miscarriage reasons

Pregnancy is truly a beautiful and splendid experience in a woman’s life. While there are some who may not completely agree with it, we believe that the delicate beauty of the entire experience cannot be ignored in the face of the difficulties a woman has to go through physically and hormonally.

When you think about it deeply, does it not feel like a miracle?

A single cell transforming into a complete human being, this tiny and adorable version of you and your partner! Though it has many ups and downs and can be painful as hell for the woman, pregnancy is just marvelous!

Those who have been through it, or had a close one who has, will agree when we say that as beautiful as the experience is, it requires a lot of caution on their part to ensure a safe pregnancy. Several measures need to be taken to safeguard the health of both mother and child and prevent miscarriage.

If you are pregnant yourself or in the care of a pregnant woman, read this article to understand the signs of miscarriage and ensure miscarriage prevention.

What Is Miscarriage?

Miscarriage is an unexpected loss of a pregnancy at any time up to the 24th week (6 months). As many as 8 out of 10 miscarriages occur before 13 weeks (3 months) of pregnancy.

Pregnant Woman

Symptoms Of Miscarriage

The following are the symptoms of miscarriage that one needs to be aware of:

  • Vaginal bleeding after miscarriage
  • Lower abdominal pain
  • Missed miscarriage – The development of fetus stops or dies, but it persists in the womb (uterus) without showing any symptoms.
  • Mild bleeding without pain – This may not always lead to miscarriage.

Some of the above are symptoms of early miscarriage reasons, but they can happen at any time before you complete the first 6 months of your pregnancy. Though doctors advise you to lead a normal life, you should take some prominent steps to avoid miscarriage.

Although nobody promotes miscarriage knowingly, carelessness arising out of ignorance is one of the biggest miscarriage reasons.

So, if you are pregnant, you must make some necessary lifestyle changes to protect your offspring. Right from an early phase, it is extremely important that you understand the causes and eliminate all chances of miscarriage of pregnancy.

Read on to find out how to reduce the risk of pregnancy termination for a safe and healthy pregnancy.

How To Avoid Miscarriages?

Avoid Unsafe Travelling

Take care while you are on the go. Avoid travelling in two or three wheeler as even a slight jerk during can travelling lead to miscarriage.

Avoid Unsafe Travelling

Get Adequate Rest

Pregnant women need at least 8 hours of sleep and 2 hours of rest during the day. If you do not give enough relaxation to the body, it may not be strong enough to support a pregnancy.

Avoid Bad Habits, They May Harm Your Baby

Your baby is connected to you by a delicate, transparent organ, called the placenta, which allows the fetus nutrient intake, elimination of waste and gas exchange through mother’s blood supply.

So, if you consume alcohol and nicotine, it will cross the placenta and harm your baby. Consumption of anything unhealthy affects the baby’s health in the womb immediately.

Eat Healthy To Avoid Nutritional Deficiency

Eating large amount of papaya, pineapple and pomegranate during pregnancy is not good for your baby. Try to avoid them. Eating spoiled and unhygienic foods can promote miscarriage. Eat healthily and try to avoid spicy and junk foods and can travelling lead to miscarriage.

Nutritional deficiency is one of the triggers for miscarriages. Nutrition during your pregnancy is critical for maintaining the health of you and your developing fetus.

A pregnant woman requires vitamins & minerals such as iron, folic acid, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, vitamin B12, vitamin D and anti-oxidants. So every day, make sure you consume healthy, vitamin and mineral rich foods to avoid nutritional deficiency that may affect your baby.

Eat Healthy Nutritional Food

Avoid Stress; It Can Kill Your Baby

Stress can be a dangerous silent killer, during pregnancy. You need to be stress free because stress hormones make your uterus muscle cramp, which leads to early labor or can sudden jerk cause miscarriage.

Exercise Safely During Pregnancy

Maintaining a regular workout routine throughout your pregnancy can help you feel your best and combat certain common discomforts like backaches, cramps etc. However, many of your favorite workouts may not be safe during pregnancy.

It is advised that you discuss your exercise regimen with your doctor and continue or start doing it in moderation.

Keep it less strenuous and practice forms of yoga such as pre-natal yoga et cetera. We recommend that you consult a trainer and find out what’s best for you.

Exercise Safely During Pregnancy

Say No To Night Shifts

Recent researches say that women who work at nights are at higher risk of suffering miscarriages and also take longer time to conceive.

Nearly 29%, of women suffer from miscarriages, 80% with subfertility and 20% have menstrual disruption causing infertility. Hence, we strongly recommend trying halt this shift works or regular office works for some time till you deliver a healthy baby.

Calling out to all the beautiful pregnant women out there, we reiterate the need to be watchful of the common mistakes which can lead to complications can sudden jerk cause miscarriage during your pregnancy. Don’t let anything ruin your gift of joy or prevent you from this immense lovely experience.

Please share this article to all those expectant mothers and their loved ones to prevent miscarriages and save little sweet lives.

If you know any other activities that may trigger miscarriages or advice to prevent miscarriage of pregnancy, please let us and our readers know through your comments.

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