Lose Weight Naturally with These 5 Yoga Poses

5 Best Yoga Poses to Tone Belly and Lose Weight

Yoga Poses Of Lower Belly Fat

Yoga is a traditional form of exercise that helps to boost our physical and mental well being. Postures and breathing are the main components of yoga. Yoga has followers from all walks of life because it is a simple and excellent way for increasing our physical activity. Also, there is some evidence that how to reduce tummy by yoga is beneficial for people with heart disease, blood pressure, depression and stress. You can find various yoga exercises to lose weight. It is a form of exercise that can be enjoyed at any age.

Yoga Poses Of Lower Belly Fat

Why opt for yoga and why is it better than other exercises?

To stay fit and healthy, many people consider yoga as the best form of exercise. This is because how to reduce tummy by yoga has a plenty of physical and mental health benefits. It is more beneficial than any other exercise forms. It has proven its benefits by keeping the body and mind healthy and helping weight loss. Compared to aerobic exercises, people who do yoga have superior brain functions. For decades, many people endorsed that the cardio is the best way to lose weight. However, practicing regular yoga exercise to reduce tummy may be more useful than doing a workout to lose weight at the gym. Not only yoga conditions our body, but also relaxes our mind.

Yoga is a great way to provide exercise and meditation. Many people think that yoga involves just stretching. But in addition to stretching, yoga is all about building a balance in the body by developing strength and flexibility which is done by performing various postures.  Each pose has its health benefits.

Opt for Yoga

Why Losing Weight is Essential?

For those who are obese or overweight, it is essential to lose weight.  This reduces the threat of potential health problems such as stroke, heart disease, back pain, diabetes, depression, infertility and high blood pressure. It is also risky to have a large amount of belly fat which increases your risk of health problems.

Belly fat is a major problem for those who wants to lose their weight. Losing excess fat from other parts of their body is easy. However, they find it very difficult when it comes to belly fat. Women who have tummy fat have a greater risk of developing breast cancer, colorectal cancer, heart disease and hypertension. Men who have belly fat have higher chances of developing sleep apnea, colorectal cancer, and cardiovascular diseases.

Weight Loss Diet

To lose belly weight fast yet safe, you can make some dietary changes and also increase the amount of physical activity you do. You can reduce the risk of belly fat accumulation by doing regular exercise. Yoga is a form of exercise that plays an important role in the area of weight loss. There are various yoga exercise to reduce tummy. Although, there are several ways to lose weight, yoga is the most practical way to lose weight naturally.

Causes for Tummy Fat:

Everyone accumulates fat at different places. Some accumulate in the lower body while others accumulate it in the midsection. Having belly fat or visceral fat is risky for both men and women.  Overweight people tend to have the chances of accumulating belly fat more than those who are at a healthy weight range. Hormonal changes, heredity, aging,  depression and stress could also lead to tummy fat.

Tummy Fat

Many hormones cycle through our body every day. Imbalance in hormones triggers your body to store belly fat, which leads to an increase in both the visceral and subcutaneous fat. Stress hormones also play an important role in controlling your belly fat. You must get your stress hormones level in control to get flat abs.

Yoga Poses to Lose Belly Fat:

Eating junk foods, lack of exercises, higher stress levels, sedentary lifestyle, all these can give rise to a flabby stomach. The wider your tummy, the higher the risk level. There are no shortcuts to losing weight on the tummy in a single day. Yogasana helps get rid of belly fat and attain stronger looking abdominal muscles. Given below are some of the yoga poses for weight loss belly.


Tadasana is the warm-up pose in yoga that improves your blood circulation and makes your body ready for the other poses of yoga.

Tadasana Yoga Pose


Stand upright, keeping your feet together and spine erect. Take a deep breath and raise your hands above the head with the palms together. Lift your ankles now and stand on your toes. Stay in this position for nearly 30 seconds. Repeat this pose at least ten times in the beginning and increase this count gradually once your body gets adjusted.

Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation):

Surya namaskar has a cycle of 12 yoga exercises, each of which has a particular impact on the body. You can get maximum benefit from this asana if you practice it in the morning facing the sun daily.


1.    Pranamasan: This is the prayer pose where you have to stand erect facing the sun with your palms joined together near your chest.

2.    Hasta Uttanasana: This is the raised arm pose where you need to bend your body backward, raise your hands upward with your face pointing towards the sky.

3.    Pada Hastasana: In this hand to foot pose, bend your body forward and down till your head reaches your knee.

4.    Ashwa-Sanchalan Asana: Stretch your left leg backward and balance on toes. Your left knee should touch the floor, and right knee should touch your chest by bending.

5.    Parvatasana: Stretch your right leg back such that it is parallel with the left leg. Lift your hip with your toes and hands touching the ground.

Surya Namaskar

6.    Ashtanga Namaskar: Now rest your chest and chin on the floor and lift the hip a little. This is a salute with the eight parts.

7.    Bhujangasana: Lift the chest from the ground, and keep your arms bent at elbows and arch back. Face the sky by bending your head in the backward position.

8.    Parvatasana: Repeat the movement in step 5.

9.    Ashwa Sanchaln- Asana:  Repeat the step with the right leg.

10. Pada Hastasana: Repeat step 3.

11. Hasta Uttanansana: Do the movement in step 2.

12. Pranamasan: Bring back your hands in namaskar position with your feet together.

Using the other leg, you have to repeat the steps from 4 to 9. So you need to do 24 yoga steps to complete one round. To get best results, it is ideal to do 12 rounds.

Pada Hasthasana (Hand to Foot Pose):

This exercise helps greatly to remove the belly fat. The abdomen gets compressed when your body bends forward which helps to tone the abdominal muscles.

Pada Hasthasana


First, stand in Tadasana posture. Keep your spine erect and lift your hands upwards. Exhale and slowly bend forward till your head touches the knees. Now touch the floor with your palms without bending your knees. Stay in this position for a minute. Repeat this asana for ten times with 10 second’s interval between each.

Paschimottanasana (Seated Forward Bend):

This pose not only helps to lose tummy weight, but also is beneficial for peoples suffering from digestive disorders.



Sit with your legs folded as in Padmasana. Now stretch your legs to the front with your toes pointing to the ceiling. Without bending your elbows, raise your hands above the head. Now bend forward and touch the toes with your hands. Bend your head till it touches the knees. In the beginning, hold this position for a minute. Gradually increase the time to 5 minutes. Repeat this asana for at least 25 times to achieve best results.

Naukasana (Boat Pose):

You can enjoy a flatter belly if you do this yoga poses for weight loss belly posture on a regular basis. It is a perfect asana to tone your abs.

Naukasana Yoga Pose


Lie flat on the mat with your toes facing the ceiling and hands resting on the ground. Now lift your legs, head and chest off the ground by exhaling. Stretch your arms towards the legs such that they are parallel to the ground. Initially, hold this position for 30 seconds. Extend the duration for 60 seconds once you become familiar with this pose. Do this up to 30 times for best results.

Hope you find the above asana beneficial. Kindly let us know your experiences in the comments below.

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