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Know About The Symptoms of The Deadly Disease: Cancer!

A particular group of diseases which causes unnatural cell growth and slowly spreads to different parts of the body, ending up affecting the regular organ systems can be referred to as Cancer. This particular disease is even regarded as malignant neoplasm or malignant tumor. Cancer can be called to be the plague of the 21st century. Fear of the unknown is generally associated by millions of uninformed people with this disease called Cancer. Though people must know, that every kind of tumor is not cancerous in nature. Benign tumors do not escalate to different sectors of our anatomy. Cancer To keep your own precious self-same and unworried one needs to know the specific symptoms of cancer. 22% of people in the whole world die through cancer due to consumption of tobacco and tobacco based items. Therefore, we can clearly observe that the consumption of tobacco is the basic cause of the irrational rise in cancer patients in almost every other house. Another 10% of the population is affected by cancer due to several reasons like a malnutrition diet, obesity, consumption of ethanol (alcohol), and also due to the lack of physical exercise. Also, environmental pollution has become one of the main reasons for the cause of cancer. An excessive amount of air pollution from automobiles and factories with improper exhaust system are degrading the quality of the very air that we breathe in, resulting in a hazardous disease like cancer. Other major causes: exposure to ionizing radiations and certain specific infections. When a person tries to search about cancer in the World Wide Web, he/she is greeted with hundreds of pages on cancer. But one must try and understand the authenticity of these numerous websites which ultimately might be feeding you with wrong information on the subject. These kinds of wrong information are generally referred to as the popular myths. For the benefit of the dear reader below you will see the 5 most popular cancer myths that you might be greeted with anytime.

Cancer Myths: Knowing Them All!


#Myth 1: Cancer is a man made disease that has been born in the recent time:

The human race have been scarred with the presence of cancer ever since time has been recorded by us. Scientists and doctors have discovered fabled signs of cancer in a 3000-year-old skeleton. This particular disease has also been described by the Egyptian doctors of ancient times in their own elementary and underdeveloped method. The major contributing and at the same time overlooked factor is age. As people are living longer due to advanced medical science, there sometimes occur the natural DNA damage within our cells leading to cancer. Also, advancement in science has brought in the aspect of air pollution which ultimately in many unfortunate cases lead to cancer. Therefore, though modern days have seen a rise in the number of cancer patients, yet we can clearly understand that cancer is no man-made modern disease.

#Myth 2: Superfoods are The Magic wands to Prevent Cancer:

Healthy Food With the advent and overconsumption of fast foods, normal foods like broccoli, green tea, beetroot, garlic, blueberries, etc have taken the mythical position of superfoods. Certainly some foods like green tea, or broccoli will aid in achieving a balanced diet but that does not make them a super food. An overall healthy diet is very essential. It should include lots and lots of green vegetables and less of red meat and fast foods. One should also drink water in plentiful quantity. But it is wrong to say that any one food can cure cancer.

#Myth 3: Acidic Diets are Root of Cancer:

Acidic Food It is true that cancer cells cannot survive in an overly alkaline environment but at the same time one should keep in mind that this is true in the case of the other cells too. Some myths about Cancer shockingly stick like a burr, though they are even against basic biology. The nonsensical idea that overly acidic diets are the reason for overly acidic blood is utter nonsense. This never increases your risk of cancer.

#Myth 4: Avoid Sugar To Get Rid of Cancer:

Sugar Another idea that is fed into millions of innocent and scared minds is this. Banishing sugar completely from one’s diet does not in any way affect a cancer patient because sugar does not feed cancer cells. All cells need energy. This energy is produced by the cells themselves through the utilization of the glucose, which our body receives generally through the intake of sugar. Even cancerous cells produce energy in this way only in a different manner. Yes, it is matured to put away the sugar in order to maintain a healthy diet. This also helps, not to put on extra weight. But to say that glucose deteriorates the condition of a cancer patient is absurd.

#Myth 5: Cancer is a Severe Fungus, which can be killed by Sodium Bicarbonate

Sodium Bicarbonate There is a particular and, needless to say, an absolute faulty observation that cancer is always white. This leads to another faulty notion that cancer is the fungus. It is from this erroneous observation that some people draw this farcical conclusion. Some tumors are definitely white but to say the truth some are not. Also, one must be very clear in their notion that cancer cells are not at all fungal in origin. On the contrary to all this there is strong evidence that a high concentration of sodium bicarbonate can lead to fatal consequences for the patient.

Know about cancer To Fight with It Wisely!

No external symptoms of cancer can be observed in any person’s body who been affected with cancer. Potential signs and symptoms include a new lump, a prolonged cough, abnormal bleeding, a change in bowel movements, and unexplained weight loss, among others. Other issues might also cause these symptoms, but they also indicate cancer. The human race presently is affected by 100 different known cancers. Only when the mass or lump, present within your body starts growing or technically ulcerates, does the signs and symptoms starts showing. Eat healthy, live better and know your enemy to fight it properly.

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