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Health and nutrition

Statistics regarding health and proper nutrition states that ‘More than 40% deaths and 30% of disease burden in developing countries are linked to factors involving nutrition’. Specifically, in India nearly 18% (i.e. approximately 400 million) of the total population and 44% of the young children (below five Yrs age) are undernourished. Almost one-fifth of maternal deaths during pregnancy are due to iron deficiency, the rate of which is increasing each day alarmingly. Studies suggest that more than 50% world population are deficient or below the required level of vitamin B complex. About 0.3 million children are still deficient of Vitamin A and even majority of the population is deficient of vitamins and minerals which indeed are very important for a healthy human survival.

Health and nutrition

Don’t you feel these figures are painful?

But, they are true. Such deficiencies not only hit an individual with the illness, but also the nation and the world as a whole. This effect may be on the nation’s GDP or the level of intellect.

But, what causes this under-nutrition? Why is it happening this way?

I know the most possible cause you can think of is –


People who are below the poverty line, due to their low purchasing power cannot cater all the nutritional requirements of the body that slowly leads to high deficiency and diseased condition. Lack of knowledge and low purchasing power makes them malnourished.

This is the cause for 70% undernourished people but what about the other 30%…..any idea??

Is it due to Ignorance?

Lack of knowledge about nutrition rich foods and the amount of nutrients required by the body is one of the main causes of inadequate food intake and consequently resulting under nutrition.

Calorie intake being more than the actual nutrient intake which is leading to the havoc of under nutrition.

Sometimes individuals in order to be slim do not prefer taking some foods, through which they lack certain nutrients. But this should not be the case, in fact, with a balanced diet you should achieve the goals you want. Specific growth requirements of a child health and nutrition increases nutritional requirements of the  mother, lacking the knowledge of which will end up in a malnourished child who will be prone to infections. Eye health nutrition is another factor that needs serious consideration because today every child has spectacles that are not healthy.

Do you think one’s religion or belief can be a cause?

Yes, of course in some cases it can be considered.

Vegetarianism can be adopted for different reasons. Such people abstain from the consumption of red meat, seafood, poultry, etc., which are the main source of iron.  Therefore, this condition leads them to iron deficiency.

In such cases should you completely avoid health or belief..? You need not compromise on any of them because, you can compensate the deficiency by taking cereals, nuts, seeds, and legumes (including soy foods, peas, beans and chickpeas). These are significant sources of iron. So, at least you should be wise enough seeking for the alternatives instead of landing in troubles.

Should we have to blame even the fast paced lifestyle?

Why not, it’s no more an exception.

In this modern world, with your busy lifestyle, are you able to have a complete balanced diet? The answer is no. It is mainly because people have no time to eat. Some take the diet untimely, whereas people prefer having high calorie and low nutrient diets like Pizza, burger, all types’ of fast and junk foods. Thus, giving more importance to the taste buds than good health nutrition.

Those who think they have no time for healthy eating will sooner or later have to find time for illness.

Hence, my friends find time to find out health and nutrition facts and have a balanced healthy diet. Alternatively, pop a pill of nutraceutical/dietary supplement which can directly provide you with the required amount of nutrients.

It’s not that I’m blaming you but, it’s the circumstances, of course, which cannot be avoided.

You may be very careful about your balanced diet; you may not know if the raw materials used by you are as efficient as our ancestors used. This is because we are living side by side with pollution, lots of chemical usages with which fertility of agricultural lands is getting affected. So, be cautious my friend, check out your nutrient imbalances ASAP and act smart.

I hope, even in such cases you can add a nutraceutical pill to your daily routine or if possible take more amounts of the required nutrients which are always well and good for you. Health and Nutrition are vitally linked. So, have a nutritious food and be healthy.

The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.

I know many questions about nutraceuticals might be buzzing your mind……but wait a while, I’ll be back with information on nutraceuticals in my next article …….Keep reading ……..!

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