Green Tea can boost your memory - Myth or magic?

Green Tea can boost your memory – Myth or magic?

For many of us, there is no perfect day without a warm cup of tea! The aroma and the morning freshness we get after drinking tea, out of the world! Why don’t you trade some green tea instead of your milk tea or black tea? We already have a good knowledge of how green tea is full of bioactive compounds which help with weight loss by increasing the fat burning in our body and by helping the liver with glycogenesis, but the benefits don’t end there.

Green tea and memory

This common drink has already captured our hearts and it has been touted as having so many positive impacts on cancer as well as heart disease. But now, a new research shows the positive effects of green tea on our brain. But, do you know that green tea benefits include better memory as well as protection from Alzheimer’s dementia?

Working Memory:

  • Well, in order to know more we first should know what is the working memory… We all know that working memory is generally called as short-term memory.  But to be more precise, we can call our working memory as the mental juggling system in our brain. You will store the information there that is for immediate use.
  • It is also responsible for you being able to grasp the information and be able to manipulate the same.
  • When you take in the information, your working memory will take the responsibility of processing it. Then it stores the information there for you to manipulate it.
  • However, the information stored in your short-term memory will last there for about a minute, and the only purpose of that memory is for you to use as well as manipulate.
  • Post this process, the information is forgotten if you do not need it anymore or is stored in a more permanent location, in your long-term memory.

Better memory with Green Tea:

From a long time, there is a belief that green tea enhances a person’s memory power. Even though we have been reading the same from so many sources we have never known the fact of it in detail. At least, there is no proper explanation of the mechanism by which it boosts our memory power. So, in order to add characterization to the blindly believed theory, we present you an explanation through an experiment conducted by Swiss researchers.

green tea and working memory

Recently, a team of Swiss researchers started working on the efficiency of green tea to determine our brain connectivity during working memory processing. They didn’t stop there. They also wanted to figure out if the connectivity parameters are related our task performance.

This research has been conducted by choosing 12 healthy male participants and they were fed with a milk whey-based soft drink which contained 27.5 grams of green tea extract or else a milk whey-based soft drink without the green tea before they started working on memory tasks. Right after this, they were asked to undergo an MRI.


Green Tea can boost your memory - Myth or magic?

Post the experiment the MRI results were gathered and analyzed. Finally, they revealed how green tea impacts working memory. In order to determine this value, the scientists used a dynamic casual modeling. They took a shot at the impact of working memory on the successful network between the frontal and parietal cerebrum areas. This was done to help them recognize the neural systems that are in charge of the support in mental aptitude from drinking green tea.

Green Tea for Mind and Body:

A recent Psychopharmacology studies have proved that this amazing drink not only benefits your body, but also it benefits your mind by boosting your brain cells and calming down your nervousness in you if you have any. Moreover, it is also the proven cure to calm as well as soothe you down from your tensions.

Green tea also has the great capability of treating some psychiatric disorders such as dementia, say the researchers.

Green Tea and the Health Care

Green tea has been authenticated and acknowledged to provide loads of goodness to our body, such as:

health benefits of green tea

  • Treating type 2 diabetes
  • Fighting against cancer
  • Cleansing one’s liver and detoxifying it
  • Fighting against heart-related disease
  • Keeping one’s skin clear off flaws and other problems etc…

But if green tea is a celebrity, it will be sitting on the tippy top of the A-list. The list of goodness is never ending also it is known to stimulate our brain cells very efficiently. So are you still going caffeine high in the morning? Now, I think you will be sure why green tea is really important for our health. Improve your memory leaps and bounds… Get your green tea today!!!

Green Tea can boost your memory - Myth or magic?

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    Dr Mukta. I would like to inform you that there is deficit of vitamin D12 to the person having age 52 and diabitic with sugar evel 320 to 350. I have started our B12 tablet. Can you suggest other alternet medine to sugar and B12 problem


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