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Best Calcium Rich Foods You Should Be Putting On Your List

Best Calcium Rich Foods You Should Be Putting On Your List

Calcium is one of the most important minerals born in the human body and extends a number of health benefits to us. Doctors and other health specialists always support the intake of calcium-rich food products for you to enjoy a better state of health.

Best Calcium-Rich Foods Sources

There are a number of natural food products available in the market that are very high in calcium and brings the most desired health benefits to us when consumed in proportion. Some of the many food products, rich in calcium are


When it comes to discussing the best source of calcium-rich foods, there is nothing that beats milk. Milk is a great calcium-rich source for both adults and children and the calcium in it can be easily digested too.

Best Calcium-Rich Foods Sources- Milk


A single serving of yogurt may provide you with around 400mg of calcium. Apart from its good bacteria and protein-rich nature, the yogurt also contributes to increasing the calcium content of our body.

Best Calcium Rich Foods

Beans and Lentils

Beans and lentils like kidney beans, baked beans, and white beans, also form rich sources for calcium.

Beans and Lentils are best sources of calcium

Citrus rich fruits

Citrus rich fruits such as lemons and oranges are not only a great source of calcium but are also high in the content of vitamin D that helps to retain and absorb the calcium in the bones and the teeth. One of the best ways to strengthen your teeth is by eating oranges.

Citrus Rich Food

Herbs and spices

Herbs and spices not only contribute to making your food smell and taste good, but also impart some of the best benefits to your body too, with their high content of different minerals. Herbs like basil, mint, thyme and spices like cinnamon are great sources of calcium.

Herbs and spices

Leafy Vegetables

Some of the most calcium-rich vegetables, such as- spinach, kale, turnip, broccoli, celery, romaine lettuce, asparagus, cabbage and mushrooms should be included in your diet.

Calcium rich vegetables

Some of the health benefits of calcium

1. Lose extra weight and stay slim with proper doses of calcium

Over the last couple of years, scientists and health specialists have come to recognise calcium’s ability to affect the metabolism of the body in a positive manner, which in turn allow it to bring the much desired slimming effects.

As per research, calcium works towards breaking and utilisation of fat rather than supporting the accumulation of it. Hence, since calcium is such a great supporter of fat loss, health specialists suggest at least three servings of best calcium-rich foods, such as dairy products and vegetables for a proper fat loss diet.

2. Preventing Osteoporosis with Calcium

The calcium in our body helps to strengthen the bones and the teeth. It is of utmost importance for little children and young adults as it helps them bone up or in other words, increase their bone mass and make them stronger.

It is from the age of 30 onwards that the natural calcium content in our body starts to deplete, and hence it becomes important to supplant it with the intake of calcium rich foods.

Hence, it is a must to consume natural sources of calcium, to support the building of bone and preventing its loss in the future.

3. Calcium helps the heart and modulates blood pressure

Recent researches show that appropriate level of calcium intake on a regular basis can delete the chances of cardiovascular diseases, regulate blood pressure and also lessen hypertension by a considerable lot. It contributes to maintaining the state of our muscles and also improve nerve transmissions.

Other contributions made by calcium to our body, include, preventing breast cancer, colon cancer, getting rid of PMS, etc. Researchers do not promote calcium intake as a measure of prevention against cancer.

Over consumption of the same, might as well cause prostate cancer or harm to the heart.

Hence the best idea here is to take in normal portions of this mineral from natural calcium-rich foods, such as the calcium-rich food items made available to us.

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