Here are the answers to your how and why questions on green tea and weight loss-Blog

Here are the answers to your how and why questions on green tea and weight loss

Laboratory studies demonstrate weight loss that has been caused by the consumption of green tea. Researchers undertook a survey of nine different individuals for highlighting the effect of green tea. The response has been found to be positive in most of the cases because the individuals under the scanner reported fall in body weight. It is a fact that green tea can help you to lose weight, even if you are not on a calorie minimizing diet. In this context, you will like noting how the product causes slimming. Here are a few facts that you should take note of.

Epigallocatechin gallate of green tea causes slimming

EGCG works together with caffeine to increase metabolism. The combination also ensures fat burning and blocking energy transformation. Energy is not transformed into fat and as a result of this; your body doesn’t absorb dietary fat. The green tea also plays a proactive role in reducing your cravings for food. You can use it for regulating the level of your blood sugar, as well.

Green tea suppresses your appetite under the following conditions

Just one cupful will not fulfill your objective. To get the proven result, you have to consume green tea, on a consistent basis. Another option is to take in the green tea-based extract. Researchers conducted an experiment on rats in which they were fed with extracts of green tea. After feeding on the extract, they consumed food in less quantity than what they did before. So, if you can keep your craving under control, you can realize your original mission which is to lose body weight.Green tea - suppresses your appetite

 The product increases your total endurance level

You need to build up your endurance if you are interested in implementing a regular exercising plan. As far as building endurance is concerned, green tea can help you out. There is proven evidence to suggest that you can increase your stamina by twenty-four percent, and that can be used for doing exercise. The latter, in turn, can help you to burn calories, increase metabolism and add to the muscle mass.

Green tea increases your total endurance level

Green tea facilitates fat burning

You neither lose out water nor muscle. If you lose out water; then, you regain it with rehydration. Similarly, if you reduce your muscular weight; then, the rate of metabolism becomes slower than usual, and with time, you are likely to regain that which you have lost. The focus should be on fat burning, and since the tea has the potential to speed up fat burning, you can use it to lose at least, one pound of weight, on a weekly basis.

Here are the answers to your how and why questions on green tea and weight loss

It helps realize your objective gradually

The more you consume, the better the results from the point of view of slimming and losing weight. According to the studies, a soothing cup of green tea speeds up metabolism, at the rate of 2.9 percent. As you consume more of the tea, the rate increases to four percent. Similarly, initially, the burning of fat takes place at 12 percent, and gradually it increases to 35%. Green tea serves as an incentive to those hormones that stimulate the process of fat burning.

Benefits of drinking green tea

Green tea is free from side effects

By now, you know the thumb rule. The more you take in, the better your prospects are, as far as slimming is concerned. The most advantageous aspect is that you can choose to have three to six cups of tea, on a regular basis. Since the beverage is free from any kinds of side effects, you will have a precious little to worry. Instead, it is beneficial to your health and weight, and so you do have reasons to use it as an effective weight management measure. The theatine content of green tea boosts the feel-good factor. It also enhances your concentration level, mental power, and productivity.

Here are the answers to your how and why questions on green tea and weight loss

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