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7 Best Cardio Exercises For Weight Loss At Home

Obesity, a nightmare in today’s life. There is no particular age of people suffering from obesity. The reason of obesity is bad lifestyle and bad food habits. Even, you try to control these two things, you cannot control completely. But, you can reduce the amount of fast food, slowly shift to healthy diet and practice some good cardio exercises. You can definitely reduce the excess fat from your body and stay healthy and fit. Cardio exercises increase the heart rate, burn calories and increases the blood flow all through the body. Inlife_Ad_336-x-280 (1)

Below mentioned are the best cardio exercises for weight loss at home

1. Jumping Ropes

Remember the golden days when you jump ropes with your friend. Well, it was an important game for all your friends. So, take out the jumping ropes again and burn 220 calories in just 20 minutes. It is an inexpensive workout at home. The exercise shapes your lower muscles, legs and butt and give you a perfect shape. It increases the heart rate, increase blood flow and strengthen heart muscle. You must wear proper shoes and good quality jumping ropes. At first, you can start the jump for three to five minutes at a stretch and then increase slowly. You can try out alternate feet, high knees and closed feet styles. Cardio Exercises for Weight Loss

2. Squat Jumps

If you want to tone leg muscles, then squat jumps are just the perfect for you at home. The exercise helps you reduce the big tummy and get the flat abs. At first, you will face problems, but with continuous persistence you can gain the energy and vigor. Make your position right for squat and for each set do 20 jumps for 4 times. Best Cardio Exercises

3. Jumping jacks

It is a high impact exercise where your whole body remains active. You can easily burn 100 calories in just 10 minutes of your exercise. It is an important exercise in the cardio group and also helps in toning and strengthening the muscles of calves, deltoids and helps to reduce the fat. It also improves the heart muscle and gives you great energy in the body.

Cardio Exercises4. Burpees

Do you want to reduce 100 calories in just 10 minutes? Then, Burpees are the perfect cardio exercise for you. Most gym goers just hate this exercise. The lean muscle will get more strength and increase calorie burn from the body. You need to stand straight, and then take your feet back in a push-up position and then jump back to again in the squat position and finally jump to the start position. Repeat the exercise for 10 minutes. Cardio exercises at home

5. Spot Jogging

For this exercise, you do not have to go your lawn. You can even start the exercise in your living room. Just 30 minutes of this exercise will help you reduce 270 calories. The exercise keeps away the heart problems and you can tone up your leg muscles. At the beginning, you will pant for some time, but when you will come in practice then you can automatically adjust with the exercise. It is a reliable cardio exercise that can help you reduce weight at your own home. Spot Jogging exercise

6. Side Lunges

Tone up your butt, quadriceps, abdomen, and hamstrings with the help of stretching muscles. It will improve your posture and balance and even increase the flexibility of the body. With the help of this exercise, you need to make your body functional and provide more stability in the body. It is a simple exercise and if you understand the technique, then you can automatically perform in the best manner. Perform this exercise for continuous 10 times for more effective result. Side Lunges

7. Cross Crawl

It is the best toning exercise for your back muscle and abdomen. First, you need to warm-up and then start the exercise with great enthusiasm. First, you need to stand straight. Bring your right leg up and left elbow in the front and touch the both. Similarly, do the other side and continuous this exercise at a stretch to get the best result. It will boost the rate of metabolism and reduce the calories. Cross Crawl - Best cardio exercise Well, these cardio exercises no doubt perfect for you to reduce weight. But, these exercises also offer you other benefits like: a) Increase your longevity- It improves your balance, energy and flexibility of your body. They are very much effective for you to live a healthy and balanced life. b) Heart Health- When you do cardio or aerobic exercise, then it increases the heart rate and the blood circulation will improve. c) Control Diabetes- Extensive aerobics exercise absorbs and utilizes the glucose in a positive manner from your blood. Stop worrying about your bad health and gym phobia and reduce the excess fat with these excellent cardio exercises at your home. Krill-Oil_728x90 (3)

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