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Yoga Asanas for Beginners

Do you know the importance of yoga in daily life? Yoga is typical spiritual exercises which help you to be fit with relaxation. Yoga brings out the peace of mind as well as keeps you healthy from tip to toe. The science is bonded with yoga since ancient time. The ascetic discipline with spirituality will help you to bring out your personality in the best way. If you are not started it yet, then do not make late anymore. There are a lot of yoga schools available near your residence. For having a huge popularity with lots of benefits some health care’s, gyms and private teacher also teaches yoga asanas.

No Age Bar for Yoga

There is no limitation of age when it comes to yoga. You can start it from today if you want.

It does not matter how old or young are you. Even your physical fitness does not matter too much for yoga poses at the beginning or later. Yoga is for all. If you can bend your body, if you are able to move your body slowly then you can begin to practice yoga. Yoga can be practiced by a baby or by an older person easily.


Better Than the Best

Yoga is much more useful and advantageous than the other types of physical exercise. Walking, jogging, free hands or gyming would definitely fulfill your requirements but not give you lifelong benefits. These physical exercises also look after your health and body only but never give you peace of mind. The versatility of yoga will keep you physically and mentally healthy. That is why yoga is best for you rather than others.

Advantages of Yoga Asanas

The advantages of yoga are uncountable. It can make you a complete person with all benefits. Yoga not only keeps your body healthy only. It helps you to reduce the chances of getting any kind of diseases for the future. If you are already suffering from life-threatening health or mental problems, then yoga will help you to get rid of these. Many yoga asanas will bring out your inner glow magically and make you more shine and beautiful. Apart from these, all yoga help you to increase your memory power, keep your mind calm, increase the level of concentration and make you free from all kinds of tensions.

What You Need To Start Yoga

It is natural to get excited when you are going to start something for the first time. So a beginner needs body and mind set up, time and patience. For starting yoga, you just need a pair of body-hugging t-shirts, leggings or shorts as per your comfort level. You need a mattress, towel and a bottle of water. No footwear needs to practice yoga as the asanas you have to do in barefoot.

Tips for the Beginners

Do not try heavy body movements by trying hard yoga poses on the very first day. You should also never do an asana for a long time as you are a beginner. The first-day high workout could cause heavy body pain that for the next day you stop to try it again. Try light asanas like meditation, Surya namaskar, forward bend, arm swing, etc. If you have any kind of health issue then always let your instructor know it. If you try yoga at home then always purchase a branded publishers yoga book or a well know yoga teacher’s video cd. Follow the instructions at the beginning of the book or the cd first.

Meditation to Start With

There is lots of yoga for beginners to start with but the best of all is meditation. In meditation, you have to sit steadily and concentrate deeply. Just 5 minutes meditation is best for the beginners.

Yoga Asanas for Beginners Are

Vriksasana or Tree Pose

In this pose, you have a stand in one fit and have to fold the other one. At the mean time, your hand should be in a namaskar pose. This asana helps you to maintain your balance and also give strength to your ankle, thigh, and calves. It makes your spine erect by increasing the strength level of the spine.


Bridge Pose or Setu Bandha Asana

Lie on the mattress and then lift up your hips portion with your bent knees. Your feet should be touches the floor and your arms should also be on the floor to provide supports. This asana will help you to increase the strength of spine, chest, and neck.


Go With the Mountain Pose or Tadasana

Tadasana improves the sense of center, mental clarity, improve your posture. The asana is very simple and best for the beginners. Just stand simply with your feet hip-width apart. Take a deep breath slowly at an even pace. You can also stretch your hand towards the sky or can do it even in prayer position.


Virabhadrasana or Warrior Pose

The warrior pose gives your leg ankle good strength. Stretch your legs three to four feet from each other. Your right foot should be at a 90-degree angle. Keep your shoulder down and stretch the hands with palm down. Just focus on your hands as long as you can.


Urdhva Mukha Savasana or Upward Facing Dog Pose

This asana is one of the easiest asanas for a beginner. Just lie down on the floor with upside down posture. Lift up your face to abs as much as you can. Your legs should be on the floor. All the supports you will get are from your palm while your hands are stretches sides of your body. This asana will stretch your spine, arms and wrist by providing good strength.

Urdhva Mukha Savasana

Here the discussion belongs to yoga for beginners. You should not need to worry what you start with. For the first time try these above-mentioned yogas gently. The mentioned yogas are not so hard for the beginners. So, just go with these easy asanas and make your body healthy and keep your mentality calm. Yoga will always take care of you for life long.

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