Find Workout Motivation Inside You

Looking for Workout Motivation? Find it Inside You.

workout motivation

Have you been planning to start working out from a long time back but didn’t even start?

Have you joined many gyms but never attended more than a month?

Do you feel that a motivation factor is missing which will make you get out of bed and run towards the gym?

Let me tell you that you are not the only one. All of us need motivation to work-out regularly.

Before we proceed ahead, let us find out the common reasons that make us feel disinclined towards working out.

Motivation is temporary. Those who depend on motivation will find it a bit difficult because as soon as the motivational force dries up, they quit. So, it’s better to have discipline, which has the power to keep you going.

We all know many reasons to work out, do yoga or to join aerobics. But still we find ourselves brooding on some silly questions which delay our plan.


workout motivation


Common questions that stop us from working out:

  • I don’t know which exercises to do.
  • I don’t have a trainer for gym workouts.
  • I don’t have any equipment.
  • I don’t want to get hurt.
  • I don’t know how to exercise – it’s complicated.

If you don’t have workout motivation, the following article will make you feel motivated to start working out from today.

Reasons to Work-out or Exercise

Exercise is an excellent way to get a strong and healthy body that also builds up your immunity. A round of workout is a great way to relax, and it also helps you in managing stress effectively.

You must remember to do different types of exercises so that all the parts of your body get enough exercise, and you are also relieved of the monotony of doing the same exercises.

Once you know all about exercising, there is no reason whatsoever to skip your workout. You can choose your style of workout and do the exercises that you like – the sky is the limit.

With all the knowledge that’s out there now about workout and exercise, there’s really no excuse for not achieving your fitness goals.

Some Friendly Exercises

The following are the best form of exercises – sprinting, jogging, walking, etc. There are many health benefits of cycling daily.

These exercises are very simple; you don’t need any gym, special equipment, trainer, or any video tutorial.

For example: For sprint, you just need to set a time, hit start, do it for 30 seconds and take a rest for 30 seconds – follow this routine for 20 minutes.

Amazing isn’t it? 30 seconds is not much of a time, and it definitely won’t hurt you.

Simple!! Isn’t it? But, even after knowing all these simple exercises, if you are still not inclined, then you must try the following tips;

Motivate Yourself to Workout

1. Talk to yourself, convince yourself and create a workout plan. 

Get up and go to the washroom or dressing room, whichever has a bigger mirror, look at you in the mirror and start talking. This might appear silly, but self-talk influences our perception positively.

Tell yourself, “I want to work out, and I’ll say no sorry to cheesecake, chocolate and ice cream.”

Or else, put on your running shoes, get outside and start sprinting, jogging, or walking (no matter how bad the weather is outside).

2. Share your feelings with others.

Once you try these exercises, share your feeling with others, (I know everyone would feel good and full of life after a workout). I am sure these happy feelings will motivate you to continue with your workout sessions.

3. Count Calories, Burn them.

Counting calories helps you lose weight and also motivates you. Moreover, you can keep a count of what you are eating and how much!

4. Don’t Quit; Go for 15 minutes

You will get the impulses to quit or bunk one day work-out but you’ll have to resist this feeling. Make sure that no matter what, you’ll work-out for at least 15 minutes daily.

5. No More Excuses! 

We all know that it is very easy to make excuses. If the weather is bad, don’t skip your workout – do some heavy house-cleaning or turn to your indoor treadmill, if you have one.

6. Don’t Search – Create it!

Your 24/7 busy schedule may leave you totally exhausted, and you may not feel like doing your quota of work out – stop searching for will power, energy, and strength – create it on your own.

Take a 10-minute brisk walk or walk your dog…

When you don’t feel like exercising, don’t do your usual exercises; try something different. Do squats, lunges, or push-ups.

7. Working out is hard, but not too hard.

Though working out may seem difficult in the beginning, give it a try, you’ll start finding it easy and enjoying it once it becomes your habit.

Do it for the immense benefits it brings – discipline, weight loss, and lean, healthy body. Now, you can flaunt your skinny jeans and look beautiful.

8. Keep a Count

Every time you are done with your workout, look at yourself in the mirror and check your weight. And your mirror will help you decide if you want to continue or not. You’ll find that exercise is itself motivating you to exercise more.

Go ahead… enhance your energy, stay in shape, look and feel fighting fit, and prolong your life span.

So, are you motivated enough to start your workout? I’ll be waiting for your comments in the section below.

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