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Word of Wisdom to Save Your Heart

1 Doctors are fire fighting with diseases all the time. What if you could get some free advice on how to live longer and healthier by taking on a different course of action, by making a few simple lifestyle changes? Doctors deliver heroic cures and help us get better with time, aiding our medical needs round the clock. Why not get to the heart of the matter and share some words of wisdom, straight from the doctors to you! Here are some life-saving Rx to help you stay healthy and have a healthy heart forever.

Are you thirty? It’s time to get a heart screening!

2 Sounds strange, but it’s true. Just because you are thirty and consider yourself young and ‘not over the hill’, it does not mean that your body is not taking a toll. While twenties are the time for the body to become fully-developed and be at its peak when it comes to health and immunity, one must take precautions when they reach thirty. Not that age has anything to do with the untimely degeneration of health but your thirties are the time when the body starts to go through hormonal changes and is more prone to showing the after effects of your lifestyle. It’s advisable to get a heart screening done at the age of thirty. There are a combination of factors that makes Indians prone to heart risks. One such important factor is a genetic predisposition. Our diet also plays a major role in the adverse effects on heart. Deep fried foods can affect the lipid metabolism which increases the risk of heart diseases. Not just this, even tobacco, a favourite of many Indians is another area of concern. Gone are the days when heart risks were common to age groups of 40 and above. With the age coming down to 20s and 30s, we Indians need to take preventive measures to get our heart checked from time to time. Lack of fitness regimes, favouring junk food chains and a sedentary lifestyle are enough to put adult at a high risk of heart diseases these days.

Get the better of your genes by outsmarting it to live healthily

3 About 25% of Indian families have a history of heart diseases which genetically puts them and their future generations at a greater risk of getting the same medical conditions. If you look at the crude generalization made by the doctors in a recent cardio study, about 25% of Indians set a bad precedent by adopting unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking, eating junk food etc. Another 25% of the Indians suffer from a genetic thread of heart malfunctions. The remaining 50% of Indians are the ones who can be called sensitors – it is their lifestyle that decides the health of their heart. Since it is almost impossible to tell which person falls in which category, the wise thing to do here is to follow a healthy lifestyle and get timely screenings of the heart. This prevents any sudden health risks and gives the person an overview of the condition of their health. As they say, it’s better to prevent a catastrophic situation than to amend it.

Use technology to the rescue

4 In this day and era of technological revolution, technology translates to an improved diagnosis of medical conditions with improved results, that too at affordable costs. Whether it is inexpensive ultrasounds, ECGs, or CT scans, it is now easier to catch heart diseases early with a few simple tests. Technology is even helping medical practices make improvements in surgeries and other major procedures – cases which seemed inoperable in the past. With the success rate of medical operations and surgeries using technological advancements, procedures are now becoming standardized while reducing the cost as well. Use technology to your benefit to catch heart risks and other diseases by getting simple tests done at the clinic. Since it is a standard procedure that doesn’t cost a bomb, you reap the advantages of cost effective results for any kind of ailments.

The White Knights To Save The Heart


These five tips can go a long way in reducing the risk to the heart

1. Say no to tobaccoCigarettes, cigars, pan

Cigarettes, cigars, pan masala, and pipes are slow poisons for your arteries and lungs. They directly affect the heart and lungs in the worst possible manner. If you really want to give your health the biggest gift ever, then say no to tobacco by quitting these unhealthy habits.

2. Move it

It doesn’t really take a genius to list the benefits of being active. Being physically energetic is the closest thing one can have to magic pills. Keeping heart risks and other chronic diseases at bay, any amount of exercise or physical activity is better than sitting on the couch.

3. Aspire for a healthy weight

Carrying extra weight around the belly can strain your heart even more and steer you towards diabetes. Losing even 5 to 10% of your weight can help you get rid of chronic ailments and help with the blood sugar and controlling the blood pressure.

4. Eat Healthy

Who said healthy food has to taste like sawdust? Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are the best additives to a healthy diet. Eat unsaturated fat and proteins as well to maintain a healthy diet. A good source of these proteins is beans, fish, nuts, and poultry, seasoned with herbs and spices.  Try and reduce the intake of processed and junk food, excessive salt, carbohydrates found in white bread, potatoes, and white rice, soda, red meat and other sweetened beverages.

5. Moderate your alcohol intake

Yes, we get it that cutting alcohol completely is a big lifestyle decision. Many of us enjoy that glass of wine on a weekend or love relaxing with friends over a glass of beer and some barbecue. If you cannot say no to alcohol, try cutting down the intake. Limiting your intake to one or two drinks per day for men and only one drink per day for women is the best way to ensure a healthy heart. With these tips and words from the wise for a healthy heart, live longer healthier fitter lives, irrespective of the age.        

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