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Why Supplements Are A Necessity?

  Ever since our childhood, all of us are taught about the endless benefits of vitamins and minerals for the proper functioning of our body. Even though most of these daily requirements are easily fulfilled from your daily diet, in many cases, there might be a deficiency in the nutrients leading to a host of health problems with ageing. Regular supplement consumption will help an individual inevitably, in fighting the joint problems, and obesity while building up a strong immunity system! If you are still wondering, whether it will benefit you or not, here are some of the reasons to kick start your daily supplement dosage.

Do you need dietary supplements?

2If you possess a healthy body, and consume an array of nutritious items, including boiled veggies, fruits, whole grains, fish, lean meats, fibres coupled with sufficient water, you probably will not require the health supplements as a necessity. However, if you are not sure of your daily consumption, it is always better to start taking the herbal health supplements from an early stage, so as to avoid the common problems that are accompanied by ageing. Moreover, you must not skip the supplements, if you are: ·         A vegetarian and your regular diet has limited variations available; ·         If you consume abnormally less than about 1600 calories daily; Apart from overcoming the consequences of ageing, the supplements might also come handy under severe health conditions; for example, one may consider iron supplements to combat the problems of heavy menstrual bleeding. Consuming Vitamin B complex supplements after 50s is also a commendable option since the body loses the capability to absorb the necessary nutrients with the passage of time.

Supplements: An Indispensable Part of our Daily Life!

It is needless to say, that the body building supplements are specially designated to strengthen the overall process of body building, simply because the intense workout sessions require excessive energy to push the limits and to achieve the desirable targets in limited time span. As a result, the intense workout sessions demands extra vitamins and minerals to make up for the deficiency and a smoother muscle growth. Similarly, in case of an ordinary individual too, health supplements and vitamin tablets are necessary for the following reasons:

The Soils are drained of the Nutrients:

In most of the cases, the food, that we consume today have been reared on the same land space for about 100 years. In order to meet the supply demand, most of the farmers across the globe tend to use the soil, all around the year, making it inevitable for the soil to lack even the basic nutrients embedded within; and even if they are present, they are bound to be abnormally low in proportions!

Long distance Transportation, and storing the products For Long Time:

3 Even if it is considered that the average distance, between the market and the production farm, is not very lengthy by nature, the fresh vegetables and fruits will take more time to reach the shopping malls and wait till you buy them.  Besides, these days it is practically impossible for an individual to go to the local markets on a daily basis to purchase the fresh items. Storing the items, for future usage thus, destroys the remaining nutritious value from them. Experts suggest that the vitamins and minerals tend to be depleted almost readily from the fruits and vegetables after being harvested and the excessive lengthy procedure between production and consumption leads to the diminishing of the notorious value of the items you consume to the minimum level.

The Consequences of Intense Workouts and Weight Loss Sessions:

4Any individual, involved in workout sessions and weight training programs, certainly need a lot of extra nutrients to recover relatively faster. The protein reservoirs of the human body, are largely used up during the weight training to generate the necessary energy for proper functioning of the body. This is why, the majority of the health conscious youth across the growth tend to opt for the vitamin tablets and protein shakes after the workouts to achieve the overall target of weight loss. On the other hand, an individual suffering from obesity, should also consider the herbal supplements, so as to regain the power to burn the extra calories that might have dropped the metabolism of the body.

Overcooking of food:

It is a known fact, that the fresh fruits and veggies should be ideally consumed raw so as to avoid the depletion of the vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. Unfortunately, almost all of us crave for overcooked or junk foods, leaving almost no nutrients left for the body to combat with the health hazards.

Environmental Toxins: The Unavoidable Elements of our environment:

In the mechanical age, the human bodies come across the toxins in almost every way. The petroleum products exhaust from the vehicles as well as the industrial solvents are bound to create the harmful chemical residues within our body. The only possible way to combat with environmental toxins is nutrients! The more the human body gets the seamless supply of nutrients, the more it can deal easily with the toxins and stay healthy, despite coming across the harmful environment pollutants.

Stress, Hectic Schedules and Insomnia:

Researchers, across the globe, suggest that about 30% of the adult population suffers from chronic stress, and it has become a part and parcel of our daily life! This is apparently another reason that justifies the importance of supplements, in today’s world: 1.    In the first place, stress and insomnia tends to drain away some of the vital nutrients from our body, leading to difficulty in digestion or absorption of other nutrients as well as serious problems in the nervous system. 2.    Secondly, consumption of health supplements, tend to reduce the stress and anxiety manifold, by affecting the levels of body hormones. As a result, one can focus more in the professional life, and manage their tasks in an efficient way. Thus, consuming the necessary health supplements by consulting a health professional, from an early stage helps to make up for the gap in the nutrient absorption of the body and thus function in a smoother way.  

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