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11 Reasons Why Chocolate is So Healthy

11 Reasons Why Chocolate is So Healthy

Are you worried that eating chocolate will make you gain weight and have a bad effect on your lifestyle? Well then, think again! Chocolate lovers can now rejoice as chocolate is one of the best things to eat according to many scientific studies. If you are worried about gaining weight, then you will be happy to know that people who have chocolate on a daily basis will have a lower body mass index. Apart from that, chocolate has many other health benefits as well. Among the different types of chocolates, dark chocolate is the best option. There are many advantages of chocolate.

Here are the top 11 reasons why you should incorporate some chocolate as a dessert in your daily life.


Chocolate strengthens your brain- a brainy treat


One of the biggest benefits of chocolate is that it helps to strengthen your brain. The brain is the main organ in the body that performs all the different functions in the body. Intake of chocolate basically helps to create a strong blood flow in an individual’s central cerebral portion. The flavanols in chocolate dilate the blood vessels thus allowing easy blood flow and carrying much oxygen to the brain. The general health of the person’s brain depends on the amount of blood it gets. So having chocolates help the brain to develop better as the blood flow to the brain increases.


Chocolate also helps in the memory capacity of an individual. It has been proved that people who eat a lot of chocolates are more likely to have a better long-term memory that people who do not eat chocolate. It also helps in maths which is a major benefit for children. Chocolate contains a lot of flavanols that help kids to solve maths problems better.

Chocolate helps to improve blood flow- a flowy advantage


Chocolate contains flavanols that help to regulate your blood flow. The blood flow of the body has an effect on a lot of things. If we talk about the exterior appearance itself, the blood flow in the body has an effect on the quality of your skin and hair. When you have a good and smooth blood flow, you will have very clear and glowing skin. Interrupted blood flow causes skin irruptions and blotches on the face. It also has an effect on the quality of your hair. Good blood flow to the scalp with help you to have a good hair growth.

Now talking about the internal organs, a smooth blood flow will ensure that all your organs work smoothly. So by having chocolate you can ensure you are less likely to have a stroke of any form. Chocolate also helps you to have a better digestive system. It has a good effect on your overall health. A good and regulated blood flow is the main requirement for a good and healthy lifestyle. So having a few pieces of chocolate after a meal is no more a bad idea.

Chocolate protects skin

Dark chocolates consist of flavonoids that protect our skin from the harmful UV rays from the Sun.

Chocolate reduces cough

Chocolate consists of a chemical theobromine that controls the vagus nerve in our brain that is responsible for a cough. So, if you have a cough, then you can have some chocolates to control it.

Chocolate is good for a bad mood and relieves stress- a mood fighter


Dark chocolate is great in controlling moods. It is said that chocolate contains flavanols that help us feel the same feelings of being in love. It helps in the release of certain hormones like endorphins and enzymes in the body that make us feel happier and more content. Chocolate is one of the best natural remedies for depression. It also helps to provide the body with a lot of energy that can be used to divert our minds by performing a lot of activities.

Chocolate is a good form of anti-depressant as it helps to regulate mood swings as well. If you are feeling particularly low, a piece or two of chocolate can help you to feel better. It helps the brain to stimulate some hormones in the body that are known as happy hormones. These hormones help you to feel a bit lighter and thus it makes you believe that you are happy. Thus having chocolates is a great way to fight mood swings and bad moods.

Chocolate helps to have a healthier heart and prevents cancer- a happy heart solution


It has been scientifically proved that blood clots much lesser in people who consume chocolates than in individuals who do not eat chocolates. Blood clots are one of the biggest reasons for heart problems. If you consume some chocolate on a daily basis, you are likely to stay safe from heart attacks. One of the biggest reasons for a heart attack is when your blood gets stuck in valves. But since chocolate helps to regulate the blood flow in your body, there are lower chances for you to face such a problem. Chocolate reduces the LDL or bad cholesterol level and increases the good cholesterol HDL level in the body. Thus the chances of heart-related ailments are reduced if chocolates are consumed daily. The polyphenols in dark chocolates help in keeping our heart healthy.

It also contains a lot of antioxidants that is good for the heart as well. But the best part about these anti-oxidants is that it helps to prevent cancer. It has been proved that people who consume chocolate are less likely to get cancer than people who do not consume any chocolate. This is one of the biggest health benefits of chocolate.

Controls anger and fatigue

Chocolate releases the calming chemical endorphin that helps in reducing stress and anxiety. Plus chocolates are high in magnesium. But never indulge too much in having chocolates, then you may face the side effects like bloating, diabetes, etc.

Chocolate improves eye-sight


According to Journal- Physiology, and Behavior, chocolate strengthens blood flow to the retina and brain, thus improving our eyesight. Due to the presence of Flavanol, the blood vessels are dilated, and blood flow in retina and brain is increased.

Chocolate is good during pregnancy


Chocolate contains theobromine that prevents preeclampsia, which is a common complication seen in pregnant ladies. The darker the chocolate will be, the function will be much higher.

Chocolate helps to reduce your appetite- no more hungry you be

From research, it is found that chocolate can reduce your appetite up to 17%. Thus, if you consume dark chocolate before a meal, then your appetite will be reduced, and you will have less food thus reducing the chances of weight gain.

Chocolate helps to live longer- grow old with chocolate

Chocolate has a good effect on the life expectancy rate as well. Daily consumption of chocolate can add to around 2 years to your life. It has been proven that people who eat chocolates have a higher chance of having a healthy and long life than people who do not have any chocolate consumption. Chocolate not only lets you live longer but also makes you stay happier. Having chocolate can help to prevent things like heart attacks, strokes, and cancer which are common causes of death. So having chocolate every day can be a very good thing.

Thus, chocolate is a good food for a healthy lifestyle. But make sure you do not go on a sudden chocolate binge as most of the chocolate you find in the stores contain a lot of sugar. Chocolate or cocoa in the natural form has all these different benefits. So make sure you consume chocolates in a way that the health benefits of chocolates are not squashed by the negative effects of the processed chocolates.

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