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What Is The Best Diet For A Diabetic To Go On?

diet for diabetes
In India diabetes is not an unknown term these days, the frequency of diabetes is rising at an alarming rate. A metabolic state wherein the blood sugar levels rise above the average count is one of the easier explanations for diabetes. However, there is the number of other implications and effects of this disease one of them being a low insulin count. With a steady increase in the count of diabetics across the globe, the diagnosis of it is a wake up call for most people.

What Is Diabetes?

It is important for a person with diabetes to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle, and that is where food plays a significant part. I kept down a couple of dos and don’ts to keep your blood sugar level in check and live a life that is not managed by diabetes. These small things may make a big difference in your life! Wheat Fiber Foods Consume fibre rich food such as wheat bran, oats, green peas and bitter gourd to make up for the lack of other types of vitamins and minerals .Add fruits with less natural sugar in your regular diet. Fruits such as papaya, guavas and also apples are great for diabetics. Consume small meals at daily intervals as an erratic meal schedules results in erratic blood sugar levels. Avoid consuming starchy saturated food, packaged food that contain trans fats and foods with high sugar content. Avoid consuming and smoking as much as possible. However an occasion glass of wine here and there should do fine only if your sugar level allows. Work out daily and religiously as maintain a slim and fit body is very important to control diabetes. Be aware and modernize– Stay informed about your state. The kind of diabetes you have, easier things you can do to improve your condition and most importantly always monitor your blood sugar levels. Never skip your regular dose of medication. Maintain a food journal and keep track of what you consume and when. This will do you more best than you can think. The symbol for World’s Diabetes day is a blue circle. The symbol goes superbly well with the message for the day. In many cultures across the universe, a circle is a representation of life and good health. The colour blue is the colour of the United Nations flag and signifies the sky that unites us all. Hence this blue circle symbol aims at uniting people worldwide to strongly overcome this pandemic!

Don’t you denounce sugar and rice as soon as your sugar levels shoot up?

However, diet for diabetes is much more than restricting sugar and rice.

You may still crave for ice creams, chocolates, pizza or burger, but diabetes must be making you think that all this food items are completely taken away from your list for life long, am I right?

However, if you are following a proper well balanced diet for 6 days a week, you can easily treat yourself for 1 day.

Yes, you heard it right; you can eat one meal of your choice. The same follows even for the non-vegetarians

In this article, I’ll be sharing 2 sample menus with you, one for vegetarians and the other for non-vegetarians.

These are the generalized balanced diet for diabetes, sugar peasant, which will help you maintain the diabetes normal range without fearing of any side effects. We will help to prepare a diet chart for sugar control.

Consuming non-veg for diabetes is considered harmful, but minimal amounts can be eaten as shown in the following diabetic diet chart.

1. Early Morning

1 tsp. of methi seeds (soaked overnight, gulp the seeds with water)

(You can take one fenugreek capsule per day as an alternative)

2. Breakfast

1 glass buttermilk + 1 bowl Oats/Broken wheat (daliya)

3. Mid-morning

1 fruit (As per the list given below). Make sure you are eating fruits properly.

4. Lunch

1 whole cucumber + 1 onion + 1 Chapatti (No ghee) + 1 cup vegetables (As per the list given) + 1 cup dal (less oil) + ½ cup brown rice

5.Afternoon (2 hours post lunch)

1 cup green tea + 1 tsp. flaxseeds roasted and grinded (Omega 3, 6, 9 veg capsules can be used as an alternative)

6. Evening Snack

4 almonds + 2 walnuts + 1 bowl of boiled sprouts

7.Dinner (Before 8 pm)

1 cup bottle guard + coriander soup + ½ cup brown rice + 1 cup veg (As per the list given) + ½ cup curd

8. Bedtime

1 cup Milk with a pinch of cinnamon powder

Diabetic Control Diet: Non-Vegetarian Diet Chart

Follow the diabetic diet chart for better results:

1. Early Morning

1 tsp. of methi seeds (soaked overnight, Gulp the seeds with water)

(You can take one fenugreek capsule each day as an alternative)

2. Breakfast

1 cup green tea + 2 egg whites + 1 yolk omelette + 1 slice multigrain bread

3. Mid-Morning

1 fruit (As per the list given)

4. Lunch

1 whole cucumber + 1 onion + 1 Chapatti (No ghee) + 1 cup vegetables (As per the list given) + 1-2 pc of boiled fish/chicken

5. Afternoon (2 hrs. post lunch)

1 cup green tea +1 tsp. flaxseeds roasted and grinded  (Fish oil Capsules can be used as an alternative)

6. Evening Snack

4 almonds + 2 walnuts + 2 egg whites boiled

7. Dinner (Before 8 pm)

1 cup bottle guard + coriander soup + ½ cup brown rice + 1 cup veg (As per the list given) + ½ cup curd

8. Bedtime

1 cup Milk with a pinch of cinnamon powder

Diet Instructions For Diabetes

Foods Allowed In Unlimited Amounts

Follow the vegetarian diet chart for diabetic patient for sugar control to stay healthy & fit.

  1. Raw salads like tomato, onion, cucumber, cabbage, carrot, capsicum, lettuce, etc.
  2. Clear soups (No corn flour or butter or seasonings)
  3. Thin buttermilk made from 1 part skimmed milk-curd + 3 parts water
  4. Dal water
  5. Plain soda
  6. Unsweetened lime juice
  7. Unsweetened gelatine
  8. Natural spices, ginger, garlic, mint, coriander, etc.
  9. Have a minimum of 8-10 glasses of plain water per day

Foods Allowed In Moderation/Prescribed Amounts

  1. Cereals like chapatti, rice, jowar, bajra, nachni, etc.
  2. Cereals – pulse combination like idlis, dhokla, khichdi, dal-dhokli, thali peeth etc.
  3. Legumes like dal and pulses
  4. Skimmed milk, paneer.
  5. 1-2 fruits from the permissible fruit list
  6. White meats like fish or chicken (without skin)
  7. Refined oil as a cooking medium. Pressure cook vegetables and then season in a broad based pan
  8. Legumes like dal and pulses
  9. Skimmed milk, paneer.
  10. 1-2 fruits from the permissible fruit list12. White meats like fish or chicken (without skin)
  11. Refined oil as a cooking medium. Pressure cook vegetables and then season in a broad based pan.

Fruits For Diabetics

Foods To Be Avoided

The following is a vegetarian diet chart for diabetic patient

  1. Sugar, glucose, jaggery, honey, sweet and /or cream-biscuits, ice-cream, sweets, cakes, chocolates, pastries, jam, jellies, proprietary drinks, sherbets, etc.
  2. Fried items like farsan (sev, gathia, vada, kachori, etc.), butter, cream of milk, cheese, mayonnaise, Khari biscuits, coconuts, groundnuts, dry fruits, egg yolk, fried fish, fried chicken, mutton, organ meats. Non-veg for diabetes is slightly harmful.
  3. Oily pickles, fried papad.
  4. Cold drinks, hard drinks, sherbets, proprietary drinks.
  5. Fruits like Banana, mango, chiku, custard apple, fruit juice, fruit milk shakes, coconut water.
  6. Vegetables like Potato, sweet potato, yam, colocasia, tapioca, raw banana
  7. Sabu dana arrowroot

List Of Fruits For Diabetics

Amla 4-5 nos. Orange 1 medium
Apple 1 medium/100gms. Papaya 2 small wedges
Cherries 10 nos. Peach 1 medium
Dates(fresh) 4 nos. Pear 1 small
Fig(fresh) 1-2 medium Pineapple 2 slices
Grapes 10-12 nos. Plums 2 medium
Guava 1 small Strawberries 6 nos.
Jackfruit 2-3 pieces Sweet lime ½ medium size(100 grams)
Jamun 10 small Watermelon 2 big wedges
Melon 1 big slice Pomegranate ½ medium size (100 gm.)
Litchi 10 nos.

Points To Consider While Eating Fruits

  • 1-2 fruits, in the prescribed amounts, are permitted per day.
  • Whenever possible, do not remove the skin of the fruits.
  • Keep a minimum gap of 2 hrs. Before/after food, while having a fruit.
  • Eat slowly, chewing each morsel of your food/fruits.
  • Avoid having fruit juices/fruit milk shakes/coconut water.

Special Instructions

Follow the diet chart for sugar control recommended by the nutrionists.

  • Use a minimum amount of oils while cooking food. Prefer methods like baking, roasting, boiling, etc. Boil vegetables in a pressure cooker and then give in the seasoning. Also remember to inculcate the habit of eating vegetables in kids because they have the threat of genetic diabetes.
  • Boil the milk, cool, refrigerate, remove the cream layer. Repeat the procedure twice before using for tea, coffee, curds, buttermilk, paneer, etc.
  • Soak 2 teaspoons of methi seeds overnight in a cup of water. Consume before breakfast. Similarly, soak the 2 teaspoons methi seeds in the morning in a cup of water and consume before dinner.

Follow the above diet chart for 6 days every week and eat your favorite cuisine on the 7th day without getting tensed about a hike in your sugar levels in diabetes, sugar peasant. Isn’t it a golden deal?

We I’m doing out bit by providing you a few recipes that will aid you to keep diabetes in check without missing out on some lip smacking yummy food and some great diwali recipes! Diwali Sweets Diwali is one of the most widely celebrated Indian festivals, it is commemorated to celebrate the homecoming of Lord Rama with his wife goddess Sita and brother Laxmana, after 14 years of exile. The preparations for one of the most important festivals in the Hindu calender are on in full swing, from purchasing new clothes to purchasing interesting Diwali gifts for friends and also for family memebers – one can’t help but observe the festive spirit. Sweets play an essential role in almost every festival in India. During Diwali, people indulge in and distribute yummy sweets like kaju katli, besan laddoo, coconut laddoo or dry fruits based mithai. While everyone’s merry making and also pleasing their sweet tooth, people who are suffering from diabetes have to be an extra cautious when it comes to their sweet intake. What if we were to tell you that you can enjoy Diwali celebrations along with you share of sweet treats? Being diabetic does not mean that you have to give up on consuming sweets completely. Choose carefully and limit your portions. Desserts made at the best. Don’t utilize full-fat milk if you’re preparing sweets at home. Also, replace sugar with few natural sweeteners such as jaggery and also dates. Here are few sugar-free dessert choices you can try at home for your Diwali celebrations.

Here Are Few Diwali Healthy Recipes!!

1. Ragi Coconut Ladoo (Ragi Coconut Laddu) Recipe

Ragi Coconut Ladoo An extremely popular dish found in India, Ragi Coconut Ladoo is nutritionally high due to the large protein and mineral value present in its main ingredient, Ragi. Here’s a yummy ladoo recipe from the wholesome, healthy produced with coconut, jaggery and also crunchy peanuts.

Ingredients Of Ragi Coconut Ladoo (Laddu) Are

  • 1 Cup Finger millet flour (ragi)
  • 1/4 Cup Peanuts, roasted
  • 1/4 Cup Coconut, grated
  • 1/4 Cup Jaggery, powdered
  • A pinch of Salt

How To Make Ragi Coconut Ladoo (Laddu)?

1.Take the flour and salt in a small bowl and sprinkle water little by little whilst combining it but breaking them into crumbs as you keep mixing. 2.Combine in the coconut. Steam the mixture with coconut for 10-15 minutes. 3.Lay the whole mixture onto a tray and let it cool for sometime. 4.Mix the jaggery with the flour mixture and peanuts. 5.Roll them into lemon-sized balls and devour!

2. Ragi Malpua Recipe

Ragi Malpua This is a traditional recipe for malpua uses refined flour. This recipe utilizes ragi flour, atta and oats. Wholesome and guilt free.

Ingredients Of Ragi Malpua

For the malpua:
  • 4 Tbsp Ragi atta
  • Rice bran oil per malpua
  • 2 Tbsp Whole wheat atta
  • 1 Tbsp Oats (ground)
  • To taste Freshly ground sugar
  • A few tablespoons of milk
  • Pomegranates, to garnish
For the filling:
  • 2 Tbsp Coconut, grated
  • 2 tsp Organic honey
  • 2 tsp Melon seeds
  • 2 tsp green cardamom powder

How To Make Ragi Malpua?

For the filling: 1.Dry roast melon seeds combine with grated coconut for 2 to 3 minutes. Turn off the heat. 2.Include cardamom powder and honey. Mix well. For the malpua: 1.Combine all the flours and add milk to form a runny paste. Then include the ground sugar. Whisk again. 2.Now take rice bran oil in a flat pan. Take a good quantity of the malpua batter and pour it in the center. Let it brown, and wait till the edges come away a bit. Then flip it and brown the other side. 3.Take it off the pan before it gets too crisp, or it won’t fold. 4.Pack in the coconut mixture. 5.Garnish with blood red pomegranates. 6.Serve.

3. Two In One Phirni (Sugar Free)

Two In One Phirni


  • Skimmed milk – 5 cups (1 litre)
  • Chhoti elaichi, seeds only, crushed – 6
  • Artificial Sweetener – ¾ cup
  • Rice – 1/3 cup (60 g), soaked in hot water for 40 minutes
  • Greeen color to taste
  • Pista, blanched and ground to a paste – 2 tablespoons (40 g)
  • Almonds, blanched and shredded – 10
  • Rose Essence – ¼ tsp
  • Vark (silver leaf) to garnish (optional)


1. Place the rice in a mixer, with a little bit of the milk and mix fine. 2. Bring the milk to a boil, in a heavy- bottomed sauce pan. Include the ground rice and bring to a boil again. 3. Decrease the heat and simmer, mixing all the time, till the whole thing becomes one well blended mass. Takes about 30-35 mins (to test, you can drop a spoon full, let it cool and check to see if it sets ). 4. Shut off the heat, and include the cardamom and sweetener. 5. Divide the phirni into two and unite the pista paste to one portion and the rose essence to the other half portion. 6. Pour the white phirni into the decorated serving bowl and refrigerate to set (you can place the dish in the freezer compartment for a little  while to hasten the setting of it), leaving the other half at room temperature When the white set of portion, pour the green portion over it, cover with the vark, now garnish with the almonds and leave refrigerated to set. Serve it  chilled.

4. Custard Apple Kheer

Custard Apple Kheer

Ingredients Are:

  • 5 nos – Custard Apple, large
  • 100 gms – Jaggery
  • A pinch Cardamom powder
  • 1 tbsp – Pistachios flakes
  • 1 cup – Broken green gram, roasted
  • 1 cup – Coconut Milk
  • 1 tbsp – Almond flakes
  • 3-4 cups – Water

How To Prepare Custard Apple Kheer?

1. Clean and peel the custard apple, dividing the seeds and pulp. 2. Remove the seeds and store the pulp in refrigerated state. 3. In a pressure cooker, keep the roasted green gram and add 3 cups water, cook it till soft and also mashy. 4. In a nonstick pan keep the jaggery and cardamom powder and cook till the jaggrey melts. 5. Add the cooked green gram and also custard apple pulp to the jiggery mixture combine well, add coconut milk. Bring to a boil. 6. Garnish with nuts serve chilled. Tip: Using Khajoor ka gur instead of sugar cane jaggery, gives good texture and taste to the kheer.

5. Sandesh Recipe

Sandesh Recipe Bengal’s super hit sweet, made with sweetened cottage cheese and flavored with cardamom and kesar.

Ingredients Of Sandesh

  • 150 gm paneer (cottage cheese)
  • 1/2 cup khoya – grated
  • 4 green cardamom – crushed
  • Large pinch of kesar (saffron)
  • 6 Tbsp sugar / gur
  • 6 almonds – shredded thin lengthwise.

How To Make Sandesh?

1.Mix the paneer, khoya and also sugar/gur together till smooth. You can do this in a mixture  or use the back of a katori to mash them together. 2.Combine in the elaichi and set in a layer about 1/2″ thick. 3.Refrigerate till set and cut into squares or diamonds and then serve. Above all are the yummy and healthy diwali recipes everyone must try on auspicious day to enjoy the treat. Along with preparing sweets and also other food items carefully, calculating the regular intake of calories on the Diwali day will also aid you enjoy with full vigour and enthusiasm. You will be preparing all the sweets utilizing artificial sweeteners but try to avoid artificial sweeteners as much as you can. Consult your healthcare professional regarding the intake of artificial sweeteners and take health tips from your doctor on sweet consumption on Diwali.

84 thoughts on “What Is The Best Diet For A Diabetic To Go On?

  1. malik says:

    I am a diabetes patient.
    taking diamicron 60 1 in morning and 1 at before dinner.sugar is in control now.but I want to control it without medician.plz tell me how?
    my weight is increasing.i am now 95 KG .also vitamin D deficiency .please suggest me what to do.
    thanks a lot

  2. risdut8770 says:

    Hello Muktaji, Need your help. Last Week i did my FBS and PPBS Test. The Result where not good at all. FBS: 226 and PPBS: 237. I want to get it down.

    I had stopped eating Rice items etc… i am doing Night Shift (5:00 PM to 3:00 AM) post 3 AM i go to office gym for around 2 hours regularly from past 6 to 7 Months.

    I am unable to loss weight. I am having 2 Rotis (Mixed flour Ragi+Wheat flour (Aashirwad)+ Jowar Flour along with Dal / any vegetable.

    May i request you to please help me to understand how to reduce my FBS and PPBS. My age is 40, Height 165 CM. Weight: 83 KG. I am Obese with BMI: 30.5

    Awaiting for your positive reply.


    • Mukta Agrawal says:

      Hi Rishi, I will surely help you I am sending you a small form in your email id please check and fill the same. After getting your complete details I will design a diet for you and also suggest supplements.

      • Gender
      • Height
      • Weight
      • Medical Problems if any
      • Medications
      • Veg/Non-veg
      • Purpose of Diet Chart
      • Contact details

      Please mail these details at updates@inlifehealthcare.com

  3. Anushka singh says:

    hello ma’am it seems good diet plan but I am confused that whether it should be followed by my father or not. I want to mail his report kindly give me your mail id

  4. Shiwani says:

    Hello mam ..this article is really very helpful.thanks for the article
    Mam, my mother is dibetic..can she take milk and curd ?pls suggest me how much she should take per day

    • Mukta Agrawal says:

      hi Shiwani firstly thanks for liking the article, yes your mother can take milk and curd but then always keep in mind all diabetics are not same if your mother is having diabetes for more then 5 years then you need to check her kidney (Serum creatinine levels) and accordingly decide how much curd and milk we can give, to be on save side you can give 1 cup curd and 200 ml milk per day

  5. Kishalaya says:

    Hi ! I followed this diet for my 20 year old daughter for a week . She was diagnosed with LADA last month after a regular check up for weight loss . No other symptoms of diabetes as such. She was already underweight and has lost 2 kgs more. Doctor has told her to increase her intake for eg 2 chapatis and not cut down too much on fats or non veg. How do I do this balancing calories. She was very hungry all the time when I was following the above diet and used to say each meal was not enough . She is very athletic, plays , does yoga aerobics etc. So this diet seems deficient for her. Kindly suggest how to modify it.

    • Mukta Agrawal says:

      Hello Kishalaya, Please try and understand all diabetics are not same and even the age and type of diabetes does matter to design a specific diet chart for a person, I would suggest you consult a local dietitian in your area as she/he will be the right person who will judge the requirement of the child and will also go through all reports and prepare a perfect diet chart. As per now, you can Do modifications in the same diet like increase the number of Egg whites, sprouts, fruits, roasted makhana (if hungry), salads, veg soup. plain curds

  6. Pavan says:

    Hi Mukta,

    I am recently diagnosed with pre-diabetes. Please find the below report. Could you please help me with the diet chart.

    GLUCOSE-Fasting – 92 mg/dl
    GLUCOSE – PP – 96 mg/dl
    HbA1c – 6.1

    Will i be able to Prevent for diabetes?


  7. Rizwan Shaikh says:

    HI Mukta ,

    I was diagnose recently with pancreatic and develop diabetes, my before breakfast BG is 150 and after eating its go to 225, sometime spike more. is this is normal also will this type of diabetes will go after time and also diet plan . I am a non vegetarian and non alcoholic.


    Rizwan Shaikh

    • Mukta Agrawal says:

      Hi Rizwan I am sorry but it is not correct to comment on this as per now whether it will be cured completely as due to pancreatitis which happens when there is Damage to insulin-producing cells in your pancreas from chronic pancreatitis can lead to diabetes, a disease that affects the way your body uses blood sugar.As per now the best thing you need to do is control your blood sugar levels and follow a healthy diet

  8. Shinu says:

    How much in grams is 1/2 cup brown rice and whether it is cooked or uncooked. Can I replace it with quinoa or oatmeal? Thank you.

    • Mukta Agrawal says:

      Hi Shinu if you are taking 1/2 cup cooked brown rice then it will be 15gm raw and yes you can replace the same with quinoa and oats

  9. Vimla says:

    Dear Mukta,

    My age is 36, height 5.4 and weight 59. My sugar level is 95 and my hba1c is 5.5. I want control my sugar before it raised. How…plz guide…..I am working.

  10. kavita says:

    hello mukta ji i am kavita actually i want your suggestion for my husband he has types 2 diabities last 8 years . but problem is that he is not having any medication he has always problem with any kind of medication with excuse rigth now his hb1ac is 10.2 generally is fasting b.s is around 300-380. last month he was is icu because diagnosed of kitoses
    but after all this issue he can go with diet what ever i gave him he is having without any excuse his 43 years hand hight is 5.3 weight is 50 kg i tell yout that what iam given him

    morning 1 glass of nml water
    than after 20 minutes 4-5 makhane and almonds earlyer bhindi ka pani/methi ka pani

    than omlet of 2 egg with 2 slice/sandwich/basan chilla with regular tea

    than 1 kiwi / pomegranate ( mid day)

    lunch 2 plain chappati with veg+ curd+ salad

    around 4 o clock green tea/lemon water

    evening regular tea with / sprouts/boils corn/basan chiila/ rawa dosa/ omlet/with bread

    dinner broken wheat salty or just with milk/oats

    after all this his blood sugar is high so pls suggest me the right diet according to your my last hope

    • Mukta Agrawal says:

      Dear Kavita See when it comes to diet what you are giving is also not wrong except kiwi/pomegranate give him apple or papaya and yes medication he has to take as the sugar levels are so high that with only diet we just can not control the same.
      Take him to a good diabetlogist and start his medication immediately
      Also you can refer the diet given in this article and make the necessary changes
      But repeating my self medication he has to take.

    • Multa Agrawal says:

      Hi John Yes it can be normalize with multiple approach

      Oral hypoglycemic medication
      Diet chart
      Along with Health supplements

      1.Inlife Gymnema Sylvestre

      2. Inlife karela capsules

  11. nutan tripathi says:

    Hi Mukta,

    I m having hypothyroid from past 12 years due to this i m unable to control my weight, (currently i m 80 kg, height 5.2 and age 36) can u please suggest a diet chart for me.
    Most of the time i feel exhausted and also having low levels of calcium, vitamin D and also i am anemic. ( Blessed with two kids for your reference)

    Medication i had been taking for the above problems i.e 50 mcg of thyronorm daily once in the morning, DV60K weekly once for vitamin D, Reosto daily twice for calcium and Primrose capsule daily once for PMS. ( My menstrul cycle is normal and i am vegetarian )

    Kindly request you to share a diet chart for my condition as mentioned.

    Do let me know if you need any additional information.

    Thanks and Regards

  12. nutan tripathi says:

    Gone through the diet chart, its great and will certainly follow for the next few months to see the results and will update you Mukthaji.

    Appreciate the kind of service u r doing , keep up the good work.Really we need people like you in our society.Good bless you.

    Nutan Tripathi

  13. Shilpee says:

    Hello Ma’am, my hubby 39 yr old is hypertensive and takes medicine for the same twice a day. Now he has been detected with type 2 diabetes as well. He readings were 160 fasting.
    He is not quite active and also enjoys drinking almost daily along with outside food too sometimes.
    Will only change in lifestyle and diet plan recover his diabetes? Or medication is essential. He is quite saddened with the reports and says he doesn’t want to have any medicines for this. Pls suggest.

    • Mukta Agrawal says:

      HI Shilpee I feel the major change in lifestyle can surely help him we can be very strict for 3 months and then again check his sugar levels and repeat- Sugar fasting, post lunch sugar and HbA1C(3 months sugar control)
      Tell him to follow this diet chart very seriously and also start giving him Fenugreek seeds soaked overnight 1 tsp and he should gulp the seeds with same water- 2 times a day early morning and bedtime

  14. Tarak Nath Ganguly says:

    I am diabetic but quite controlled at this moment. I don’t eat suger but can’t avoid eating potato. Every day I am eating two big size potato’s. I observed , i have been gaining weight 10 kgs since last one year. The day my bood sugar level was normal, I started gaining weight. From tomorrow morning I will follow strictly you described diet chart for non veg to control my weight gain.

  15. Neesu says:

    Hi Mukta, I remember asking you a diet chart for my diabetic husband earlier but could not provide you his BMI. I am happy to see this diet plan now and will surely make him follow this.
    will share you feedback as soon as I see some results…

    and yes! I am still using your diet plan which you gave me 8 months ago in July…..It has now became a kinda routine for life for me. I loved it and always wanted a diet chart like this….THANK YOU so much

    I have lost 6-7 kgs since then; a steady weight loss and I am able to maintain that…more than the weight I happy about the FAT loss I am experiencing..

    Credit goes to ONLY YOU!

    Thank you so much!

    • Mukta Agrawal says:

      I am glad neesu that you happy with diet plan and my good wishes will always be there for you, surely give this diet plan to your husband and I am sure it will help him waiting for your feedback , do take care

    • Mukta Agrawal says:

      Radish is something you can have in more amounts but again cant say unlimited as anything iun excess can cause some or other trouble

  16. shweta p says:

    hi mam I’m 25 yr old from Karnataka. can pls suggest me some south Indian diet food.. at night I’m having ragi dosa but after 2hours my SL is 200

  17. Firoz says:

    Hello Mam,
    I am looking for a complete diet chart for a diabetes patient.aged 45 years.Please Help me out of this.if possible please E-mail on my E-mail ID.
    i will be obliged.
    Thank You

  18. Rahul says:

    My Sugar Level is 157. Is this level of sugar is dangerous or still oky. I m very much fond of Chicken, could i eat roasted and butter chicken.

    • Mukta Agrawal says:

      Hi rohit if you are having so high sugar ideally No alcohol should be permitted but still if you are too much addicted then 60 ml once a week

    • Mukta Agrawal says:

      Hi Ishaanth the list of vegetables is not needed as all the vegetables are allowed in diabetes and you can eat 3-4 servings per day and in the list of avoided things, list of vegetables are also given which need to be avoided

  19. Vybhav says:

    Thank you very much for sharing this diet plan ma’am. This’ll be followed by my mother. The doctor has suggested to follow a very low carb & a very low fat diet & I’m not sure if this plan suits the requirement. Pls let me know if following this plan shall suffice the need or not. Because, sometimes (rarely though) my moms sugar level shoots to 340 level (post food consumption) though she’s following a medium carb & fat diet (traditional south Indian dishes like chapati, dosa, idly, two varieties of water soaked sprouted dal like greengram, dal fry, radish/drumstick/brinjal/leafy/etc. curries) & after taking the tablets, numbers drop. This plan of your’s seems to be the perfect one but still, can you pls update me whether this plan can be followed by her or should there be any further changes made to this plan to fit the bill?? Thanks in advance & appreciate your work here..

    • Mukta Agrawal says:

      Hi Vybhav this plan is perfect but you need to see that she does not skip the meals nor she overdo on the same. Timings and quantity is very important.

  20. Deepak Shukla says:

    I just want to know that is diabetes reversible. That is, if I do brisk walking everyday for 40 minutes and follow sugar free diet, can my diabetes condition return back to normal condition after a certain period of time ?

    • Mukta Agrawal says:

      Yes, brisk walking for 40 minutes everyday and sugar free diet will help you to slow or stop the progress of diabetes.while certain lifestyle changes are key to managing Diabetes, whether you can actually turn back time so that it’s like you never had diabetes is a different matter. With good diet, medications and exercise you can control your blood sugar levels.

    • Mukta Agrawal says:

      Dear Madhu this is the best diet chart which you can follow and you can include a high protein + low carb snack in mid morning and also reduce the carb content in your breakfast most probably the pp should come low

  21. Jayeeta Ray says:

    Thank u for the diet plan. I got diagnosed with diabetes three days ago and was searching for a proper diet plan. This is so apt and clear.

    • Mukta Agrawal says:

      You welcome jayeeta and thanks for liking the chart, hope you will follow and will wait for your feedback

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