What Is Dengue? Know All About Its Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

What Is Dengue? Know All About Its Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

The monsoon season has hit India, and the hazard of Dengue looms large again. Each year Dengue infects thousands of people across India, and many of them succumb to the disease.

Approximately 3-4 billion people across the world are at the risk of being infected by Dengue fever. Most of these people are the inhabitants of tropical or subtropical areas, urban Southeast Asia, the Americas, Africa and also the Pacific.

Below you can know everything about dengue.

What Is Dengue Fever?

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Dengue is one of the dangerous diseases that is caused by a family of viruses. Female Aedes mosquitoes transmit it. According to the WHO called as World Health Organisation, there are four distinct stereotypes of Dengue virus–DEN 1, DEN 2, DEN 3 and DEN 4–that cause the fever.

According to WHO and other studies, hundreds of millions of people are infected by the virus every year. However, the more severe form of the disease–severe Dengue–which proves fatal in around 5 percent of the cases, causes hospitalisation of up to 5 lakh patients, most of them are children.

What Are The Dengue Symptoms?

Dengue pyrexia can range in severity from a mild flu-like illness to a condition that gives severe, debilitating signs and symptoms. The onset of symptoms is generally sudden and initial indications commonly include:

  • High fever
  • A severe headache
  • Pain in the muscles and joints – particularly in the legs
  • Pain behind the eyes – particularly when moving them
  • Red eyes
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Enlarged lymph nodes
  • A red flush to the face
  • Lower back pain
  • Severe weakness
  • Severe fatigue.

What Are The Causes Of Dengue?

A female mosquito, called as Aedes Aegypti when bites an infected person, becomes infected. Later, if that mosquito bites a vigorous person, it spreads its dengue virus to him/her, thus causing dengue fever.

The aegypti mosquitoes are generally active during daytime and bites mainly after sunrise (dawn) or before sunset (dusk). However, that does not mean you are secure for the rest of the day. They hide quite well and dwell in your own house ready to bite you anytime.

Why Is It Caused?

We already discussed how female mosquitoes aegypti mosquito act as an agent and develop dengue, so, the principal dengue fever is caused by, when we let mosquitoes breed near our locality. If we are conscious of the side effects of dirty surrounding and also how harmful germs, bacteria and viruses are to our health, we might be able to stop dengue from becoming an epidemic.

Dengue might seem harmless, but the fact is if one suffers from dengue fever more than once or has weak immunity system, then dengue fever can be dangerous to the extent that it may cause liver or kidney damage and sometimes even death.

Steps For Prevention Of Dengue In Your Loved Ones

Dengue can be prevented. Act fast! Act Now! Follow easy and simple preventive things given below & Fight with Dengue.

Though there is no speprevention of denguecific treatment to cure dengue, there are active preventive measures which effectively helps to protect ourselves, our family and also the community. Eliminating the breeding places of mosquitoes and personal protection estimations form the precautions for dengue. Here are a few measures:

Personal Protection And Dengue Awareness

Below are the few own protections that you can implement by your self.

  • Protective Clothing – Wear full sleeved shirts and also long trousers so that your whole body is covered and there is no exposed part for the mosquitoes to feast upon.
  • Use mosquito repellents – When you are outdoors or cannot wear protective clothing, then never avoid to apply mosquito repellent creams on your body.
  • Choose right repellent – Right repellent, rides away mosquitoes. Choose repellents that contain DEET, ICARDIN OR OIL OF EUCALYPTUS
  • Proper Housing – Screen doors and windows with insecticide-treated mesh with mesh hole area less than 0.04 inch. Air conditioning also aids to avoid mosquito bites.
  • Mosquito bed nets – Sleeping under the mosquito bed nets acts as an added preventive measure.

Control Mosquito Breeding

You can follow below steps to control mosquito breeding.

  • Change water regularly in your vases and bowls.
  • Remove water from flower pot plates on every alternate day.
  • Turn over all water storage containers.
  • Cover water storage containers.
  • Spray insecticides around your house weekly.
  • Use of Guppy fish in every water storage area feeds on mosquito larva and aids in controlling the growth of mosquitoes.
  • Measures are few, but it provides excellent protection from Dengue. As you all know prevention is better than cure, implement the standards and bid farewell to Dengue.

                                                                   “ Fight the bite to protect your life ”.

What Are Treatment Methods?

There is no particular antiviral treatment available.

General suggestions include controlling fever and pain with paracetamol rather than aspirin (aspirin may promote bleeding) and enhancing fluid intake. Aspirin should not be given to your children under 12 years of age unless specifically recommended by a doctor.

Are There Any Side Effects?

There are no side effects of dengue treatment as such. The fever itself makes the person very weak. Joint and muscular pain are the common side effects of the heat. If the patient has to be admitted to the hospital due to the severity of his/her condition, the treatment can make the patient feel weak or nauseated. He/ She may require bed rest for a few days before resuming daily activities.

Home Remedies For Dengue Treatment

1. Juice Of Neem Leaves To Dengue Fever Prevention

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Neem is called as anti-fungal and analgesic which fight infection and decreases pain. The necessary component of neem flushes toxins, stimulates the immune system, cures digestive diseases and respiratory problems. Drinking Neem juice enhances the count of white blood cells and blood platelet. Neem leaves juice one of the old and ancient home remedies for dengue

Note: Pregnant women or going to become pregnant should not drink the milk of neem.

2. Drink Plenty Of Water To Cure And Prevent Dengue

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Water is one of the essential natural home remedies for dengue treatment. Drinking more water, keep you hydrated and decreases symptoms of cramps and headache.

Eliminate and flushes the toxins. Absorbing more water enhances the count of blood platelet because water is an essential component of blood cells. You can have soup, lemon juice or orange juice if you do not like to drink regular water. Hence you should keep in mind drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated to fight dengue.

3. Papaya Leaves For Dengue Fever

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Papaya contains a lot of antioxidant properties, and it is a rich source of vitamin, essential organic compound and also nutrients. Due to these things papaya is highly useful to boost the immune system, improve the function of the liver and enhances blood platelet count. Due to antioxidant property papaya flushes toxins into the blood.

Note: Pregnant women or else breastfeeding women should not drink this papaya leaf juice.

4. Giloy Leaves Juice For Dengue Fever

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Giloy in Hindi and called Tinospora Cordifolia in English. In Ayurvedic medicine, Giloy is one of the best natural home remedies for dengue fever treatment. Drink boiled giloy water regularly.

Without this herb Ayurveda is incomplete. Giloy contains the large number of antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, anticancer, antioxidants properties and hematogenic which enhances red blood cells, excludes toxins in the body, fight with fever and also infections. It is beneficial in diabetes problem to control high blood sugar level.

5. Basil Leaves Tea For Treating Dengue Fever

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Drinking boiled basil water is one of the best natural home remedies for decreasing this dengue. Basil contains antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties. It reduces the risk of irregular heartbeats and encourages the cardiovascular health.

Enhances blood circulation and decreases breathing problems. Useful to boost the immune system. The Basil essential oil has natural insecticidal properties which will keep you far away from mosquitoes.

6. Pomegranate Juice For Curing Dengue

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Pomegranate juice is sufficient to enhance blood platelet count. It is an antioxidant and also rich source of vitamin C. Drinking pomegranate juice is also used to decrease cholesterol and even high blood pressure.

7. Barley Grass For Treating Dengue Fever

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Barley grass is the best source of  Vitamin B1, B2, B6, and B12. It contains beta-carotene, folic acid, pantothenic, amino acids, chlorophyll, fibre, and protein. It also includes a few essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, and phosphorus.

All these vitamins and also minerals are sufficient to boost the overall immune system and increase the count of blood platelet. Also, improves the count of red blood cells and treat vitamin deficiency. Hence it is one of the essential home remedies for dengue treatment.

Blend the small pieces of barley grass with water in a mixer and strain. It should be given twice a day.

What Are The Foods To Take In Your Regular Diet?

5 Best Foods To Eat for Dengue Patients to Recover Quickly

Coconut Water

Dehydration is one of the major problems for dengue attacked patients. Coconut water aids to keep you hydrated and supplies the necessary nutrients. Consume 50ML of coconut water in a day/

Hard-boiled Eggs

Dengue patients need proteins in high quantity to make the quick recovery from fever so you can take one boiled egg every day in the morning session so that you can get energy to fight with the disease.

Fruits Rich In Vitamin C

Fruits like oranges, kiwis and guavas are rich in vitamin C which helps to boost your body’s immunity. So that you can pick up quickly by dengue fever attack. You can have either orange, kiwi or else guava any one of them in a day.


Broccoli is one of the popular vegetables that we can have in the form of salad or curry every day which helps you in treating dengue.


Consume spinach every day in your daily diet that is rich in both proteins and vitamins which are very useful in boosting immunity level, so that you can get rid of dengue fastly.

What Are The Foods To Avoid?

Foods That Need To Be Avoided By Dengue Patients Are

High fibre food such as whole grain cereals, green leafy vegetables, thick skin fruits, etc

Fried foods, processed foods, junk foods, oily and spicy foods, pickle, etc

Excess intake of tea, coffee, cocoa and other caffeinated beverages, etc.

A well-balanced diet consisting of cereals, pulses, vegetables, fruits, milk and milk products, fish (stew), chicken (soup/stew), sugar, honey, etc. that provides adequate nutrition as well as maintains fluid balance is recommended for dengue patient.

How Yoga Helps You In Dealing Dengue Fever?

Below are the five yoga poses to dengue patients

Nadi Shodhan Pranayam

This yoga posture has a lot of relaxing effects on the nervous system, which will aid you to bring down the dengue fever temperature to normal. With this easy and simple breathing exercise, you can clean your respiratory and also circulatory system. This posture can be highly beneficial in treating headache also.

Anulom Vilom Pranayama

This yoga posture can channelise energy in the human body and also washes and purify the system. Practising this yoga posture can stimulate the inner mucosal lining relieving cold, which is one of the symptoms of dengue fever.

Kapalbhati Pranayama

The accurate inhalations and great exhalations practised in this yoga posture can aid you clear nasal passages. This breathing technique can release 80 to 90 percent of toxins from your body when you breathe.

Sarvangasana Or Headstand

The waste in your body and your nasal passage is opened while you are in this inverted posture. Besides, it can also enhance blood circulation and energy levels.

Matsyasana Or Fish Pose

This yoga pose will let you stretch your chest and lungs, improving your breathing capacity. It will also aid your body fight ache and fatigue caused by fever. You may also combat stress with this posture.

Above home, remedies are always useful to cure dengue fever naturally but should consult your doctor to avoid complications.

What makes the above list even more essential is the fact that the world is yet to discover a particular treatment or vaccine for dengue fever. It is curable indeed, but the procedure is gradual, and hence it is mandatory that the patient follows an appropriate daily diet which enhances the recovery. It is not difficult to pin dengue down; we have to eat sufficiently and eat right.

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