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What are the factors responsible for Chronic inflammtion in women

What are the factors responsible for Chronic inflammtion in women
Inflammation is thought to be the root of the diseases. No… It’s not. This is because almost all the ailments stem from inflammation. What do you think when you hear the word inflammation? The first thing that comes to your mind is probably a swollen knee or a puffed pimple on your face. These are some common problems that can be cured with the usual medicines. But all the inflammations we suffer are not the same. There are some inflammations which mean something else completely. Chronic inflammtion in women Chronic Inflammation in women– It is a slow and silent disturbance that never will shut off. You can’t be tested for it because you can’t feel it. This chronic inflammation is a part of heave-hitting illnesses also it is the major cause of many diseases. It happens when our body’s natural healing process, in other words, our internal alarm fails to shut down when it should. The root cause of Inflammation in women:
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Allergies
  • Depression
The researchers are still decoding the exact process of inflammation. So far, the scientists had found the start of it – ‘our immune system.’ Yes! Immune system!! The very first line of defense in our body! Instead of helping our body to heal, it brings up the issues such as Alzheimer’s to arthritis and hair loss to diabetes. multivitamin-minerals_336x280-3


  depression in women Depression: Inflammation doesn’t cause all sort of depression but it can also be the cause of depression. For instance, if you take the heart patients, they have a higher rate of inflammation. They are not the only ones in fact. Stomach cramps: IBD – Inflammatory Bowel disease. The pain and cramps are terrible when you have it. You probably will have a constant stomach ache and other stomach-churning issues. This is also thought to be the symptoms of inside inflammation. Always Tired: You are always tired, yes! Maybe you are working hard or you have lots of responsibilities to take care. But when you are collapsing even when you are thinking about it on the days when you have gotten enough sleep, then point your finger towards inflammation. Gastrointestinal issues: abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, gas and acid reflux.

Inflammation Triggers:


This actually makes sense! When you are packed with the weight that you feel difficult to carry your fat cells will bulge since it will be confused by extra stress and they send an alarm to your immune system. Specific white cells will respond to that alarm by rushing to and fro inflaming those cells that called for help. By this time, inflammation can make these healthy cells insulin-resistant which can lead diabetes. Not only this, when you eat a lot of saturated and processed food, in other words, junk food you are inviting inflammation to your body at your own risk. A recent study found that when you dump foods on your body that process extra sugar to your bloodstream and causes inflammation.

High Anxiety

high anexity Some unexpected situations, for example, an important work pile up all of the sudden, is a straight out chance to cause anxiety. Usually, when women are under stress the inflammatory activity increases. The reason is when you are experiencing stress, the same part of your brain is activated the one that activates amid the pain.

Air Pollution

air pollution Your immune system hates smog like the same way you do. Because air pollution can cause inflammation by that way it makes your cells resistant to insulin. There are additional causes as well more than this air pollution such as smoking the cigarette, consuming tobacco which is as equal as assaulting your lungs which result in your immune system to rush and fix the damage. Often, instead of healing, your white blood cell ends up in an offensive way where it leads to lung diseases.

Inflammation Fighters:

  • Consume Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Consume more fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables
  • Stay active
  • Boost your mood often – find a hobby
Consume a lot of whole foods instead of running behind saturated and packed foods. Follow healthy practices be it food or physical activity. Remove all sort of unhealthy foods from your diet and opt for a balanced diet. Ensure adopting a healthy analog lifestyle. The risks will be controlled only by the natural approach and it is easier than you think. cow-colostrum_728x90

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