Significance of a Balanced diet chart for healthy a living!!

Get To Know If You Are Eating A Well-Balanced Diet?

balanced diet

Keeping fit and looking good while living the rush, are indeed necessary weapons linked to success in the present world. And out of that need aroused the trend of high protein and moderate carb diet, fast foods, processed food, etc.

Well, talking about high protein diets, they are no more confined to celebs; the reach of the common person towards it also has considerably increased. And more people are drawn towards following a balanced diet.

Well-Balanced Diet

Eating Habits

Most of the American diets now constitutes of high protein that mainly relies on red meat as a main source of calories. And of course, you cannot ignore the accompanied prevalence of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease issues at the same time for which red meat and processed foods seem to be the major contributors.

So, making people aware of the healthy eating facts is important and letting them know the importance of balanced diet is quite necessary.

Although red meat contains high cholesterol and saturated fat, the concern can be a lack of a balanced diet. Red meats are rich in iron, B- vitamins and essential lipids and amino acids.

So, it’s good to go for leaner meats in controlled quantity. Well about processed foods and fast foods, a high glycemic index, extra sodium, preservatives and the diminished nutritional value, all make for the reason to limit them to smaller quantities.

So What Exactly Does A Well-Balanced Diet Mean?

Well, putting it in simple words, having components of balanced diet chart means including all the 5 basic types of foods that are proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals in your diet in the right quantities and at the right time for the healthy growth and development. So, a balanced diet is a must.

Balanced Diet Plan


How Much Protein Do You Need? 

Protein is undoubtedly necessary for your efficient growth and development; it’s the building block of your body. Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for protein

Men: 56 grams a day

How Much Protein Do You Need

There isn’t any serious harm with higher intake of proteins unless you have any kidney or liver disorders. Healthy diet plan and balanced diet foods that include the above are necessary.

If you are aiming for weight loss, you definitely need to know the importance of balanced diet and its impact on the body.  According to the experts, 120 grams of protein per day would be your best bet.

While increasing the protein intake, give it time, do it gradually over a week. It could be better if you seek your doctor’s advice before that. The doctor also suggests you to take all the 5 basic components of balanced diet chart which helps for the better enhancement of body growth.


Let’s roll on to another primary requirement of the body, the carbohydrates, which are the major contributor of calories to your diet.

They may seem to you worrisome due to their sugars and high glycemic content, usually from simple carbs, but fret not; you may go guilt free with the complex carbohydrates from grains including whole rice and whole wheat which possess lower glycemic indices.

Whole grains are preferable over processed since the former have lower indices and also contain other nutrients that are lost in processing. So, healthy diet foods are the ones you should start stocking up.

Not only processed meat, in this context even processed grains ruling the most food store shelves and in processed foods or served in most restaurants are unhealthy for everyone.


Fats… don’t be scared! It’s just all about balancing.

The bad media reputation of fats has led to such an extent that manufacturers have to come up with “fat-free products”. But as a matter of fact, fats are an absolute necessity for the body growth and development, energy store, formation of steroid hormones, proper functioning of the nervous system, etc.  It’s all about having well-balanced meals.

Mono and polyunsaturated fats constitutes the good fats and the essential fatty acids omega 3 and omega 6 obtained from oily fish (herring, salmon and mackerel) and sunflower oil, rapeseed oil, avocados, peanuts and olive oil.

But many are skeptic about consumption of fish due to contamination of pesticides and heavy metals, in such case you may have them moderately or resort to quality fish oil supplements.

What About Your Vitamins And Minerals?

Well, vitamins and minerals play a vital role in maintaining your good health. Vitamins and minerals are those essential nutrients required by your body in small amounts to function smoothly.

Vitamins And Minerals

Vitamins include vitamin A, B, C, D, E. Each of them has it own importance and contribution to different parts of your body, and they are obtained from different food sources. For, e.g. Vitamin, A is very good for eyes and vision and its best sources are carrots, tomatoes, apple, etc. Like this, each vitamin has its role.

Minerals include calcium, iron, folic acid, zinc, etc. Minerals too are essential to carry out different activities and absorption of vitamins. For, e.g. Calcium is required for bone mineralization and absorption of Vitamin D. Food sources of calcium include dairy products like milk, paneer, cheese, etc.

Each fruit and vegetable, as well as dairy and poultry products, are sources of some or the other or a combination of these vitamins and minerals. Hence make sure you plan your diet in such a way so as to include intake of all the nutrients which if not taken will lead to their deficiencies and eventually severe health problems.

So the bottom line is, instead of following one single diet which may not give you an overall nutrition; include a variety in your food to achieve all round nutrition from diet. Find a diet that you enjoy, that works well with your lifestyle and has the right combination of nutrients. Make sure you are going for healthy eating plans.

Hope, now you are clear with what a well-balanced diet means, its importance and how it should be followed.

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