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Weird Signs of Vitamin Deficiencies and Their Remedies

Vitamins make up one of the most important components of our diet. As a part and parcel of a balanced diet, you need to include sufficient amounts of vitamins to the diet chart. Vitamins, unlike carbohydrates and fats, are not energy giving food. They are the protective food that the body needs to defend itself from deficiency diseases. If you are interested to know what is vitamin deficiency, you can just go through this article. The importance of vitamins in our diet is immense, and lack of vitamins makes the body prone to diseases. Apart from this, there are other problems like loss of hair, bleeding from the gums and other problems.

Vitamin deficiency results in the degradation of skin, immune system and causes several other problems in the body.

Cracks in the corners of the lips:


Normally, cracks develop in the lips during the winter. However, if they happen o develop in the corners of the lips during the other times of the year, how would you explain it? Well, Vitamins B3 and B12 are needed by our body in substantial quantities to maintain the quality of the skin. If there is a low amount of Vitamins in your body, cracks are likely to develop in the corners of the lips.

Remedy: One needs to have a lot of poultry eggs in order to solve this problem. You can also have tuna fish, which brings a lot of nutrition to the boy. One might think that eating a lot of green and leafy vegetables might solve the problem, but it is not just done. You need to have fish and meat in order to bring Vitamin B12 to your blood stream. However, if you are a vegetarian, you can avail the Vitamin B12 spray that is available on the market.


Knee and hamstring injury

This is one of the most common problems that occur due to the deficiency of vitamin B12. People suffer from frequent cramps, especially in the legs, in the later part of the night.  Apart from vitamins, these occur due to the lack of magnesium and potassium. The upper part of the back also seems to be cramped.

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Remedy: Fruits are the greatest source of vitamins. Physicians recommend fresh fruits to the patients to get rid of problems related to the lack of vitamins. So, you need to include a wide variety of fruits like apples, guava, and grapes in your diet. The best time to have the fruits is after lunch. If you are suffering from cramps, either in the back or in the legs, make sure that you have a daily quota of fresh fruits in your diet plan.

Hair loss and scrapping of skin:

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One of the most common problems that arise due to the lack of Vitamins is hair loss. If you happen to face this problem, hair loss vitamin deficiency can be cured by immediate treatment. The main reason for the degradation of the hair and ultimately hair loss is the lack of biotin. It is a component of vitamin B12 and is soluble in water. This is an essential element that maintains the quality of the hair. Apart from this, biotin also maintains the luster of the skin and keeps them glossy. Skin problems can also be cured by the correct intake of vitamins.

Remedy: Biotin is found in eggs, chicken and nuts. These are easily available in the market. There are a large variety of nuts like almonds, walnuts, cashew and ground nuts, and you can get the desired amount of biotin from these. There are some fruits as well that are rich in biotin. These include strawberries, apples, and raspberries. Apart from these, you can also take the vitamin B12 supplements.

Red and white signs on skin:


These occur due to the lack of Vitamins A and D. Low exposure to sunlight may be one of the causes of such a problem. After all, your skin is visible to the external world, and you need to take good care of your skin.

Remedy: The best option for getting rid of such problems is to have a lot of carrots, peppers, almonds and various seeds. You need to get good exposure to the sunlight. However, this is not always possible. All you need to do is to get the supplements of vitamins A and d to get good skin.



This is really an awkward feeling. Your hands and feet start getting numb suddenly, and you are unable to find a cause. The cause lies in the lack of vitamins. Vitamins B6 and B12 provide the required stamina to get rid of such problems. This is related to the nerves to some extent, and consumption of vitamin B-enriched food reduces the problem considerably.

Remedy: The easiest remedy is to consume food rich in Vitamin B, which includes beet, spinach, and beans. The supplements available in the market are likely to bring considerable remedy to the problem. However, it is always advisable to visit the doctor in cases of these problems and chalk out the proper diet plan.

Lines in the fingernails:

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Sometimes, you may note white, thin lines running from one side of the nails to another. These are known as Beau’s lines. These occur due to the deficiency of Vitamin B. Although these are basically harmless, you need to get rid of the lines. Vitamin C, calcium, and a few other minerals can also replenish the originality of the nails.

Remedy: Cauliflowers, bananas, and avocados are the ideal food that can bring an end to these problems. You can also eat whole grains in order to get rid of these marks on the nails. After all, you would always want your nails to be clean and fine.

So, it is evident that from hair loss vitamin deficiency to other issues, vitamins are extremely important for our body. We do not need a lot of vitamins every day. A little amount of vitamin is enough to maintain the well-being of the body.

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