Effective Ways to Increase Breast Size Naturally

Best Breast Enhancement Exercises and Natural Food Remedies

Dietary Changes

Many women aspire to have larger and firmer breasts. This is because bigger breasts not only makes them more appealing to men, but also gives them more self-confidence. The most popular and the best way to enhance breast size is breast surgeries. However, these days’ women are quite unwilling to go for breast surgeries considering the harmful effects these surgeries could have in the future. Therefore, many women prefer natural breast enlargement methods these days.

Home Remedies For Breast Enlargement

If you are not satisfied with your natural breasts and are reluctant to spend a lot of money on enlargement surgery, need not worry. There are plenty of natural remedies best way to enhance breast size. Instead of surgery, many women are now adapting to the natural ways to increase their breast size. Some women are blessed with such assets naturally, and others would need to find some alternative ways to increase their breast size. There are various natural and synthetic methods for breast enlargement. However, it is recommended to opt for natural breast enhancement methods due to its safety and minimal side effects.

Home Remedies For Breast Enlargement

The most responsible hormone for breast growth is estrogen. There are three primary estrogen hormones and estradiol is the strongest among them. Between 8  to 13 years of age, which is the beginning of puberty, a girl begins to secrete estrogen hormones and thus causes the breast growth. One can induce breast growth by supplying the body with estrogen. That is the reason many natural breast enhancement products do contain some form of phytoestrogens. For those desperately looking for ways to increase your breast size naturally, here are some standard methods for natural breast enlargement.

Dietary Changes

Some foods help you naturally enlarge your breast size. These foods include grape seed extracts, sugary foods, sesame seeds, and dairy products with low fat. Also, you can consume foods that contain a lot of estrogen, which includes green vegetables, carrot and chicken soup.

Dietary Changes

Herbal Remedies

Herbal remedies are very effective and safe to opt for to increase your breast size naturally. Herbal breast enlargement method stimulates or decreases the levels of particular hormones in the body.  For example, in the female body estrogen is an important hormone excreted which is the key factor for the growth of breasts. During puberty and pregnancy, this hormone is produced abundantly. Many breast enlargement herbs contain phytoestrogens that are similar in function to the human estrogen. Some standard options prescribed for breast enlargement are fennel seeds, fenugreek seed extract, Dona quai, marshmallow root extract and saw palmetto.

  • Fenugreek

Fenugreek is an effective remedy for natural breast enlargement. Creams and pills containing fenugreek are available in the market. You can just put four tablespoons of fenugreek in 2 cups of water and boil. You can add honey for enhanced taste. Strain the mixture after 2 minutes and drink it warm. If you drink this daily, it will have amazing effects on your breasts. You can also mix this mixture to the body lotion you usually use and massage on your breasts twice a day to have better results. Before you opt for an herbal supplement, make sure to check out with a doctor to prevent any side effects or allergies.


  • Fennel Seeds

Another herbal remedy for natural breast enlargement is fennel seeds. You can find it in many breast enlargement pills and creams. You can enhance your breast size by including fennel seeds to your diet.

  • Tricticum vulgare

This is the wheat germ oil which helps to make your breast look rounder and fuller if you massage it over your breasts and this is one of the best product to increase breast size. This herb makes the breast skin soft and supple.

  • Lady’s Mantle

The astringent properties in this herb help to increase the fat deposited in the breasts as well as increase the blood circulation to the breasts. Therefore, add this herb to your daily diet. You could also use it in the form of creams and supplements that are readily available in the market.


Individual exercises help you to enlarge your breast size naturally.

  • You can swing your arms clockwise and counter-clockwise, each eight times. Every day repeat the same for ten
  • The most useful exercise for breast enlargement is wall push-ups. Just place your arms on the wall at arm’s height and push against it. You should not bend your elbows. For ten counts maintain this position and then relax. Repeat the same for 15 sets.
  • Bench press is another exercise where you have to lie down on a bench with your legs firm on the ground. With a dumbell in each hand, move upwards till your arms are stretched above your chest. Maintain the position for 10 sec and slowly bring your hands to original position. Repeat the same for 20 sets.

Alternate Methods to Increase Breast Size

  • Pueraria Mirifica:

It is a herb from Thailand and belongs to the family Leguminosae. It contains Miroestrol and Deoxymiroestrol, which are the two potent phyto estrogens. There is no exact dosage to take this herb. You can take in dosages that are comfortable for your body and menstruation cycle. This herb is available both in the cream and pill form. You can target estrogen levels internally by taking pills and externally by applying Pueraria Mirifica onto your breasts. To maximize the efficacy of this product, you can even try both.

Pueraria Mirifica

  • Bovine ovary:

Bovine means cow. Bovine ovary breast enlargement products are derived from the ovaries taken from a female cow. This is a form of glandular therapy. This bovine ovary re-stimulates the pituitary gland, which is the major hormone regulator in our body. This results in reactivating the natural growth hormones in the body and causes a second puberty.-

  • Massaging:

By massaging your breasts, you can stimulate the blood flow and improve the circulation in your chest area. Massaging not only helps for breast growth, but also for overall breast health.


  • Know your options

You can find tons of natural ways to increase breast size and breast enlargement products out there that can be broken down into herbs, bovine ovary and Pueraria Mirifica (PM). You can go for any of these products. It depends on you and your body entirely. So get to know your options better.

  • Be nice to your body

Develop habits that are great for you and your breasts. You can do regular exercise, cut out fried and processed food, and manage your stress by pampering yourself.

  • Self-hypnosis:

Self-hypnosis also helps you get fuller breasts, which is a safe and free way to grow your breasts. The body is the reflection of your beliefs and thoughts in your subconscious mind. The thought of having smaller breasts hinders the growth of your breast without even you knowing it.


  • Think holistically

Targeting the breast growth internally through natural remedies for breast enhancement and externally through exercise, massage and natural breast enhancement creams are the great ways to enhance your breasts naturally. You can also try breast enlargement pumps to even out your uneven breasts as well as grow them larger.

  • Experiment

Even though there are various ways to increase your breast size naturally, some may work for you and some may not. So keep experimenting. Once you start to try things out, you will get to know what works for your body and what does not.

Are you a little impatient to get those breasts you are dreaming of? No worries, you will be there sooner than you think.

To increase your breast size naturally, you can try out any of these breast enlargement techniques that suit your body. Improving breasts size with the help of natural remedies is the smartest choice since it is unlikely to result in any adverse effect on the user.

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