Water aerobics - really helps you in losing weight.

Water aerobics – really helps you in losing weight.

If you got bored of going to gym or performing yoga for a long time If you feel these monotonous exercises are driving away your excitement.

Then it’s time to try this brand new “Water aerobics” which makes the strenuous exercises joyful and in turn relieve you from stress and provides extra motivation for your fat burning.

The benefits of  water aerobics are endless. You can start losing your belly fat just by jumping into the pool. Aqua aerobics include Zumba dance  which is fun to perform in the water.

This is a smart way of losing fat as the body doesn’t get strained due to the floating effect in the water but  tends to lose calories as you require more energy to perform any task in the water.

Even though water aerobics might burn fewer calories when compared to extreme sports. But, This is an excellent fitness activity suited for people irrespective of all age groups and their personal abilities.

You can burn more calories when working out in water and many benefits are associated with Water aerobics.

Benefits And Methods Of Water Aerobic Exercises :

Less Impact And More Results :

The major benefit of exercising in the water, You can protect your joints from absorbing shocks. Suppose when you do exercise like jogging you tend to have a high impact on your  muscle joints, But when similar exercises are done in water, gravity does not pull your weight down which impacts the joints.

Running is among the highest impact exercises you could opt for.  Each time when your foot hits the ground, It generates a shock equal to five times the weight of your body which travels from your legs and into your spine.

Runners tend to decrease their height by “one cm” after completing a marathon. Scientists say that “ Due to the continuous and repetitive shocks  in the jogging causes the muscles in the legs, neck to tighten up , which ultimately compresses the vertebrae in the spinal cord.

water aerobic exercises

Generally, athletes prefer to train in water when they are recovering from an injury, Because , they can train their muscles without putting extra strain on the weak joint.

Exercising in water prevents the shock impact and protect your joints, as the buoyancy of the water can reduce the impact by 85 percent.

Water Aerobics Workout :

You may not see drastic changes unlike running as water protects the body from the effects of gravity.  The water aerobic effects are slow and steady but definitely, helps to excess weight with a sensible diet of low calories.

According to research by Harvard Medical School, An average person tends to lose 149 calories during the entire 30-minute water aerobics class.

Know More About Aqua Aerobic Exercises :

For those, who  get bored working out alone and feel more comfortable exercising in a group with your peers to have fun with fitness, then water aerobics perfectly suits you.

With  carefully choreographed and hand picked movements moving your body in the water to the sound of music can burn your fat and you can enjoy yourself while getting a great workout. There are some great exercises to include in your aerobic schedule

Aqua aerobic exercises

Knee Tuck

This is a powerful plyometric move for both the legs on land and  you add in some core work as per the choice. The water will slow down the  movement of limbs and force your abs to move faster.The standing position to perform a tuck jump by bringing both knees up to your chest.

Half Suspended Jumping Jack :

This exercise is similar to a moonwalk but has to be done in the pool.  Not only you have to push yourself through the water, but also have to maintain the balance as the buoyancy of water pushes you forward or backward.

Jump your legs out of the pool as you normally wouldn’t,  but don’t let your feet touch the bottom of the pool when you bring them back to the center.

Otter Roll

Hold a beach ball to your chest, lay on the top of the ball as if you are facing the water. Now, throw your weight to one side and be spinning around until you return to the top.

Be careful about not inhaling air in the bottom and blow air out , when out of the water. To include a new challenge you can reverse directions when mastered one way.

Otter Roll

Diet Considerations :

While  Losing weight you need to burn off more calories than you consume and eat low-calorie foods as they determine overall health and weight loss.  You should replace  the energy spent after a strenuous  workout with a healthy snack, maybe a fruit or a low-fat yogurt.

Stay away from processed foods and high-fat content foods and should rely on  whole grains, fresh fruits , vegetables and lean proteins

To conclude that, Water aerobics is a great fitness activity  suited for all kind of people. You can choose this exercise for weight loss with a diet consideration.

This aerobic exercise is more stress relieving and has very less impact on your muscle joints,which you can do even during an injury.

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