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A Perfect Vegetarian Diet Plan To Build Muscle Mass For Gym Beginners

A Perfect Vegetarian Diet Plan To Build Muscle Mass For Gym Beginners

More and more people are switching to vegetarian diets, including those who aim to build muscles. Just because you are taking a break from meat does not mean that you will have to sacrifice your fitness goals. Proteins are often considered to be very important when it comes to building muscle mass. It takes large amounts of protein to get the right results. However, even without consuming meat, there are plenty of ways a vegetarian can build muscle mass. One who goes to the gym diet plan for them is an essential way to build their muscles.

A Sample Diet Plan

To give you a fair idea of what you should consume to get the right amount of proteins and other nutrients here is a sample of the gym diet plan.


The following are the vegetarian diet chart for gym beginners as well as the ones who do regular exercise. Start your day by waking up early and before breakfast, have some fresh juice. You can put kale, celery, spinach, carrots, beet, apple, orange and ginger in the juice. With that, you can have a small light vegetarian meal of your choice.

Breakfast with juiceYou can have your vegetarian protein drinks during your workout. Also, some egg protein will help. You can have your breakfast with around 10 ounces of egg whites, two whole eggs, a quarter cup of oatmeal and some fresh fruits. Alternatively, you have a heavier meal before your workout. That will give you the carbohydrates that you will need for the energy during the workout. You can have the protein shake during and after the workout.healthy diet breakfast

A good mid-morning meal could be some rice proteins, egg proteins and a handful of walnuts, cashews, and almonds. Liquid protein meals are good to reach your daily protein requirement. However, these also contain a preservative and hidden sugars that should be generally avoided. You can incorporate more solid proteins that you can eat in smaller amounts all over the day as you work out to build muscle mass.


The vegetarian diet chart for gym beginners as well as the ones who really want to turn as a vegan. For lunch, you can get a large salad. Add fresh vegetables, some red and black beans, soaked garbanzo beans and a lot of fresh vegetables. Also, also with that, two vegetable patties and a green apple would be enough. Now, most vegetarian diets skip out on magnesium. For active people who will have high metabolic rates, magnesium is a very important nutrient. Most nuts are a great source of magnesium and you should include those in your diets in a reasonable amount. Also, it is recommended to have some vitamin and mineral supplements as a part of your diet.

fresh salad - daily diet


Round about 4 PM, you can again repeat the same meal that you had during the late morning. That means, rice proteins, egg proteins, and some nuts. Also, if you want variations, you can try out soaked beans. Beans contain lesser amounts of phytic acid and therefore it will help your body absorb iron better.

Mixed nuts meal


The night time meal should be divided into an early dinner and a pre-bedtime drink. The early dinner should be a filling one, with some onions, carrots, tomatoes, celery, lentils, black beans made into a stew. A medium sized sweet potato and a veg patty will be enough.

early dinner and a pre-bedtime drink

Half an hour before going to bed, you can make a smoothie with some egg protein, rice protein, almond milk, spinach and a red pear.

almond milk

Rounding it up

When you are going to build muscle mass, vegetarians have a lot of alternatives to meat. However, replacing meat with protein drinks is not a good idea. A lot of time vegetarians lack some essential nutrients that are needed for body building. For example, amino acids. If possible, try to include more dairy products in your diet. Amino acids are also found in eggs, milk, and nuts.

eggs, milk, and nuts

Another vitamin that you need to worry about is Vitamin B and B complex. For that, you much eat eggs or dairy. There are food supplements, but it does not really make up for it. Vitamin B is present in meat and you need to replace that with other food. Vitamin B12, especially, is known for muscle gain. There are so many people out there who want to join in the gym to build their muscles for the chance of getting a proper physique. For those people, there are gyms for beginners where they can initiate to build muscle mass.

Finally, stay positive. If you are taking a break from meat, stick to it. Make a couple of diet plans and switch in between them when you are bored. It is alright to have your favorite unhealthy foods, but have some moderation.

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