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Top Ten Yoga Poses To Practicing For Relieving Back Pain

In today’s increasing global technology, people adapt themselves so much to only medical options and, as a result, they forget that in ancient times too people had several health problems that they had overcome. Those days they overcame the health issues with yoga, Ayurveda, and many more such methods. Of these, yoga plays a very vital role in today’s generation now.

Yoga involves spiritual, mental as well physical aspects in it Yoga leads to a proper balance between both mental and physical health. Yoga is a cure for many health issues, such as cancer, asthma, heart disease, back pain, neck pain, joint pain, and many more. Yoga for back pain is one of the most potent solutions to such issues. By proper way of performing different yoga asanas, the health issues get cured without much medical help.

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More than medicines, yoga for back pain relief provides reduced stress and pain for both lower and upper back of your body. Humans have a tendency to take their health for granted, which piles up creating unbeatable health problems at times. These health problems might be both temporary and permanent.  Backbone or better say, the spinal cord is one of the most essential and delicate parts of the body.  It is very important to practice yoga to avoid any further severe back related problems such as spondylitis, severe spinal cord issues, and many others.

There are several yoga poses for back pain; one can perform to keep the back health in a good and healthy state. These poses include in it yoga poses for upper back pain, as well as lower back pain. The top ten poses for back pain are as follows:


it’s a pose in the tabletop position, on the hands and knees. It alternates between arching ones back and rounding the same pose as one pushes down with his hands on the floor and the toes of the feet. This posture keeps the lumber of the back in a nice well-maintained position.

yoga for back pain relief


In this pose, one leg is supposed to be kept straight, and another one is to bend to keep the foot flat. Keep one of the hands behind yourself to support like a tripod.  The twisting process leads to make the body and spinal cord more active and free from all the problems for a long time.

Back pain


By beginning with table top pose, the hips are supposed to be raised in a way that the body looks like and upside down V position. After relaxation of head and neck, one can draw inner thighs which face the room. This is one of the most effective yoga poses for lower back pain.

Yoga poses for lower back pain


One of the simple poses, by sitting on the heels and placing the head on the ground in front of you, your hands should be at the back of you. Breathe in slowly for few minutes.

how to relieve back pain


By starting from downward dog pose, one can shift to plank pose. By keeping the knees off the ground. Hold it on for few minutes.

Back Pain Relief


Facedown and bend forwards on your stomach. Thereafter try and reach for the heels lifting them up. The back very naturally comes along. Hold the breath for few minutes.

Back pain treatment


By beginning with a low lunge position and lowering the back knee to the ground, one can begin with this pose. By bringing the arms just beside the ears, one can lean back. This is one of the best yoga exercises for back pain.

yoga exercises for back pain


Get on all your four limbs and start lowering stomach to the ground and bringing forearms in front. By dragging the body a bit in front, one can open up back and chest. In this too, it’s essential to hold breath for few minutes.

Back pain exercises


This is one of the gentle yoga poses for the backbone. One needs to lie with face down on the stomach and clasping your hands behind.  This is a good process to strength lower back pain issues.

Lower back pain


The type where one stretches and keeps his legs in front, and tries touching the legs with both hands until it touches the tips of the toes.

Back pain yoga poses

Thus, these are few effective solutions which one can come across to keep oneself fit and healthy for years to come.

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