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Top 8 weaning foods for babies

Top 8 weaning foods for babies

Weaning Foods For Your Babies!

Congratulations on the birth of your little angel! If you are a first-time mom, then the experience of motherhood is nothing short of an exhilarating ride, and it will be something you will cherish forever! Often mothers are enthusiastic and eager to start giving their babies foods other than breast milk. However, they are confused about the time period and the big question that comes to their mind would be – ‘What food should I pick for my baby?’. It is a really important step in their development. Also, it can be really fun to explore new flavours and textures together. So, here is a weaning foods list that is easy on your baby’s little tummy as well as makes a great weaning option!

When Is The Right Time To Wean?

weaning foods for babies Well, this is the toughest question to find an answer for all the mommies out there! Usually, it’s advisable to start weaning your baby off breast milk once your baby reaches between 6 to 8 months of age. In case your baby was born pre-term, then he/she should be fed breast milk until they are 6 months old. Your baby’s digestive system might often give you some clues about when he/she is ready to start off with some solid foods.

You can start when you witness the following signs

  • Has begun sitting up straight and also hold his/her head straight up
  • Started looking excitedly at your food and tries to grab it from your plate
  • Has slowly started developing hand and eye coordination
  • Picks things up to put in his/her mouth
  • Swallows food when you offer her/him
Top 8 weaning foods for babies

These signs can be mistaken as weaning signs

  • Chewing fists
  • Wanting extra milk feeds
  • Waking in the night when they have previously slept through

List Of Weaning Foods You Must Know


Fruit Juice They are one of the best weaning foods that you can start with for your baby. However, make sure you never feed your little one with canned or packaged juices available in the market. They contain all sorts of chemicals and preservatives and they’re loaded with sugar that can be really harmful your baby.


Once your baby is used to drink fruit juices, fruits can be the following weaning option. Loaded with all the vital nutrients and minerals, they’re just perfect to introduce to your little munchkin! In addition to that, fruits are loaded with natural sugars and babies relish the taste of most of the fruits and love having them. For instance, Apples are great to start with if you haven’t fed your little one with any kind of fruit till date. Fruits Here’s how you can feed. Just peel an apple, boil and make a pure. feed it to your baby. Another fruit that your baby might relish is Bananas. Just Mashup an overripe banana with a fork or spoon and offer it to your baby. This might as well turn into his/her favorite food. One by one, you just can begin introducing all the seasonal fruits to your darling baby. Also, you can offer him pear, chickoo, papaya, and mango. Remember, introduce one fruit at a time.


Mashed potato Start introducing fresh veggies by offering your baby mashed potatoes. Once your baby is 7 months old you can introduce him vegetables such as beans, carrots, bottle gourd as well as pumpkin. However, ensure all these vegetables are properly mashed also boiled. All vegetables are a wonderful pick to wean your baby off breast milk. So, make sure you clean and wash the vegetables thoroughly and go for organic veggies that are completely free of chemicals and pesticides.


Soup as weaning foods Clear soups that are prepared from fresh vegetables are another good option of weaning your baby when he/she is around 8 months old. They’ve ample water content in them, they help ensure your little one remains nourished with the nutrient content apart from being hydrated in the solid portion of the vegetables. You can also make a good soup with a mix of beetroots, carrots, bottle gourd and tomatoes!


Legumes Loaded with proteins, legumes are an amazing energy filled weaning alternative for your baby. You can take any boiled legume along with a tiny helping of the lightly seasoned and mashed potatoes for your little darling. Additionally, you can offer dal water to your baby as his/her first weaning food.


water Surprised? Please don’t be. Now that you’re planning to slowly wean your baby off breast milk, it’s absolutely imperative that your baby remains adequately hydrated the entire day. Also, water has excellent cleansing properties which aid digestion in your little one.


Eggs for babies It is best to rule out the risk of any allergic reactions even before you start introducing your little one to eggs. They’re packed with proteins as well as important vitamins which ensure the proper bone health of your kid. What’s more, they’re amazingly versatile!


Spinach You can add spinach to your baby’s diet during the 8th or 9th month. Wash clean and boil the greens and make a thick paste and offer your baby. There are some Don’ts that you have to know before weaning your baby like
  • Never leave your baby alone when feeding him/her
  • Never attempt weaning your baby before 6 months
  • Always choose a time when your baby isn’t too tired or too full or too hungry
  • Do not add sugar or salt to any of the weaning foods
So just remember that whatever weaning foods that you choose for your baby, first check it with your healthcare professional. He/she is the best person to suggest what’s absolutely safe for your baby. So ensure taking his advice before beginning to wean your baby. Enjoy feeding weaning foods to your baby and be ready for the giggles and mess!!! Top 8 weaning foods for babies

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