Belly Burner Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat

Top 5 Belly Burner Exercises

Top 5 Belly Burner Exercises

The last day when you had to exchange that newly bought pencil skirt for those tracks, cause they showed your hideous muffin top, that is when you realized that you need to do something about all that weight is accumulating around your waist and in your belly. Losing your belly fat is not as easy as putting it on. It is the hardest bit of fat to lose in your body. All you have to do to reduce belly fat is stay dedicated and focus on a few very simple exercises to reduce belly fat.

Simple Belly Burner Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat

Top 5 Belly Burner Exercises

A handful of exercises on a regular basis is enough to melt those layers of grease in your tummy and get it back in shape. Here is a list of the belly burner exercises to reduce belly fat, choose the ones that you are comfortable with at first and then move on to the others.


If you are not a big fan of running, yet thinking how to reduce belly fat, the next best alternative you have is to jogging exercise. It goes somewhere between walking and running and can help with reducing belly fat.

Top 5 Simple Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat


Crunches to lose belly fat

The best exercise to reduce tummy ever invented to burn belly fat is the crunches. Crunches put pressure on your abs and your abdominal muscles, resulting in the rapid burning of flat. If you are just starting out, you can do ten crunches per set.

Side Crunch

side Crunches to lose belly fat

Once you are used to doing the crunches, you can always modify them for more fruitful and faster results. In the side crunch, you lift one shoulder with hands at the back of your head and try reaching the other side, with the other shoulder pinned to the ground.

Twist Crunch

twist Crunches to lose belly fat

Twisting crunch is similar to side crunch, with the only difference being in the position of the feet. In side crunch, the legs tilt in the same direction as the shoulder, and it is the opposite for the twisting crunch.

The Rolling PlankThe Rolling Plank to belly fat

This is the most effective exercise on this list, as it focuses all its attention to the waist and the abdomen. Hence, if your belly and your waist are your areas that you want to lose your extra fat from, then do this exercise to reduce tummy.

Keep practicing these simple set of exercises to help get rid of your belly fat and get in shape.


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