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Top 3 Spirulina Recipes You Must Try To Keep You Healthy

Spirulina is famous for its flavor and it is a natural energy booster and it is also very renowned for its nutritional value. It is a type of water plant. It is better to say that it is an algae of blue-green color. It is found in ponds, rivers, and lakes. It is known as a complete superfood. It provides several health benefits to every organ of your body.  Spirulina helps to restore your health. It grows your energy level and it is good natural supplement. The dish using spirulina is tasty in nature and at the same time, you get enough nutrients from these foods. Spirulina helps to improve your immune system. It is helpful in healing your wounds quickly and it protects you from colds and flues. It offers you a better digestive system absorbing the dietary nutrients. It improves your eye health as it is a great source of vitamin A. it is a natural supplement for your healthy eyes. It is rich in chlorophyll and it acts as a powerful detoxifying agent and it removes the toxin from your blood. It binds the radioactive isotopes and heavy metals. It is beneficial for the people coping with radioactive therapy. Spirulina is also a powerful anti-inflammatory agent and it is a great nutritional food supplement for the pregnant women. Spirulina is rich in protein and it provides more protein than soybeans and fish. So, let’s talk about the delicious and nutritional spirulina recipes which will assure your good health. Top 3 Spirulina Recipes You Must Try To Keep You Healthy Iced Peppermint and Spirulina Tea Tired after a day’s hectic schedule? How about a glass of chilled ice tea for your refreshment? Try the iced peppermint spirulina tea which will not only refresh your mind but is also a good energy booster. Check out the detailed recipe below: Iced Peppermint and Spirulina Tea Ingredients: Peppermint Tea: 8 Bags Spirulina Powder: ½ teaspoon Warm water: 200 gm Boiling Water: 1800 gm Mint Leaves: For Garnishing Directions: Take a glass and put ½ teaspoon of Spirulina powder and the warm water together. Take a pitcher separately and add boiling water and put the tea bags into it. Steep it for 5 minutes or until you get the desired flavor. Leave it to cool. Once it cools down, now add the spirulina mixture along with ice. Garnish this refreshing drink with fresh mint leaves and enjoy this healthy drink. Spring Rolls Spring rolls are yet another tasty snack to beat your hunger. They go best when you have friends at home or at a party. By adding the healthy spirulina to your spring rolls; you make these rolls not only a tasty but a healthy snack. Let’s check its recipe in details: Spring Rolls Ingredients: Ripe Avocado: 1 (sliced in thin strips) Large Carrot: 1 (sliced in thin strips) Button Mushrooms: 3 (sliced) Spirulina: 1 tbsp Spinach Leaves Tofu (extra firm): 1 package or 300-400 gms Wrappers (spring roll): 3 Direction: Follow the directions mentioned in the wrapper’s package and moisten them accordingly. Once the wrappers are moistened layer it with spinach leaves, carrot, avocado, and 1 package or 300-400 gms tofu. Then roll the wrapper and cut it into slices or halves as per your desire. Chocolate Hearts Chocolate hearts is a delicious dish. You can enjoy its taste at any time as it is quite easy to make and it does not take much time for the preparation. Chocolate Hearts Ingredients Cacao butter: ½ cup Cacao powder: ½ cup Spirulina powder: 2 tsp Vanilla powder-: 1/8 tsp Sea salt: as needed Agave nectar: 2 tbsp Mixture of dried dragonfruit, goji berries, and gold foil: ¼ cup Direction Mix vanilla powder, cacao powder, sea salt and spirulina using the wire whisk and still it becomes smooth. Pour chocolate molds into it. Add 2 tablespoon of nectar. Place the mixture in a freezer for about ten minutes till the chocolate becomes solidified completely. After the chocolate gets hardened it is ready for serving. You can store the dish in a refrigerator. So, these are the tasty recipes which you can make using spirulina. These dishes are not only delicious in taste, at the same time it is rich in several nutrients. You must try these delicious dishes for its taste and for its excellent nutritional value. You will feel amazing after taking spirulina dishes which will provide you several health benefits without having any side effect. Top 3 Spirulina Recipes You Must Try To Keep You Healthy  

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