10 Vitamins and Minerals One Should Include in Daily Diet

Top 10 Vitamins and Minerals One Should Include In Daily Diet

You may or may not be a bodybuilder; there are a good number of vitamins and minerals, which you should be including, in your diet on a regular basis.

These vitamins and minerals have a special role to play in helping your body grow, strengthen and become immune towards diseases and impurities.

All in all, they are geared towards providing you with a better state of health. They also help in muscle growth and hence are perfect for anyone who is dedicated to body building.

The Top 10 Vitamins And Minerals That You Should Include In Your Daily Diet:

If you are inclined towards earning a better health for yourself, it is important that you understand the importance that the following list of vitamins and minerals holds in our daily lives.

You can either choose to take them through supplements or include their natural sources in your daily diet. Whatever be the process, it is important that these vitamins and minerals reach your body.

1. Minerals- Magnesium

The reason that magnesium holds the number one spot on this list is that it produces the most noticeable theoretical mechanism of action. This is great for body builders.

Recent research shows that Magnesium may help the human body in a number of different ways. It is a recognised energy booster and allows protein synthesis. Some natural sources of Magnesium are nuts and legumes.

Minerals- Magnesium

2. Vitamins- Vitamin A

Vitamin A is also regarded to as retinol and is used to improve vision. Apart from focusing on improving one’s vision the vitamin is also dedicated to strengthening the immunity in every individual.

It is especially important for children to have a healthy supply of Vitamin A in their diet as it supports and influences bone growth. Carrots and spinach are the best sources of Vitamin A; other natural sources include sweet potato, turnips and squash.

Sources of Vitamins 3. Minerals- Calcium

The regular intake of calcium is a must for individuals for each and every age group. Not only does it help in strengthening the bones and the teeth structure and maintaining high bone density, but also contribute to weight loss and controlling blood pressure.

Hence, calcium has to offer something or the other to every individual. Some of the best natural sources of calcium are dairy products, like milk, yogurt, etc.

Minerals- Calcium4. Vitamins- Vitamin D

For calcium and phosphorous to work efficiently in our body, they need a boost from an ample supply of Vitamin D. This is at the top of the vitamins list.

It is also referred to as the ‘sunshine vitamin’ as it creates itself when the human body has enough exposure to the sun. Vitamin D enables the absorption of calcium and phosphorous in our bones and teeth. Milk is a great source of vitamin D.

Vitamin D 5. Mineral- Zinc

One of the main minerals that our body craves to grow efficiently throughout its different stages is Zinc. Regulate your regular zinc intake to have enough of it in your body for proper growth.

Minerals- Zinc

6. Vitamin- Vitamin E

Natural sources of Vitamin E are often the best antioxidants. The antioxidant quality of Vitamin E purifies the blood and influences the growth of a very healthy immune system

Vitamin- Vitamin E7. Minerals- Sodium

We often misjudge the importance of sodium in our body. The level of sodium in the body is directly related to the amount of water contained in the body. A drop in the level of sodium might destroy the natural balance of the human body. Broccoli is rich in sodium.

Minerals- Sodium8. Vitamin- Vitamin C

Vitamin C like Vitamin E contains very high antioxidant qualities and helps fight cold and cough. The Vitamin C also plays a very important role in maintaining the health of the connecting tissues in the tendons and the cartilages.

9. Minerals- Phosphorus

This mineral is dedicated to producing high-energy molecules in the body to help provide energy to the body during high activity situations, such as during exercising. Avocado is rich in phosphorus.

10. Vitamin- Biotin

To be able to enjoy the benefits provided by all the list of vitamins and minerals mentioned above, you need to have a steady supply of Biotin in your body.

Mentioned above are the top 10 vitamins and minerals that you should include in your daily diet to maintain healthy living. A better idea is to maintain a vitamins and minerals chart, which will show you your rightful consumption of the same.

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