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Top 10 Vitamin D Rich Foods For Good Health

Top 10 Vitamin D Rich Foods For Good Health

Vitamin D has always been referred to as a nutrient that your body absorbs when you spend more time in the sun or outdoors.

However, the modern day lifestyle is largely sedentary, particularly in the workplace and you hardly get time to spend outdoors unless your work demands you to be out of office.

What exactly are the benefits of vitamin D? If you are wondering how to get vitamin d, you have to understand why your body needs requisite amounts of this nutrient before choosing diets that contain vitamin D.

It is an essential nutrient that you must consume every day as it allows your body to absorb calcium and aids in the development of bones.

This article highlights top ten foods that are rich in a vitamin that you must include in your diet.

Vitamin D Rich Foods Sources Are:

MushroomsVitamin D Rich Foods

Mushrooms contain a significant amount of vitamin D and including a handful of them in your diet allows your body to absorb this nutrient especially when the mushrooms have been exposed to sunlight.

You can prepare a variety of delectable dishes using mushrooms. When it comes to vitamin d rich food, salads often have mushrooms in them.

 Milkvitamin d rich food

Milk has no substitute and you may consider it as a source of vitamin d, particularly cow’s milk. If you are not able to drink milk directly, you can eat dairy products such as yogurt, cheese, and ice cream although it is important to remember you have to eat the required amount to stay away from extra calories.


Cereals are fortified with vitamin D although you must check the ingredients mentioned in the packet as you might not get them in certain cereals.

However, when you add milk to it, it becomes rich in vitamin D and fulfills your body’s requirement of this nutrient. For vitamin d rich food, you may also consult a dietician for better results.

Eggsvitamin d rich food

You have been eating eggs for long but have you ever imagined that they contain vitamin D. However, the truth is that including eggs in your diet caters to the daily requirement of this nutrient.

In fact, there are so many dishes and recipes that include egg and you can enjoy eating them at home or in your workplace.


Tuna sandwiches are preferred by many people and most of them eat this fish for satisfying their taste buds rather than any other reason.

However, if you are wondering how to get vitamin d, including tuna fish in your sandwich every day fulfills a quarter of the required amount of this nutrient that helps in keeping bones healthy.


Do you like eating oranges and include them in your fruit salad every day? It is hard to believe that a glass of orange juice contains more vitamin D when compared with the same quantity of milk.

You can drink orange juice or look for recipes that contain this nutrient but stay away from canned or sugary orange juice that is available in the market.

Pork and tofuVitamin D

As a source of vitamin d, pork and tofu remain unchallenging. However, pork ribs are rich in vitamin D but you have to be careful about the fat content of pig meat which is higher than the other varieties.

Tofu is a better option not only because it contains large amounts of Vitamin D, but also because of the convenience of eating them. Go ahead and eat them raw without adding to your pounds.

If you are concerned about your weight, tofu is anyway a better option as compared to pork.

Salmondaily requirement of vitamin D

Did you know that including a fillet of salmon to your diet daily fulfills your daily requirement of vitamin D. It is not only considered beneficial as a source of vitamin d but you can eat it without worrying about gaining weight?

Ricotta cheesesource of vitamin d

Ricotta cheese has more amount of this nutrient when compared with other types of cheese. You can eat this variety of cheese in salads or cook them along with other ingredients for obtaining the recommended dose of vitamin D that your body needs for the development of bones.

Cod liver oilvitamin d rich food

Having a teaspoon of cod liver oil allows you to get the daily recommended dose of vitamin D that your body needs.

A final tip

Not eating vitamin d rich food implies that your body is devoid of this nutrient which is necessary to absorb the calcium that you get from other sources such as poultry and dairy products.


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