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Top 10 Vitamin B12 Foods

Cobalamin also widely recognised as the Vitamin B12, is one of the most crucial vitamins needed by the human body. The slightest of deficiency of this nutrient can lead to the eruption of a number of diseases, some of which include- mania, fatigue, anaemia, and depression.

While these are the diseases on comes across when one has a deficiency of Vitamin B12 for only a short period, a long time deficiency of this nutrient can lead to diseases that are more serious.

These diseases or side effects include permanent and crucial damage to the brain or as a matter of fact to the whole nervous system.

This deficiency can be treated by the regular consumption of vitamin b12 foods. In case that there is a major deficiency, you might just have to team the food items with a regular dosage of Vitamin B12 supplements.

Below are the best Vitamin B12 Foods

In case that you or someone you know has been detected with a deficiency of vitamin B12 in their body, it is necessary that they start consuming some of the best vitamin b12 foods. Some of the best sources of the nutrient include-

1. Shell Fish

When it comes to containing high levels of Vitamin B12, there is hardly any source better than the shellfishes. A bowl of cooked clams or that tray of fresh oysters is the best option you have when you need some Vitamin B12 to go into your body.

Other varieties of shellfishes that can provide the eminent amount of Vitamin B12 to your body include- mussels, oysters, etc.

Every hundred grams of these shell fishes contain a total of 98.9gms of Vitamin B12, making them the best source of this valuable nutrient.

Shell Fish2. Liver

Animal liver is one of the best vitamin b12 foods. A small helping of chicken live pâté a day can give you your daily requirement of Vitamin B 12.

The highest source of the nutrient can be found in beef liver and also pork or lamb liver. Yet, if you are looking for a leaner option that will not add up on the calories, chicken or turkey liver can always replace the former varieties.

Every 100gms of beef liver contains 83gms of Vitamin B12.

3. Fish

Fish is one of the best sources of protein and vitamin e to the body. It also provides the body with sufficient amount of Vitamin B12. Amongst all fishes, mackerel manages to extend the highest quantity of Vitamin B 12 to the human body. Every 100gms of Mackerel contains 19gm of Vitamin B12.

4. Crustaceans

Crustaceans like crab, lobsters and prawns are great sources of Vitamin B12. Every hundred grams of these delicious white meats contributes about 11.5gms of Vitamin B 12 to the body. These are also lean in nature and do not allow you to put on much weight.

5. Fortified Cereals

Fortified Cereals

A bowl of fortified cereals made out of all natural grains can help supply you with a good amount of Vitamin B12. This is a great option for vegans and vegetarians, who like to keep away from the non-vegetarian alternatives mentioned above. Consuming 100gms of this stuff will provide you with 20gms of vitamin B12.

6. Fortified Soy Products

Fortified Soy Products

This is another great product that is especially a hit with the vegetarians. If you are a vegetarian and suffering from Vitamin B12 deficiency, every 100gms of fortified soy products will give you 2.4gms of the nutrient.

7. Red Meat

Red Meat

Red Meat has been recognised to be one of the highest sources of Vitamin B12. Consuming 100gms of beef will give you 6gms of the nutrient.

8. Cheese

How to get vitamin b12

Dairy products like cheeses are brilliant sources of the Vitamin B12. Have a cube of Swiss cheese every day to fight your Vitamin B12 deficiency.

9. Skim Milk

Skim Milk

Products like Skim Milk that are low in fat content are good sources of Vitamin B 12 too. Make sure you include one cup of skim milk to your diet every day to never let the nutrient become deficient in your body.

10. Eggs


If you are still thinking how to get vitamin b12, on a regular basis, just get up in the morning and crack two chicken eggs on the frying pan. Eggs contain a good quantity of this essential nutrient.

Pick any or more of these foods in a regulated amount to solve your Vitamin B12 deficiency problem.

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