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Top 10 Surprising Health Benefits Of Saffron

Commonly known as the Golden spice, saffron is rightly called because of its color. We all know that it costs an arm and a leg to acquire a small amount of this spice, but do we know why? It is because of its immense medicinal value and the difficulty of acquiring them in the first place. Kesar is obtained from the Zafraan flower. It is one of the most expensive spices in the world, because of the extensive process of processing them and for its medicinal benefits. Saffron is rich in many components, like Vitamin A, folic acid, calcium, manganese, magnesium, riboflavin, thiamin, etc. These are essential for the body functioning and growth of the person. Health Benefits: Skin: Benefits Of Saffron - Skin Saffron helps one keep a radiant and healthy skin, free of pimples. Make a paste of saffron, sandalwood, and milk and apply to your face. Wash with cold water once dry and repeat it once a day. The complexion changes and brings out a natural glow to the person. Add a couple of basil leaves when you are facing pimple problems. This will help prevent acne, wrinkles, blackheads and other blemishes. Hair: Benefits Of Saffron - Hair Many people face alopecia, which is a hair loss from the scalp, even at a younger stage. It can be caused due to lack of proper diet, and over exposure to the sun. This occurs in children, who go out and play in the sun the whole day. This can be avoided by making a mix of milk, licorice and saffron, and applying to the balding spots. This will help in hair growth. Insomnia: Benefits Of Saffron - Sleep The medical components of saffron help in reducing the stress levels of the body. It helps in regulating and soothing the nervous system, which results in a calm mind. Having a glass of saffron infused milk at night has known to help one sleep better. Blood Pressure and Heart: Benefits Of Saffron - Heart Saffron is known to help the health of the heart, due to the many antioxidants it contains. Saffron is known to lower the cholesterol levels, which may reduce the accumulation of fat in the heart arteries, thereby, reducing the risk of inflammation and heart attacks. Memory: Benefits Of Saffron - memory Saffron is known to aggregate and deposit amyloidal beta in the brain, which helps in concentration, learning behaviors and memory. This has also studied to cure acute stages of Alzheimer’s disease. For children, it is advised to give them a glass of saffron infused milk with honey, regularly, to improve memory power. Asthma: Benefits Of Saffron - Asthma Asthma is caused when the respiratory track gets blocked and becomes difficult for the person to breathe. The airways become narrow, making it difficult for air to pass through. Saffron helps clear the tract, making it possible for the air to reach the lungs. Antidepressant: Benefits Of Saffron - Depression Saffron contains the compounds alfa-crocin and safranal, which helps in controlling depression in person. This also contains carotenoids, which boosts the immune system and makes one feel better about them. Include saffron as part of your regular diet, and prevent yourself from various types of cancer. Digestion: Benefits Of Saffron - Digestion Saffron helps in relieving gas and thereby helps with digestion. It suppresses stomach cramps and reduces acidity. Eye Sight: Benefits Of Saffron - Sight Saffron helps widely in maintaining eyesight by protecting the vision cells from damage and slows the course of blinding diseases. Other: Saffron also helps in the proper metabolism of the body functions. It helps with the cold and cough when the saffron is drunk with some hot water. It also helps in muscle strengthening, which may be degenerating due to old age. It also helps in proper functioning of male genitalia, ensuring vitality. For pregnant women, when consumed, it ensures blood flow to the pelvic regions, thereby reducing cramps. It also controls mood swings and menstrual cramps during periods. Saffron solely helps in treating insomnia, stomach bleeding, and cancer. It is only grown in some places as the requirements needed to make it difficult. For instance, Saffron is grown only in Jammu and Kashmir in India. Kesar or Saffron is used in various culinary recipes in the world, for the color and taste and also for its medicinal purposes.

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