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Top 10 Superfoods You Should Know About

As we all know that nutrients are very important in our body. So, superfoods are great to add nutrients in our body. Having superfood is not so easy and people have many questions on the variety and the price of the superfood. To clear all your doubts, below-mentioned is the list of different superfoods that you can add in your diet and witness the benefits of such incredible.

These superfoods are for our health and even for our body. They are very much natural and provide all types of nutrients that we do not get in our normal food. These superfoods are organic in nature and they are non-GMO because farmers take great care of the crops and bring out the best crops.

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These superfoods have the greatness of nutrients, antioxidants, phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals. Before you buy these foods, you need to check whether the products are certified or not.

Check out the top 10 superfoods list for your extra nutrients in the body

1. Chia Seeds

It contains omega-3 fatty acids, amino acids, antioxidants, and minerals. It acts as an energy booster and after you soak in the water, it will bloom and then you can have the seeds raw. If you add them, they will automatically thicken them. They are great for intestinal health. You do not have to grind them to have these seeds.

Chia Seeds

2. Flax seeds

It has many incredible properties like controls inflammation, control brain function, improves heart health, strengthen the immunity. You need to grind the seeds and refrigerate to keep it away from oxidation. You can mix half a spoon flax seeds in the Luke warm water and enjoy the goodness. You can sprinkle the powder on the different dishes and have its benefits effectively. Look for the flax seeds that are good for your health.

Flax seeds

3. Goji berries

You will get vitamin C, amino acids, immune boosting properties, beta-carotene, and antioxidant properties make it just perfect for health. You have dry, soak in different smoothies, muesli, and in different forms of snacks.

Goji berries


4. Bee Pollen

It is a great food, which provide nourishment, vitality, energy and gives you great growth and even help in your development. It also includes protein, vitamin, amino acids, and antioxidants because it comes from flowers and trees pollen. To control the seasonal allergies, you can also have bee pollen i.e. local. The color depends on the origination of plant pollen. You can have it over yogurt, smoothies and even with fruits.

Bee Pollen

5. Dried Mulberries

It is originated from Far East and helps in the goodness of kidney and liver. It has antioxidants of anti aging, calcium, iron and taste like sweet caramel. Add mulberries in oatmeal and have it greatly.

Dried Mulberries

6. Golden Berries

You can get these berries in summer and when you eat fresh, they give a perfect taste. When they are dried, then they offer sour flavor. They have high protein, antioxidant and beta-carotene. If included in different types of foods, then the taste will accentuate and one will get the benefits.

Golden Berries

7. Hemp Seeds

It contains Gamma-linoleic acid, omega-3 fatty acids, amino acids, protein and control inflammation, improves bone health, brain function, weight loss. They are creamy in nature and has a flavor of mild grassy and it has both sweet and savory. You can easily sprinkle them on daily dirt and get the benefits of the hemp seeds. You must have these seeds raw and needs to be stored in fridge they do not have phytic acid and that is why; you do not have to soak before you adding in the meals.

Hemp Seeds

8. Pomegranate

It helps in fertility and longevity. It has anti-inflammatory, antioxidants and rich in vitamin C, amino acids, and minerals. You can have it as a fruit or in fruit salad. It is a favorite fruit of everyone and have a perfect taste. You can also have this fruit as a drink and it is available all through the year.



9. Maca Root Powder

This powder is used to increase the stamina of your body and control fatigue. The adaptogenic properties control the stress and nourish the thyroid, glandular and adrenals. It has minerals, fatty acids, vitamins and amino acids. It also helps to boost your fertility and hormones. It is available raw and need to have in the form of powder. It has a malty flavor and you can have the breakfast and get the rich goodness of the powder.

Superfoods list

10. Wheat Germ

It is the nutrient part and contains magnesium, folic acid, vitamin E, vitamin B and fatty acids. You can buy it toasted or raw and have a perfect flavor. You need to refrigerate it to hold all the basic nutrients.

healthy foods

Therefore, include these superfoods are healthy foods that should be in your regular diet to enjoy the benefits of them.

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