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Top 10 Health Benefits Of Barley Water

Barley is a whole grain that is rich in iron, magnesium, calcium, zinc, copper, Vitamin- B complex, protein, dietary fiber, amino acids, and beta-glucans. You can avail the health benefits of barley water of this versatile grain by preparing a healthy drink out of it. Benefits of barley water daily, you will be able to keep many health problems at bay. Since barley comes with the ability to nourish human body naturally, you can incorporate it into your diet by adding its powdered form to salads and stews.

Given below is a list of benefits you can gain by consuming barley water:

Barley Water Treats UTIs


Barley water for UTI is a natural remedy to treat urinary tract infections. As a natural diuretic, barley water increases urination in the body to flush harmful toxins and bacteria out of the body. Since barley water encourages excretion in human body; barley water health benefits which help the kidney remain clean and filtered.

As a Supporter Of Weight Loss

weight loss

Questions about how to make barley water to lose weight quickly are likely to rise in your mind from time to time. Thus, to prepare barley water, you need to take two teaspoons of powdered barley and add it to four cups of boiling water. Once the mixture is ready, you must allow it to cool for some time. Once the mixture has been cooled, you can have it. Due to high beta-glucan contents present in this drink, you will feel full after drinking it, and this will deter you from eating anything at all. Thus, barley water is a natural supporter of weight loss.

As A Cholesterol Reducer


Since barley water consists of high insoluble fiber, it is considered good for lowering cholesterol level in the body. Adding to this, the high beta-glucan contents in barley are natural preventers of cholesterol absorption in intestines and the stomach. Thus, by reducing blood cholesterol level in a human body, barley water reduces heart risks among people.

As Promoter Of Healthy Heart

barley water for heart

In addition to reducing cholesterol level, barley water consists of Vitamin B that is useful for preventing atherosclerosis, a situation that causes thickening of arterial walls, slowing down blood flow in a human body and increase chances of cardiovascular disease.

As A Digestive Aid

barley water for digestion

On being rich in insoluble and soluble fiber, barley water is considered to be an excellent promoter of intestinal health and digestion. Since the grain is alkaline in nature, it can relieve you of issues like constipation and gastritis.

As A Controller Of Diabetes

barley water as diabetics controller

Barley consists of beta-glucans that promote slow absorption of glucose, in a human body, after meals. Thus, with barley benefits, you can control and stabilize the blood sugar level in your body.

As A Skin Enhancer

barley water as skin enhancer

Since barley water removes harmful toxins from the body, its helps you to maintain clear, glowing skin. Barley grains contain azelaic, a compound that heals acne from its roots. Consuming barley water will also open your skin pores and encourage them to breathe freely. In addition to this, the antioxidants present in barley water fight free radicals and reduce signs of aging on skin.

As A Natural Hydration Agent

hydration with barley water

Barley water is excellent for quenching thirst and providing relief from the heat of the sun. Due to its natural cooling properties, health benefits of barley water will reduce your internal body heat and help you to remain hydrated during the summer.

As A Pregnancy Elixir

barley water

As it is loaded with essential nutrients, barley water is an excellent drink for pregnant ladies. Alongside preventing constipation and promoting digestion, barley water can lessen the effects of morning sickness. The presence of amino acids in the drink prevents the formation of fungal infection in the stomach during pregnancy.

As An Immunity Improver

barley water benefits

On being a powerhouse that is packed with essential nutrients like protein, iron, calcium, magnesium, iron and much more of the sort, barley water is capable of boosting a weak person’s immunity system. However, its task does not end here. Alongside boosting your immunity system, barley water can create a defense mechanism in your body to save you from the attack of various infections and diseases.

Due to the presence of iron and copper, barley water encourages blood circulation in a human body. Such barley water benefits will save you from issues like anemia.

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