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The Internet Of Healthy Things

Internet Of Healthy Things

Have you ever searched the internet about the internet? Well if you are here, that means you did it!

Everybody goes on about how the internet is bad for you because you spend too much time on it or how it affects your eyes or even how it affects you mentally. But little do people know how it could be beneficial to you, especially with regards to health. 

The internet is a source of many things, but it is the best source of information on health. It all depends on how the person is surfing through takes in the information.

If you can pick the positives out of the whole by neglecting the negatives, you can always be balanced about how you use a fantastic resource like the internet. 

There are many ways in which the internet can help you maintain good health and contribute to your wellbeing. Read through the article to know how you can use the internet in the right way.

According to a survey conducted by NCBI, gender and education are identified with how the internet is utilized to help health wellbeing practices.

We ought to know about the potential job of the internet in accelerating social disparities in health and continue to monitor use. The best way Internet- and mobile-based interventions support health behaviours.

Online wellbeing related hunts show a rising number in the number of people who are becoming tech-savvy and health-conscious at the same time. It’s fascinating to see the work on the web will play in the manner we see wellbeing data as the web grows. Here are some intriguing realities from the investigation:

• Eighty percent of those looking for health information online uses the internet to look upon a specific disease or a medical problem.

• More than fifty percent of people look for information on a particular treatment, drug or procedure

• Twenty-four percent of users read someone’s commentary, blog or another account of a personal health experience, which shows how compelling patient stories can be.

• Sixteen percent of surfers consult ratings or rankings of doctors and or hospitals.

Emotional Wellbeing

Social Connections For Emotional Wellbeing

We all know that the internet is a connecting platform where you get to stay in touch with friends, family and relatives. People who regularly keep in touch with their dear ones tend to have better emotional health. 

Now there are numerous ways in which the internet lets you connect with your people. You could use the email or social media platforms to connect with them. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and what not! 

The added advantage of these portals is that they let you connect with your peers and loved ones virtually and not just verbally. You get to know what is happening with them, you can share your experiences and also find a gateway to let out your emotional stress and anxiety. Skype, WhatsApp, etc. are good examples of these. 

You must be wondering why we are not talking about bad effects like addiction to the devices or the negative effects that the internet might have to the mental system in us. Well one thing can be said here, only if you let these things get to you, will they get to you. 

It is important that you control your usage of the internet and not get too attached to the things it provides. For example, using the internet to chat with your friends once in a while is okay.

Or using the internet to share your fitness or transformation story is acceptable. But the problem arises when you get depressed or enter self doubt when you see someone else doing it. 

You have to make sure that you take things positively and use it for yourself. In the same case where you have a look at someone else’s story, it is for you to make it a motivating factor to work on yourself or just simply appreciate the person.

Online sources can be used as a powerful means to accomplish a reliable way of life objectives, for example, quitting smoking or going for a good workout regime. 

How To Use The Internet The Best Way

An association with the Internet is an incredible asset because it connects you to pretty much the majority of the information on the planet. Furthermore, you can utilize that tool to help improve your wellbeing. There is a way of using the internet to your benefit by following a few steps.

Do A Good Amount Of Research 

The internet has ample amount of information on various health topics ranging from diet tips to research studies on current diseases, etc.

It is important that you choose a reliable source on the internet without getting tricked. There are certain things that only special professional people can speak the facts about. For example, if you are looking for information on whether you should consider following a particular diet, it is best that you find a source from a nutritionist who writes about the same. 

Do Not Use The Internet As Your Doctor 

By considering the internet as your only way of gaining information, it can hurt your mental state. You might just look for some of the symptoms that you might be going through but the internet might show you results of a disease that you might not even have. 

In such a case, it is necessary to take big health decisions under the supervision of your healthcare professional only. 

Using The Internet To Connect With Professionals

On the contrary to the previous point, the internet provides a wide array of portals for you to connect to your doctor directly and discuss your medical and nutritional queries. It is quite possible that your hospital, insurance company or your doctor offer a portal through a website to look at your personal information to give better suggestions. 

Among these professional settings, social media is also calling in for the attention from doctors and other medical professionals. Social media is used by these people to give out public health information and sometimes personalized help too.

Social Media As A Motivating Platform

Declaring a target through internet-based life and consistently posting about it promotes responsibility to other people too by getting encouraging feedback from friends or followers and inspiring an online social emotionally supportive network which may lead the wannabe to shape or join different networks committed to similar interests.

Research has also suggested that sharing a goal openly encourages responsibility as well as helps one remain focussed. It also drastically builds one’s opportunity of achievement, regardless of whether it be weight reduction or balance for recovering someone who is addicted or heavy drinkers.

An ever-increasing number of youngsters are going to the web for wellbeing advice, including tips on contraception, acne outbreak medicines, and so on. A long way from being an independently harmful power in their improvement, the internet can actually, in reality, do an incredible inverse of the same too.

Diet And Fitness 

How many calories does a french fry have? How much protein does an egg white contain? Is red wine really good for health? 

These are some questions you must’ve search at least once in your life on the internet if you are even a little health conscious. The internet serves as a very good informant of the things that matter in your nutrition. 

A wide range of topics are covered like the diets you could pursue, new trends in the food industry, some research and surveys on certain types of products or even the experience of people who have consumed that product. 

Whatever your diet, nutrition, or weight-loss query, there’s probably an app or a blog to read about it. Downloadable audiobooks and videos on the same can also be found where the whole process of making or the result of a particular dish or regime is discussed. 

The Smart phones

Obviously, these digital assistants don’t stop at menus and calorie counts. To enable you to eat right when eating out, get into shape, and get fit, you can also consider download advanced mobile phone applications that make it simpler for you to: 

Crush in little exercises in case you’re in the recreation center with the children, getting a speedy break at work, or doing housework 

  • Squeeze in mini-workouts if you’re in the park with the kids, grabbing a quick break at work, or doing housework
  • Track your exercises 
  • Screen your weight reduction 
  • Discover an eatery close to you that serves your diet friendly dishes 
  • Remain roused with motivating weight reduction certifications 
  • Keep up on the most recent wellbeing news with computerized memberships to your preferred weight reduction magazines

You might be wondering if all this helps. Yes it does! If you have an app that helps you track workout and reminds you to be determined until you reach your goal. What’s more, for people who have a very busy schedule, there are apps that remind you meals and drinking water too!

Other Than Apps 

While dealing with your diet is not just limited to using apps, the internet has to be considered for its website, blog, podcast and video content to a large extent. Yes, smartphones can be the channel here too since  they carry the mighty search engines that offer this ocean of health information. 

Cooking Tutorial

Government sites, for example, the National Health Portal of India, include calorie adding machines and sanitation data, for example, nourishment reviews, safe food taking care of, and other valuable data. 

Websites – Many eateries and restaurants provide nutritional information about their offerings on their websites. Some sites also give valuable information on what foods to eat when as a voice of their health care professional or a customer. 

Websites – Pick a city from Mumbai to Delhi, and you can discover a food blog covering subjects going from eating out gluten-free food or finding an incredible veggie-lover spot, to tips on making homemade foods like coconut milk or keeping homegrown veggies in a good state.

Podcasts – These sound or video records that can be downloaded to your smartphone, tablet, or a music player can speak about nutrition from a couple of minutes to hours long. 

You can discover podcasts that spread wellbeing themes as changed as systems for smart dieting in a hurry, tips to receive solid abilities, how to manage stress and beat your barriers to exercise, and tips on eating right when you have diabetes.

Fitness And The Internet

If you are looking to get fit, the internet is always going to be your best friend. From finding the best workout place around you to help you choose which type of workout you should do, whether yoga, zumba or gym training. 

Research, as mentioned before is the key to looking out for information on the internet. Look and look out for more and more information on your prescribed workout, the different ways of doing it, what you should have before or after workouts, etc. 

Research Health Online

There are so many videos available online that suggest free tutorials and free workout videos. You can watch these videos at the maximum of your disposal.

When you have to work out, and you cannot make it to the gym, these video tutorials tell you the best way to compensate your work out for the day by telling you what and how to do.

Another way the internet aids your fitness journey is by providing the best music of any genre that suits you. Especially for yoga that is conducted align with music, the internet helps pick and play the suitable music

Staying fit is an extreme effort, yet fortunately, the cutting edge aids of the internet make it significantly easier. Utilize the web in these ways or innumerable others, to enable you to get fit and solid.

After some time, you may find that the internet and some self-control are all you have to support your wellbeing and get into shape and boosting your health.

It is important that one understands the exact use of the internet for health information. It is okay to use it to know your calorie information or be informed about new health trends.

But at the end of the day, you must consult a real person to make sure you’re taking the right decision for your health.

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