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The Calcium-Rich Foods And Herbs That One Should Include In One’s Diet!

A considerably healthy diet does not refer to the protein-rich ones, which would help you to lose weight. The healthy and the best kind of diet are those which are competent enough to provide each and every kind of nutrient to your body, in ample amounts. The reason why we pick and choose certain food types and try and incorporate them in our diet, so that there is no deficiency of nutrients in our body, but there is one thing that people completely overlook when they are trying to cut short of the carbohydrates- calcium. For your bones and your body, in turn, to work in a proper manner, you have to have calcium in your body. So, cutting short of the consumption of milk or any other such food type which would provide you with calcium rich food will not do justice to your health. Thus, follow us with a keen eye, as we discuss the kind of food, the consumption of which will make you healthy as it would add calcium to your body. Calcium rich food
  • Each and every diet, more or less, has milk in their plan. Now, milk although has a certain form of carbohydrate in them, but it is good for your health because of it being rich in calcium. So the consumption of milk will only help you in the long run. For instance, if you cut out on the food types which are rich in calcium, the consumption of milk each day in a certain amount would suffice. The best part about milk is that there are variants available in the market. There are low-fat, non-fat, flavoured, skimmed all sorts of milk available for the convenience of the consumer. Milk contains the kind of calcium which can be digested easily and hence, it is easier for the body to absorb in a way.
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  • While we are speaking of milk, there is another such dairy product which is high in calcium, but there is a twist- Low-fat cheese. The low lactose content of low-fat cheese is good for those who are lactose intolerant and thus they will not have to sacrifice on their calcium intake. Re-mineralization, which this cheese is good at enhancing, in the body, is the process in which, there is a deposition of the phosphorous and calcium in the teeth, thus strengthening the enamel of your teeth. So, cheese lovers, here is your chance to incorporate cheese into your diet, but in moderation that is.
  • Leafy greens are also considered as calcium-rich Indian food. Those who are well versed with the diets they are keen on following, they know very well the importance of leafy greens and it is for a fact we know that leafy greens are great for both weight-loss and for keeping us healthy. Greens like, kale, turnip, spinach, asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, celery and so on goes the list. For those, who would hate to chew on the leaves, they can always make a smoothie out of them and gulp them down, to make the process easier or just toss them up and make the salad of your dream with some protein. Along with the calcium, what you would add to your body is fibre and we all know how important fibre is for us and our well-being.
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  • Yoghurt is good for your gut, literally. So basically yoghurt is not only rich in calcium, but along with that it has healthy bacteria which are truly good for your gut. Many families prefer to have yoghurt in good amount after or before their meal, but what they don’t know is that it is one of the calcium rich Indian foods. There is a good amount of protein in it, like any of the dairy product and just like them; the calcium content too is very high. In case of yoghurt too, there are various types available in the market. Although, one cannot completely say that these variants are fat-free or are devoid of carbohydrates and calories, because of the flavours infused in them, but like any other food available in the market, there are the non-fat kind. So, you can satiate your sweet tooth by indulging into flavoured yoghurt, and be benefitted at the same time, or you can just opt for the low-fat ones. Either way you would be adding a lot of nutrient into your body and will be keeping yourself healthy and in turn happy.
  • Believe it or not, but herbs too contain calcium in the. Mint, basil, cinnamon and thyme are not just there in your kitchen because they enhance the taste of your food, but they are also a very good source for calcium into your body. So, try and cook food in which you can add these herbs and make sure to have them in plenty, to keep the calcium balance in your body. To validate our conclusions, it is said that the dried savoury spices which are so important for our palettes contains about 2132 mg calcium per 100g servings. Now is that a number or what.
Calcium content of grains Forget all about the decaying bones or a bad knee, when you have these basic foods with you. Add the calcium into your body and make a difference to your health. To keep a check, all you have to do is plan your diet in such a way that there is a good proportion of every kind of nutrient which is being added to your health. If you are incapable of making the balance, there are experts, more than willing, to help you with your diet and if you want a regular fix and not wait for the expert, go ahead and refer to the internet sites. But always remember that along with food and the proper diet, it is of immense importance that you indulge into the right kind of exercising, or else the food will not be able to help you much, in the long run. Bid osteoporosis goodbye with the perfect dose of calcium each day and make a healthy living out of the perfect diet.

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