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The Benefits of Papaya For Skin

Benefits Of Papaya For Skin
Papaya, which is one of the most popular fruits, is not only loved by all not only for its delicious taste but also due to the wide range of benefits that it offers to your health, along with your hair and skin. Benefits Of Papaya (Papita) For Skin

For that flawless complexion

Papaya which turns into a bright orange colour when it is ripe is very much sought after because of the immense benefits that it offers to the skin, besides taking care of your health. Why so useful- This is primarily due to the natural enzyme named ‘papain’ that the papaya fruit contains. Papain is said to have excellent exfoliating properties that gently work on the dead cells of the tissues on the surface of your skin to remove them and replace with fresh new cells as a result of which your skin is left squeaky clean. You end up with a fresher, rejuvenated skin that looks absolutely glowing and youthful! papaya for glowing skin Besides skin renewal, Papaya benefits your skin by removing traces of dark spots, and all kinds of blemishes giving you a skin tone that is even and feels soft to touch. It is one of the most commonly used natural ingredients that are used for lightening the skin tone by doing away with dark patches during its dead cell renewal function. So if you want to flaunt that spotless, fair looking skin with a natural glow of health, then the humble, inexpensive papaya fruit is simply indispensable for you. Papaya-Fairness-Creaml_336x280 (2)

Papaya works wonders

When it comes to the significant role of natural ingredients such as fresh fruits for skin care, papaya undoubtedly tops the list. The pulp of this fruit literally performs miracles for your skin and reveals a whole new you! Besides thoroughly cleansing your skin of all acne, pimple marks and blemishes, the enzymes which it contains, gifts you with a glowing complexion on being used regularly as a part of your skin care regime. Papaya for skin gives it a lot of hydration that is extremely essential for retaining your youthful appearance. The rich vitamin A content of papaya works as a natural anti-oxidant for flushing out those accumulated toxins. The low sodium percentage of the papaya fruit is another wonderful property that prevents large amounts of water retention on account of the presence of sodium. In addition to this, its anti-oxidants efficiently guard your skin against premature aging, keeps inflammation at bay and protects you from the most dreaded degenerative diseases such as cancer. Being mildly acidic, papaya works really fast and hence should not be left applied for a very long time as that might aggravate dryness. Its alpha hydroxyl acids help in fragmenting the proteins and dissolving the dead cells of your skin thus revealing the new ones underneath.

12 Homemade Benefits of Papaya For Skin

Papaya for face can be used in a variety of different combinations that are easy to prepare and enhances your beauty:
  • Blend honey with the pulp of papaya to be applied for deep nourishment and brightening of your facial skin
  • Papaya mashed with raw milk works as a marvelous skin firming as well as anti-aging agent besides giving you a clear skin tone.
  • A cup of chopped papaya blended into a paste of smooth consistency along with one teaspoon each of fresh yoghurt, honey and vitamin E oil, can be massaged into a moist face, left for about 15 minutes before rinsing away with lukewarm, followed by normal water for a lightening effect on your skin
  • Rub ripe papaya flesh all over your face, arms, neck and legs then leave it to dry before washing with cold water for a healthy glow.
  • Extract the juice of raw papaya, dip balls of cotton and apply it gently on your face to get rid of those an obstinate pimple and acne marks.
  • Blend a quarter cup of pasted raw papaya with lemon juice of one tablespoon and some honey. Applying this mixture on knees and elbows will help you get rid of those dark patches on them
  • If you want freedom from those wrinkles and the crow’s feet appearance on your forehead and the corner of the eyes and mouth, you need to mix the pulp of a ripe papaya with a teaspoon of olive oil and apply on the affected areas. The vitamin C present in papaya battles free radicles and protects the collagen of your skin.
  • Raw papaya paste mixed with turmeric powder helps to ward off embarrassing facial hair.
  • Ripe papaya paste moistens dry cracked heels leaving them tender and smooth.
  • Raw papaya and yoghurt mixture is beneficial for your scalp, eliminates dandruff by oil control attributes.
  • Papaya peel has a whitening effect on rubbing on your face and other exposed areas
  • In case of ringworm and other fungal infections, rubbing raw papaya reduces inflammation.
So if you want to have a bright and flawless skin and woo others in the upcoming party, then just start taking care of your skin with the most easily available fruit papaya.  

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