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The benefits of Collagen for your hair, skin and nails

How to boost collagen production to fasten the repair of nails, skin, and hair.
Well, when you look at the mirror, what exactly do you see? Do you witness your soft, blemish-free and glowing skin? Or do you see wrinkles and age spots? We tend to find ourselves aging and we get the first sign of aging from our skin. Some of us can recognize the name ‘collagen’ perhaps from our favorite body lotion or vitamin supplements. But do you know what is collagen exactly or how is it possible to fuse it into our life?

What is Collagen?

What is Collagen Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body that critically needed to maintain your skin wrinkle-free and young-looking. Basically, it’s found in our bones, muscles, tendons as well as skins. In simple term, it is a form of glue that aids in holding our body together. The most vital job of collagen is giving our skin elasticity, strength and replacing the dead skin cells.

Nutrition facts of Collagen

  • Collagen is a pack of conditional amino acids such as arginine, glycine, glutamine, and proline. These amino acids are produced under normal circumstances in our body.
  • To ensure the proper function of our cells, it helps in building the healthy DNA strands. It is also one of the three amino acids form creatine that boosts energy production as well as promotes healthy muscle growth during workouts.

Benefits of Collagen


Skin benefits of Collagen While collagen is beneficial to our entire body, it is most prominently beneficial to our skin. This is on the grounds that as a person ages, the epidermic – the external layer of skin diminishes and loses its flexibility in a process known as elastosis. When this happens, a person tends to show perhaps all the possible signs of wrinkles and aging. But the good news is that these progressions don’t appear to be lasting or irreversible. This implies that supplemental collagen seems to help the body’s own production process enhance, as procollagen is the antecedent to collagen in the body which means that the consumption collagen can increase our skin elasticity as well as moisture. The other skin benefits are:
  • Improves more youthful looking skin;
  • Enhances skin dampness level;
  • Enhances skin smoothness by diminishing the quantity in wrinkles;
  • Enhances the indications of deep wrinkles
  • Enhances skin suppleness


Hair loss: hair benefits of collagen As you age, the normal levels of collagen present in your body diminish. When you take it as a supplement it has been appeared to increase the body’s hair building proteins. This can prompt to thicker and longer hair. Split Ends and Breakage Collagen has been appeared to be exceptionally effective in the treatment of dry and weak hair. Hair can get to be dry and course after some time. Collagen is compelling in repairing as well as reversing the split ends and in addition to that it supports decent moisture levels inside the hair. Grey Hair: Collagen may decrease the presence of gray hair by supporting the building a healthy structure of the hair follicle, which is the place the pigment that gives hair its color is delivered. When you apply collagen creams and gels directly to the scalp, it can pretty much make gray hair seem less dry and darker. Dosage for hair regrowth – prescribed: 5-6g


nail benefits of collagen Your nails are one of the traits of beauty in this modern culture. If you are not happy with the state of your nails, perhaps they are brittle or have spots on them or ridges or simply you are not happy with the way it looks, which means it is the time for you to think about 6your health. Collagen, the most vital form of protein, takes all the nutrients to the nails helping not only to transmit the strength but also feeds your nail bed with all the important nutrients for encouraging strong as well as healthy nails. In addition to that, collagen can strengthen your weak nails when you take it orally or else when you apply it directly to the nails. Everything has its own time to prove itself likewise, it will take a time to fully restore the health of your nails. You should take regular treatment with it for the best results. There are other benefits when you consume collagen. They are:
  • It strengthens gums and teeth
  • It boosts the healing of wounds and burns
  • Weight loss
  • Helps in reducing joint pain
  • Helps soothing leaky gut
  • Boosts your metabolism and energy
It is now an irresistible fact that collagen is the most abundant protein and it is the building block for the skin in our body, making up between 25% and 35%.  Collagen is also essential for your everyday health and is especially takes a great part in keeping us healthy as well as youthful looking.

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  1. K V Sundar Rajan says:

    I am told by the medical people that collagen when taken as a supplement does not get absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract and so 99% of it is wasted.
    Do you know of any medical or scientific article which shows the results of clinical trials where it was found that collagen as supplement do get absorbed and is effectively utilised by the body? If so plz send me the links.

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