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The benefits of a healthy diet

Good health is a naturally occurring phenomenon. Our bodies were meant to be in perfect shape till all those factors conducive to ill health arrived with progress. Lifestyle changes, poor diets, junk food and all influence the body in producing negative results. The secret in maintaining perfect health is a perfect diet and good nutrition.

Factors of a Good Diet

Healthy eating

When speaking of a good diet, how do you decide what constitutes a good diet. In today’s world of stressful work and education routines how do youngsters and adults maintain a well balanced diet that provides all of the essential nutrients vital to improve bodily functions. The solution lies in eating as much of substances that are easily available such as an abundance of fruits and veggies. Simultaneously avoiding all of the negative influences such as junk food and excess fats will ensure you not only a healthy body but improved mental well being.

Elements of good nutrition




Green leafy Vegetables 1 bowl/2 cups 40 calories along with Vitamins, Minerals, Fibre
Assorted vegetables 1 bowl/2 cups  60 -80 calories along with Vitamins, Minerals, Fibre
Assorted nuts 144 Gms 887 calories along with Vitamins and Minerals
Fruits 1 bowl 80 calories along with Vitamins, Minerals and Fibre


Benefits of vegetables fruits and nuts in diet

Benefits of vegetables fruits and nuts in diet

A well balanced diet should contain an adequate supply of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. However as we grow older there should be a marked reduction in harmful protein sources such as red meat. A wholesome vegetable diet supported by fruits and nuts could well be said to have superior properties as these are full of healthy products that produce positive effects within our body.

Vegetables like carrots are considered super food as they are abundant in beta-carotene and vitamin A essential for good eyesight. Carrots are rich in antioxidants and substances that have anti ageing and cancer fighting properties.

Vegetables are rich in dietary fiber that aid digestion and improve metabolism. What’s important about vegetables is that though they are low in protein, they are not harmful in any respect. Instead they provide us with the richest source of vitamins such as vit b complex ,minerals, good cholesterol, beneficial enzymes as well as amino acids all required to keep the body in perfect health.

Combination of fruits and vegetables provide high quantities of vitamins and minerals

vegetables provide high quantities of vitamins and minerals

A combined diet of fruits and vegetables will give you the benefits of high quantities of natural vitamins like vitamin A and vitamin D as well as precious minerals like calcium important for formation of bones and teeth. Fruits and veggies also reduce the risks of diseases like gallstones and liver dysfunction. Pepsin in fruits like papaya is enzyme that benefit digestion and the liver. It is a known fact that a diet rich in  fruits and veggies will provide anti ageing benefits and promote healthy bone structure and radiant skin; this is because such substances have detoxification properties in the body.

Certain vegetables like spinach are rated very high in vit K , and minerals such as phosphorous, manganese,folate and vit A. Besides this, spinach alone provides a minimum of 23 elements some of which are omega 3 fatty acids that produce good cholesterol in our bodies..

Properties of fruits and vegetables

●     Prevention of heart disease

●     Increased levels of good cholesterol

●     Reduces bad cholesterol

●     Anti ageing properties

●     Improved digestion

●     Rich in fiber

●     Good for development of teeth and healthy gums

●     Strengthens bones

●     Detoxifies the body

●     Stroke prevention

Maintaining a well balanced diet may not be easy for some. What is required is a commitment to oneself to some extent to get that intake of nutrients somehow. There are ways and means to incorporate all the good elements of nutrition in a diet despite of a hectic work routine. An ideal diet throughout the day would consist of a healthy breakfast a good lunch a light snack, a glass of juice and a light dinner . All of the main meals should incorporate at least 2 serving of veggies and in a day atleast 1 serving of fruits should be incorporated any different time but not along with major meals

The dangers of red meat

The dangers of red meatImage credits – Carnivore Style

Red meat may be a source of protein but most people tend to indulge in all kinds of red meat to the extent of making it produce harmful effects within the body. Consuming red meat puts you at risk of several diseases and negative conditions of the body. Cholesterol is one large factor that clogs arteries and and increase the risk of heart disease. Red meat also contains free radicals. These are substances that scavenge cells and cause cancer.

Proteins that substitute red meat

Proteins that substitute red meat

➢    Fish

➢    Eggs

➢    Soya products

➢    Whey

➢    Assorted nuts

➢    Cheese

➢    Beans

While fish and chicken are much better alternatives to meat, fish on the other hand is an excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids. This is why there are fish oil supplements on the market. Chicken though not having many properties is an alternate to red meat. Fish provides healthy elements such as vitamin D and is also known to benefit the heart and the brain. Fish according to research is also beneficial for slimming, strong sperm count and skin.

Avoid Unhealthy Habits And Junk Food

Avoid Unhealthy Habits And Junk Food

While maintaining a healthy diet you also need to avoid certain foods that expose you to risks of heart disease, weight gain, and strokes, junk food rich in fat as well as carbonated or synthetic drinks are best avoided. In addition, unhealthy habits such as smoking and excessive alcohol  are best avoided. To supplement a healthy diet one also needs adequate exercise either by way of a workout at least once a week or physical activity such as walking rather than driving.

Proper nutrition will always get you back on track towards a healthier and robust constitution where many risk factors of disease are kept well at bay. Although we lead fast paced lives, there are many ways and means to ensure a healthy  intake of the right foods to improve health. Health and nutrition is the mainstay of an improved quality of life. Thus, a sense of commitment to oneself is all that is required to enjoy the benefits of healthy living.




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