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11 Key Benefits of Physical Activity

Why do we really need to be physically fit? Just to look attractive and have a good figure? Yeah, probably these are the major reasons why teens are so keen to going for gymnasium and work out. But are you not aware of the perks of doing physical exercise?? It can keep you mentally fit and help you to live longer too. It not only just improves your health but also helps you to fight many diseases like cancer or diabetes as well. So, in many ways, some known while the rest unknown to us, we get benefits of physical activity. Here we will see them:

Peaceful and healthy mind

Ever heard about depression? Exercise really helps to come out of depressions and this fact has been proved by many studies. Now there are two reasons for it. When you go for psychological one, the reason is, you don’t like people calling you fat or someone who doesn’t have an attractive figure. Be it in your teens or some over the twenties, you do want to maintain a perfect body. When you get that, you feel better, and there is a sense of confidence within you. The physiological factor holds that exercise doesn’t allow negative factors to invade your mind. It helps you not to get too much distracted by something. It helps in keeping your mood better and also gives you a better sleep which releases certain chemicals in the brain like serotonin in increased amount. Serotonin keeps your mind calm thus giving you a peaceful and healthy mind!


A checkmate to your weight

You don’t want to get overweight or obese, do you? Exercise helps you to reduce the extra weight that you have gained over the years. When you are doing some physical tasks, your calories that were well stored before are burnt. The more difficult task you do, more the amount of calories are burnt out. You may feel, you don’t have too much time for the gym. You always don’t need so. Just half an hour in a day is perfect enough. If you can’t even afford that much, simply don’t stand in front of lifts and elevators. Take the stairs!


Keeps the diseases away.

Exercising helps in keeping many diseases away. We will discuss each one of them below.


Goodbye, Cardiovascular Diseases.

Not just heart attack, but exercise also make sure that you do not get a stroke. You just need to do workout for 25 minutes per day and that too moderate aerobic activities to make your heart function well and be fit. Exercise helps in lowering your cholesterol level in the blood and maintains blood pressure thus avoiding the risks of heart problems. Cholesterol is waxy, and it collects in the arteries thus causing a hindrance to supply blood to the heart. When it ruptures, blood clots and thus no blood reaches the heart which can cause a heart attack. Exercise thus keeps heart ailments away by lowering the cholesterol level.


No Type 2 diabetes

If you continue to exercise regularly, you will see that type 2 diabetes along with metabolic syndrome has been checked. If you have metabolic syndrome then you will find a lot of fat accumulated in the waist region and your HDL cholesterol level falls down. It will be accompanied by the both high blood pressure and blood sugar level. You just need to do some moderate intensity physical activities to prevent these deadly diseases.

The risk of cancer reduces

If you are not doing much of physical activities, you may either have the risk of being affected by colon cancer or from breast cancer. So, don’t sit idle most of the times. If you do physical exercise, you will remain fit, you can also prevent lung cancer. The blood flow in your body will be good. It will give you a better quality life.


Strong muscles and bones

To the guys who wants to have six abs, you need to get fat-free first to make that abs visible. When you grow older, your bones become brittle and muscles fall weak. If you have some physical activities daily, and you are fit, it will keep the joints healthy and muscles tight. There are exercises to strengthen your bones and muscles, and if you follow them, you won’t lose that much of bone density as some other people in your age group does.

It also lowers the risk of fracture in the hip. If it happens in old ages, it won’t get set again. That can have a very negative impact on your life, so you need to at least practice some mild exercises in order to prevent this.

A way to prevent arthritis and osteoporosis.

All of your grandparents must be complaining of arthritis. This is because you don’t have a healthy joint anymore. Go for moderate aerobic activity for at least two and half hours per week. You will be able to manage the pain of arthritis better then. Don’t completely sit idle with age. Go for some easy tasks else you will lose a bit of control on your movement. Osteoporosis is a condition where bones are very weak. Again regularly working out helps you to get out of it.


Live longer!

Now when you are disease free and fit, isn’t it obvious that you will have a longer lifespan? You won’t have any cardiac problems nor any risk of cancer. To live long and healthy at least manage to be active more than one hour per day. You don’t need to go for the strengthening exercise and vigorous tasks to increase your life span. Practice less but daily.

Won’t let you fall

When you grow old, you lose balance in your legs. You tend to fall without any support. If you walk for some time daily, then you won’t fall. If you fall badly, you may hurt yourself and in old ages if there is fracture then it is very tough to get it set again. So you better prevent yourself from falling.

Recovers you sooner

If you are comparatively fit and strong, your immune system can fight against germs better, and you can recover sooner in the case of any common ailments. Isn’t it a great advantage of doing some workout daily?

So, now that you know the perks and benefits of physical activity do practice them, don’t waste your time. Practice for at least 30 minutes a day and see the benefits by yourself.

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