Our Happy Customers

Digestive Enzymes Supplement

Digestive enzymes is really working so well in healing my 8 years of discomfort and pain, I was very unsure for this when I started using it as I had not taken any prescription or consultation , right now  after observing amazing resultsI am very much sure for this one and recommending to my family and friends.

Karan Bajaj
Garcinia Cambogia Extract Supplement

Garcinia is one of the best product , Lost around 3kgs and I am having control on my appetite, Not feeling hungry more often instead feeling full all the time.

Gargi Mundotia
Advanced Hair, Skin, Nails Supplement

Product is good definetly for hair and yes there is a lot of difference when i see my pictures before and after. Happy with the results!

Alka Bhansal

Sleep is being regularised  after just 2 weeks I started with Ashwagandha and feeling bit stress-free and more active

Hari Shankar

 My wife is taking Joint support  for rheumatoid arthritis and she is feeling much better now. Herbal products are working good like allopathy and does not have side effects too

Glayson Colaco
Pumpkin Seed Extract_Front

I am taking pumpkin seed, as I have a problem of frequent urination, Now I see that it has given me some relief. Hope in future It will work like wonder, helping me to get rid of allopathy medicine

Yuzvinder singh

Applying Seabuckthorn oil and its healing the tissues as I have piles, knowing its other skin related benefits, recommended to many of my office colleagues

Kalpesh Avasti
L-Carnitine tablets

product is amazing as in just 25 days I have seen 2.8kgs of weight loss, and my fat percentage has also been reduced. Will do a complete 6-month course to achieve my fat loss goal.

Sunil Rawat

 I already placed order two times seeing a  major difference in my brain health. All I can say is I am more calm and  active all day long.

Jitendra kumar choudhary

 I have started using it since I wanted to go for a natural way in treating my liver cirrhosis, Product is good as its treating my medical condition and I can see the difference compared to before

Harpreet sandhu
L-Arginine Supplement

L arginine hasimproved my circulation, growth and also increased my muscle mass.

Thakur Gaurav lodha
Curcumin 95 Advanced

curcumin product is amazing,my mom is feeling better sinceher pain and inflammation is way much reduced now. Recommnded to my relatives also 

Nafeesa Begum
Citrus Fruits That Can Boost Your Health

 After using antioxidant, there is no signs of pimples, skin is clear, spots and pigmentations is getting ligheter, Hence I rate it as a  good product 

Satish Kumar

Uneasyness and tigghtness has been stabalized now,digestion is pretty good now and I feel lighter, good product at cheaper price compared to other allaopathy medicines

Amandeep singh

I have been taking it on regular basis and can tell the difference as my  joint pains dont bother now as they use to before. 

Amit Sharma

 I use it for my under eyes that has premature fine lines, along with almond oil and I see them disappearing

Reshma M

My daughter is using it  as she is found of coloring hairs once in 3 months and her hair quality, in terms of thickening and softening have been improving alot. good and affordable shampoo

Sheela Sudhan

I received vitamin D3 Calcium capsules for my son who has very low vitamin D levels and hence his body was not forming adequate calcium so he complained of a persistent pain in his right foot due to weak bone but after giving this this pills (1 per day) his pain is reduced to almost gone I am looking forward for more products

Sachin Gupta
Multivitamin & Minerals For Men

 Before I used to take so many multiple supplements for Vitamin c  b complex but since I got to know about INLIFE , I started taking a multivitamin which is one for all package and feeling a good difference and does not have to take separate supplements like before. Very much happy with INLIFE Products

Iqbal Majid

Using Ginkgo biloba for titinus and have seen a good improvement just in 15 days. Very delightful exeperience with INLIFE

Vijay singh

Endurance level is very great right now in gym  after I started taking it , more ever feeling pumped nd energized throught the day

Ahmed uddin

 Working as emplyee in bank , I really know how important is to meet customers expectations and I am very much impreseed the services INLIFE is providing free of cost as I have been on every other platform where they charge. I would be definetly coming back and lettiing others as well to INLIFE as I found it out as this is the most genuine company giving such wonderful services. My wife is using and she is looking more beautiful now

Hemanth Kumar

My wife is using it and she has seen a good improvement in her stamina and energy levels , so we again repurchased the product. I  started with one product but seeing results and knowing more about INLIFE we are  using now 4 supplements

Vikram Jaiswal

Taking for the general weakness, recurrent fever and joint pain, this product is improving me internally and has become very benefical to me. I Ordered again and recommended to my people 

Md Ali

 Thankyou for suggesting me a very good product , applied it for the first and seen the difference. And had to say , courrier service is good , got my product before the date

Rabiya begum
Fish Oil Omega 3 Double Strength Capsules

Its part of my diet now, I have dry skin and omega 3 is working good on it , happy with the product as m feeling active , charged throught the day

Revanth Vuppu

I was on Insulin, In my last visit Doctor asked me to take glycomet since my diabetes is reversing after I started with this herbal noni juice. Hope I get rid of medicines also with the help of this juice 

MK jha