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Tensions Do Sometimes Give Rise To This Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a mental disorder which is seen when the thought processes are broken and whether there is a deficit of typical emotion. It is normally seen in the people who have paranoid or have bizarre delusions, and it is very common for social and occupational dysfunction. It is basically seen in young people and in teenagers and also seen in the behavior of the people suffering from Schizophrenia.


Schizophrenia – Symptoms & Causes

It is normally seen in the person due to social process that is much important to contribute to this ailment and have many recreational and can even cause to worsen the symptoms. Basically, this disorder is caused due to chronic problems and can be seen in the behavior and emotion. It mainly affects the cognition, and people are most likely seen in major depression and mental disorder due to anxiety. But the substance becomes disorder for the person lifetime. Many people suffer due to social problems like unemployment, and their pressure remains high and at last they suffer a mental disorder.

It is also affected by poverty and the problems of home or in family affairs which disturb the peace of mindfully and can be seen in this mental disorder. Mostly people want to have normal life, and it affects mostly to twelve to fifteen years of child as at that period they get mostly affected due to their surroundings and in result it increases the physical health problems and due to this reason suicidal attempts also increase in the society as they think this is the only option left and they find it easy to do and to quit their life as at that time they are unable to think something else, which in result take them to mental disorder or force them to commit suicide.


Mostly seen symptoms

There are some common symptoms of it. They are as follows

  • Hallucinations
  • Disorganized thinking and saying
  • Social isolation
  • Lack of executive functioning

It is normally seen and also experienced that people normally go through this in their life as every person have some bad moment in life and have some good moment in life which they come across and in bad moment people normally break down and feel alone and changes come in their thought process, and they start responding less to their medicine as well. They go through many kinds of a situation like they are emotionally weak, and even they are not able to speak properly due to tension or due to a lot of stress in their life. In fact, many people are troubled because of their poor life condition and unable to be functional as they are not achieving anything in their life. After so much effort, this all reason break them down, and they are not able to cope up with this kind of situation normally as then they can see there are no other way to lead their life without stress. So at that moment they get mentally disturbed and in some cases they get affected much more mentally as they get some shot of shock. They are not able to cope with that and in the result they suffer from Schizophrenia.

Symptoms of Schizophrenia

Kind of people suffering from this disorder

It is normally seen in the people who have severe work pressure in their lives. In some cases, it is genetic also. Mostly it is seen due to environmental factors that play the main role as they meet various kinds of people which also affect them. These kinds of people don’t like to meet people normally. The effects of genetic are seen in very different way to some people, and the greater risk to such kind people is in developing with having the first-degree relative. In a study it is said that there is no age limit to suffer this kind of disease as it is said that a child of parents who is suffering from Schizophrenia can also have this disorder as the child has forty-six percent chance of developing this disorder. It is normally seen that if the gene has some quality of this or have a very small effect and is transmitted and will become a disorder.

Mental Disorders

It is basically much affected by the environment as the living environment is full of stress and of drug use for them which is very much difficult for them to sustain. Mostly it is seen in parenting style as most of the people have different kind of parenting and even do show better than those of stressed kind of parents. People who are living in the good environment since childhood has seen to have less risk of Schizophrenia even if they have some ethnic group or a kind of social group which have this kind of persons. Even the person who are addicted or do have cocaine, alcohol can also suffer from Schizophrenia as they have very similar kind of symptoms which is seen in this kind of disorder.


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