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Music And Yoga – The Powerful Healers

Music And Yoga For Health

We all must have come across various benefits and effects of yoga and music on our bodies when it comes to soothing our mind, healing ailments, and regularly helping us with keeping up good health. Apart from being used as a fitness booster, music has found its very many benefits as a fusion with yoga.  […]

Effective Exercises for Upper Back Pain

Effective Exercises for Upper Back Pain

Strong as tree trunks, our backs hold us steady! Our center of stability, the upper and middle back, endures tremendous strain and stress every single day. While school and college life kept most of us active and light-footed, sedentary lifestyle soon set in as we grew older. That’s when our backs silently began to experience […]

Yoga Asanas for Beginners

Do you know the importance of yoga in daily life? Yoga is typical spiritual exercises which help you to be fit with relaxation. Yoga brings out the peace of mind as well as keeps you healthy from tip to toe. The science is bonded with yoga since ancient time. The ascetic discipline with spirituality will […]