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What Is Keto Flu And How To Fight It?

What Is Keto Flu And How To Fight It?

Now we all know what the different types of weight-loss diets are and that the keto diet has been gaining popularity a lot from the past few years. But did you know that you are prone to getting the Keto flu when you follow the keto diet? So when you want to get into the […]

How To Effectively Plan Cheat Days?

Plan Cheat Days

The only positive aspect of cheating exists when it is done to your diet. But as we all know, anything done over the top is toxic and non-beneficial.  Of course, a cheesy slice of pizza in the middle of your week, while you’re on a journey of weight loss, doesn’t hurt that much. But that […]

What Are The Health Benefits Of Amla

Amla Benefits

The first thing that comes to our mind when we hear the word “Amla” is the delicious taste of the pickle that our grandmother once made. A lot of memories flash with all the times your mother must have mentioned to eat Amla in some way or the other for long and thick hair. Not […]

Foods To Eat At Night To Loose Weight

Foods To Eat At Night To Loose Weight

Humans are omnivores. All have been eating meat since many years. Our species thrived eating a combination of animals and plants. Did you know our metabolism is at its lowest towards the end of the day? Therefore it is suggested by many fitness experts and nutritionist that the last meal you eat should be the […]

Liquids To Include In Your Diet For Weight Loss

Liquids to include in your diet for weight loss

As the name indicates, liquid diet provides all or most of the calories from the healthy drinks. While some liquid diets replace all the meals with fruit juices or vegetable shakes, taken 3-4 times a day, others substitute only 1-2 meals with healthy nutritious drinks. By carefully following this liquid diet, you can lose your weight […]

Garcinia Cambogia – Myth or magic? Here are the amazing benefits for you

Garcinia Cambogia - Myth or Magic?

Garcinia Cambogia – Myth Or Magic? In this era many people are very much curious about Garcinia Cambogia and scientists are also doing several experiments to know the different benefits of this fruit. Garcinia Cambogia is mostly found in Southeast Asia, including India. This fruit is called by different names in different places. An extract […]

Know About The Medicinal Uses Of Turmeric Herb

Medicinal uses of turmeric

Never mind you if you have stained your beautiful clothes with turmeric, but ensure that you are including this herb in your food. Turmeric is one of the oldest spice as well as a wonderful herb used among Indians and Chinese. Turmeric, a bright yellow color powder belongs to the ginger family. It is the […]

Get to know the best practice if you have decided to lose weight

Get to know the best practice if you have decided to lose weight

Your body weight is the total of the calorie that you take in, and the amount that you burn. The logic is something like this. You become overweight if you burn out fewer calories than what you take in. To get back to the shape, and be in line with the proper body mass index, […]

Here are the answers to your how and why questions on green tea and weight loss

Laboratory studies demonstrate weight loss that has been caused by the consumption of green tea. Researchers undertook a survey of nine different individuals for highlighting the effect of green tea. The response has been found to be positive in most of the cases because the individuals under the scanner reported fall in body weight. It […]

Does Rapid Weight Loss Affect Kidney Health?

Does Rapid Weight Loss Affect Kidney Health?

The human body consists of some very vital organs, and kidney is one of them. When water is the key source of life on earth, then the kidney is the key source to control the proper amount of water in the human body. So it is very necessary to maintain the proper condition of the […]