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Health benefits of horsetail leaves you never knew.

Horsetail plant belongs to Equisetaceae family, which is the sole survivor of this family dated back to  three hundred million years. This plants were as tall as palm trees during the prehistoric times, which gave rise to coal deposits. Various  cultures have  been these leaves as a natural remedy for kidney and bladder infections,  arthritis […]

Wondering How to Take Steam Bath At Home? We Show You How

Wondering How to Take Steam Bath At Home? We Show You How

What Is Steam Bath? The people these days are becoming moderate with the time and not getting enough time for personal grooming. But many people still prefer to take steam baths in their busy schedule. Taking a steam bath has a scientific reason. People are taking this for their relaxation. A steam bath is used […]

Steam Bath And Weightloss, A Few Interesting Facts About It

Weight has always been an issue for men and women both. Some want to lose weight, while some want to gain it. It is observed that the weight loss is probably the biggest struggle as compared to weight gain. There are many websites that provide limitless ideas for losing weight, but it is tough for […]

Steam Bath: Skin, Physical And Mental Fitness

If you want a holistic treatment for health, then you must go for a steam bath session. After the workout, it extracts all the impurities from the skin with the help of the heat. The steam room is designed specially to give an effective result. The ceiling is designed in such a manner that the […]