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Psoriasis And Mental Health

Psoriasis and Mental Health

Psoriasis is known as a chronic autoimmune condition which causes an accelerated buildup of skin cells at some joint regions. As a result of this buildup of cells, scaling on the skin’s surface occurs. The most reasonably common symptoms are inflammation and redness around the scales. Regular psoriatic scales are usually whitish-silver and grow in […]

Best ways to get rid of Hair psoriasis

Get rid of Hair psoriasis Psoriasis is one of the top common types of skin diseases which can be seen in a lot of people. Both women and men are affected by psoriasis skin disease and it mainly appears between the ages of 15 years to 30 years of age. Though this is a bit […]

DIY Home remedies for Psoriasis

DIY Home remedies for Psoriasis

There are plenty of people who suffer from the embarrassment every single day due to psoriasis. It is a very serious skin disease and it is not very common. Psoriasis is also an of chronic and inflammatory disease where the skin becomes red and flaky patches. This certainly will cause immense discomfort and it should […]

Psoriasis: You Would Never Want to Have These

Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition though not fatal can be extremely irritating and traumatic. Although the disease is of a non-contagious nature, it can remain affecting a patient in cycles where there may be signs of remission only to resurface after a few weeks. Psoriasis results in thickening and scaling of the skin surface. […]