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Endometriosis – What do you know about it?

Endometriosis - What do you know about it?

Everything about Endometriosis Abdominal pain, heavy periods, painful sex and menstrual cramps – Are they sounding like some of the routine burdens of being a woman? The annoyances and monthly pains around menstruation are a given (at least few are lucky about the pain) and painful sex is (unfortunately) very normal for many women. However, […]

Do you know about the natural painkillers in your kitchen?

Do You Know About the Natural Painkillers In Your Kitchen?

Natural Painkillers In Your Kitchen Pain can come out of nowhere! At times, we don’t know why. And you can find the cure right next to your room! Still guessing the possibilities? Of course, your kitchen! Unfortunately, most of us fail to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Some of us don’t eat healthily and turn towards […]